Tuesday, June 23, 2009

trailer park tuesday--#1

This is a trailer park that is near the pool where E. takes swimming. I noticed it last summer. It is quite large, and quite established.
The people have all kinds of porches, and flowers, and carports.
There is one main road and about five smaller ones that go off from that one.
The name of it is Highland Park.
It is shady and cute. These pics. are of the trailers at the front.
There were some really cute ones toward the back, but I had already put the camera away.

I guess this is going to be sort of a photography project b/c my mission is to convey the cuteness/romance/appeal of any given trailer park that I choose.

A ver si puedo.


Bethany said...

Looks friendly and clean! Like the ones in FL, where retired people move. Such a difference, when they are kept neat, and look permanent, with landscaping. :)

A Beautiful Mess said...

you are too funny!