Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trailer park Tuesday #2

Trail's End is the trailer park that Sissy and Danny moved to (it is her dad's) when they got married.
It was soooo hot, and it was June.
Before they got married we spent nights over there fixing up the trailer.
People are hard on these trailers.
There was kitchen grease to be removed, wall holes to be repaired, exterminating --the likes of which I had never imagined.
When we finished they had the cutest little trailer.
Before C. was born, though they moved into another trailer.
A story: One night we were painting cabinets with oil based paint--the kitchen cabinets.
We had the doors--wet with paint--lying on the floor.
Up pulls Earl the Squirrel on his liqour cycle (rhymes with popsicle)and walks into the trailer.
Earl the Squirrel lived in the park, and he came to visit Sissy (he does work for her Daddy)--He does not drive the liquour cycle for nothing--if you catch my drift.
Earl the Squirrel also goes barefooted from at least March until about November--so his feet are FILTHY!
Anyway he came stumbling into the trailer and stepped right onto the cabinet doors--one big ole foot on each door onto the oil paint and left big ole nasty feet marks on the doors!
I think that first trailer is on here--the one that is brown and white, but I cannot remember if that is the one or not.


This is one of my favorites from this park. These people are taking up a permanent status. They have built on an addition--the size of the actual trailer. They have added fencing, and they have the two satelite dishes in the yard.--I wonder what is behind that fence... :)

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