Monday, June 8, 2009


**There was a bear on the loose right near our school today. So, the children had to stay inside and the gates were all closed. The mama bear and her cub were just running through town. I felt sorry for them, and hoped they were not too scared.

**This afternoon E. went to the for potty time, and she always lets victor in even though that's private--I peeped in and Victor had taken off his diaper and was sitting on his potty beside her! YIPPIE! I think he just wants to be low key about the whole learning to potty thing (everything else too?).

**The baby is mainly getting nourishment from snacks. I bet I have eaten 25 bags of doritos during this pregnancy, and tonight supper was ice cream. Supper cannot be eaten past 5:30 lest I sit up with heartburn all night. ACCKKK!!!

**I got a book from the inter library loan (which costs $5 here btw) and it is in Spanish, and due back the 19th of June. ...How many times will I renew this book??? is going to take a while to read it, b/c i have to not zone out when I read in Spanish...hmmmm...

**The last time I went to the dr. the nurse practioner informed me that at this office they will not strip membranes for women who are 40 weeks pregnant and have favorable cervix whah huh??? She said it in a serious tone too, "we don't do that." uhhh... "For anyone?"--"WE don't do that.." So I said, "Well, I reckon if y'all won't, I will have to find someone who will." {Get ready nurse friend, sissy!} Then i thought how hard to be a nurse friend and be faced with the prospect of doing this for a friend..hmm hmm..
So THEN I thought, "well she can just wear some sunglasses" (dumb, but I thought it, I mean she would need blinders..eye patches..duh)So I called her in a panic and she said, "no problem, that's not even a big deal, susan, i'll do that for you." YES! What a good nurse friend!

**Pues, that's all I got.

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Bethany said...

You gotta stop with the doritos teases! I'm avoiding those bags of crunchy deliciousness. The kids can smell a dorito on the breath at 10 yds, and they all come running. :) That will be one sweeeet, scrumptious baby. It's getting exciting, right?! And if you do have Sissy strip the mems, well, I will be impressed. Hurray friendship! ;0)