Sunday, March 15, 2009

cozier than cozy

This day has been so rainy and cozy.
Victor has a fever and we have been hanging our around the house.
Elena and I made his birthday cake for tomorrow night--which will have "cas" decorations of course.
We are also making french onion soup from scratch --which is fun. I have been craving this--Maybe b/c of the rain?
Grandma Eva turned 96 today. I always think...96 years ago today G-ma Eva's mama pushed her out...
Two years ago today I was super-ready to push Victor out! :)
Tomorrow he will be two.
Actually--Two years ago on this day I was in labor--just walking around having contractions cleaning up stuff etc. Andy put a Dora car together for E. for her birthday and we went to the Dr. that he was well on his way. It rained so hard that night!!! Like it is today. :)

i am off to watch a cake cool.
There was a video I wanted to put up here and youtu#e is acting funny.

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Bethany said...

A cozy post for a cozy day... still raining here, so I'm making chili w/ tofu - will Rick eat it? We shall see. Happy Day to your sweet one. :) March b-days are good, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy - but I'm biased...