Friday, June 26, 2009

media commentary

I have two bits of media commentary to blog this morning. My children are at their Nana's house as of 8:00 AM. :)
1. I was reading redb00k, and there was a snippet about "mama's boys". It said that really there is a good reason to raise a semi-mama's boy. They turn out to be sweeter men. So there. Justification for why I am such a SUCKER for Victor and his temper/very stubborn lettle sweetheart/gorgeous self. Now if you know me much, you know that at one time I might have really criticized someone for typing this. Isn't it funny how life teaches us the error of our ways. Now there is one version of the mama's boy that just is not cool--I will be teaching Elena all about this kind. The kind that --let's see--still has to have all their food plain when they are grown up and they will not even be gracious for minute and try something that might have a "sauce". That is a warning sign, to me, to look for the exit!

2. N3wsw33k had an entire article about cave people! It was about --well it's too early right now, but it talked about exactly what my blog said. The only thing was things that are written about evolution tend to take the stance that men run around thinking about having babies and how to make some...uhhhh..I think they are running around thinking about doing some oil checking and hoping NOT to make the bebes! interesting. So I guess my thinking about cave people all the time actually came from some media that i read in the past--not just an original genius idea! :)

Okay I am off to talk to my Daddy in the yard.
The playhouse is now covered in siding.

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Bethany said...

Darn! I thought it was your original cave people idea... :) Oh well, it's still good. Keep on w/ it. And it must be fun to leave the house, and see playhouse progress when you get back... quick, do some window boxes before that baby comes!