Sunday, July 5, 2009

Venga bebe!

We are really really ready for Eva to be ready to come on out!
WE are all trying to talk her into making an appearance.
yesterday I spent the entire day sequestered in my house doing what might be called sulking by some, but I called it "relaxing" b/c my pelvic floor (we've all got one, don't wince) was hurting as if there were a cinder block laying on it.
I was having contractions.
Finally, I got up and went over to Andy's parents' house to watch fire works from the pier b/c I cannot stand to sulk, or "relax" too long.
Victor was terrified of the noise--so no fireworks for mama.
but E. reported that there were 150 fireworks....sounds impresive.

Here are two pictures.--well i put two up here and they put themselves in the tiny no fotos. :(

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Bethany said...

Ah, the achy pelvic floor. One preg. time I told Rick that my pelvic floor was missing a plank. :) Doesn't it just feel that way? He couldn't comprehend. Come on Baby!