Friday, July 3, 2009

The Bauer BBQ

Melissa: This one's for you :)

Every year since I was probably 8--or even younger but I dont remember before then, I have been a guest at the Bauer BBQ on the 4th of july.
There is always some big happening--some drama to be witnessed at the bBQ.
Now the other attendees are to be seen only on the TV screen.
It happens on my soap opera! :)
Well, not next year b/c they are taking my soap off the air.
So this afternoon I dozed and watched the last Bauer BBQ ever.
Were you there too Melissa?

I must admit that I slept through about 30 minutes of it...which does not show much devotion, no?
I am also truly devoted to napping, and a choice had to be made.
The nap won.

On other topics:
We also went to the Alligood BBQ tonight.
That is Andy's mama's family. All of his cousins were there.
It was fun. There were two new teeny babies.
Good food.
Grandma Eva (96) ventured from the nursing home to visit with us and have supper.
She is the cutest little lady!
She does not miss a beat, I tell ya. Tonight she told us about her mama driving a horse and buggy to Washington--from the end of Old bAth Hwy?? or somewhere in Belhaven? I am not sure--to buy things they needed...which of course was not much b/c they had all their meats/milk/potatoes and veggies growing where they lived.
The point: When she was little there were no cars.
I want to video her telling these stories. She loves to tell them.

On movies: We watched another susan netflix selection tonight: Blame it on Fidel.
It was filmed in French--so we both had to read subtitles--which does not bother me a bit.
But my language ear wants to listen too--so I listened to the French--which just sounded like jumble to me. Italian, I can pick out the words, and Portugese too, but not French. I could only pick out English cognate words--like orange, for example. This is interesting to me.
Anyway, andy did not give me too much hell about the movie--We watched Ironman on Wed. and I stayed awake through enough of it to actuallly get the plot. I even complimented the guy's robot costume that made him into a super hero--
It's all about compromise, folks. :)

That's all I got for this Friday:
Oh, one more thing.

Here is a recipe. It is called blueberry lucious. One time when I was 12 years old I went to the river cottage of this lady with a friend of mine and we had this for dessert. I wanted to go into the kitchen of that cottage and eat every last bit of this dessert out of the dish--but I, of course, could not--I had my one helping and that was not enough--I was left wanting more, until the age of 31.
sissy and I have tried to recreate this recipe based on my memory. We have had cooking contests...we have discussed no avail.
What to do? Well, call the lady who made it! Of course!
So I did, and Andy's mama made it for me...she is friends with the lady.
It is really good. :)

Vanilla wafers--most of one box
1/2 stick of butter
1/2 box of confectioner's sugar--I used a bit less
mush and mash crumbled up cookies and make a crust at the bottom of a brownie pan
but don't cook it

Dump four cups of blue berries sprinkled with just a bit of sugar (so they will juice up) on top of the crust.

Put whipped cream on top of that...but don't put the whipped cream on til you get where you are going--it goes limp (i never knew this til today when mine went limp on me)

bueno --and that is a good recipe for ya!

hiccup is telling me to rub her and eat some ice!

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