Tuesday, June 30, 2009

fun pictures

Josh and Andrea here on Andy's mama's back porch. Josh is E's godfather--which is funny b/c his entire family is of Italian descent. Mama--daddy--all of em. Iorio.

hiccup's (the baby's) corner: I got this mobile of of eT$y. :) I painted the bunny.
She has the cutest little corner of the room--which andy and i got ready LAST NIGHT! All of a sudden I decided that it was absolutely necessary to wash the crib, get all of the bedding ready and put the corner all the way together. I was also having many contractions and we also sent the children to andy's mama's house.
We think that hiccup might arrive any day! Her nickname as of right now is hiccup b/c she has them all the time. She particularly gets them when I lay down to take a nap.

E and V with a carrot out of the garden. They love to pull up a carrot and then go right inside and eat it--with ranch dressing of course.

Elena at the swimming pool --one of the days of her swimming lessons:


Bethany said...

Great pictures!! So glad you got hiccup's :) corner ready = that means business. I could get lost browsing etsy, and that mobile is adorable. Is her corner in E's room or your room?

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I LOVE the bunny you painted, I did not know you could "do art"....Just one of your many talents babe! Ps-I am looking for a cute trailerpark around here!

Susan said...


Yes. Please join me in my trailer park story telling. :)
Hiccup's corner is in E's room.

I am glad y'all are back in bloggy land...i was beginning to wonder if all my bloggy buddies had jumped ship in some carribean sea! :)