Saturday, March 14, 2009

on the box

soapbox alert:
on the news tonight:
"Obama is ordering a restructering of the FDA b/c of concerns over food safety"
I put that in quotes, eventhough the news really only said something like that, not exactly that.
Well, all I could think was, "it's about fuck!ng time. :)
Everytime I hear about the salmonella peanuts, all I can think did a sh!t born (originated) bacteria end up in the peanuts in the first place? peanuts don't sh!t.????
When I read books like the little gem bethany sent over, all I can think is...why in the hell are we eating cow meat that has been pumped full of so many antibiotics, not to mention chicken blood or cow blood (for protein--gotta gettum fat quick for all of us fat-asses who want cheap steak in abundance at the wal-hell)? Have y'all seen on the news the ones that are falling over and look pitiful? WEll, if those can manage to be shoved up--we eat's true....yuck, no? Have you ever wondered why they are doing all that falling over?

Now, do you reckon this re-structured FDA is going to look into any of these absolute abominations?? Or are they just going to pay "scientists" a bunch of money to sit around at tables and make comittees??? hmmm..I hope they get into the nitty gritty of the food that is shitty! (We've been doing lots of rhyming around here lately.

Also thanks to bethany (she sent me the info):
The O man is re-instituting some council on women and girls...good job, I say...whatever that might get done (which might actually be something considered the o man is pretty serious about his womAn and his daughters) I think Tim Mcgraw should be on it...he seems to be a feminist dad every time i hear him in interviews--which is not often. and they could put faith hill up there to cuss at evil doers (did y'all hear the whole "get off his B@lls" outburst at a concert? FUNNY!

Now you might think, if you did not know me, that I am about three beers over the limit..the way I ramble and cuss, but no (I am pregnant), I am just lacking some good quality adult interactions.
Now, I will very carefully step off the soapbox and put it away for another time.

**yes i use foul language** my sweet heart born-with-the-conscience-of-a-nun (think mother theresa here, not the child beating kind) daughter is trying to train me not to do it. I am trying to train her to be at least a little tolerant of the ones that are not terrible. andy does not let me do any real cussing around her --he is smart. Parents who cuss have kids who cuss I suppose.
She tells me, "mama, that is not a word for us, say, 'goodness gracious' mama"
So sweet, no?

That's all folks--off to the cama.


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

You crack my ass up! I cuss a little too much too!!! Miss you crazy Suz!

Bethany said...

By the time I get done reading, I forget what I was going to comment about, since you breezed thru 5 topics :) Cheers mama, to all of it! Did u see 60 Mins last night, on Slow Food & Alice Walker? Very good. Grow natural, grow local, teach your kids to grow & cook so they don't eat crap. Sweet Elena, cleaning up your mouth - that is great. I hear my girls asking each other "is poot a bad word? can we say winkle?"