Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Every morning

At my school children from a different Kindergarten or First grade class sing the national anthem over the intercom.
It is hilarious! There is always one child who is the star--b/c he or she sings the loudest--whether on key or not, vamos.
It comes over the intercom LOUD--so you can put that last bit of coffee down...b/c if you aren't awake after this song--you are in a fog for the day.
They also don't know the words, and they cannot read the words--they would not understand them anyway, so they just sing whatever..."and a big happy meal, would beeee sooooo gooooodddd" --really, I child said this one day. They just say whatever to the tune of the song, "Oh say ayy sweet pea, by the don's early night" etc.
you get the idea, no?
CUTE--and if that will not make even a grumpy old man smile--nothing could.

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Bethany said...

That is a good way to start the day. :) Singing kids always = cute.