Thursday, November 19, 2009


Elena with Eva at supper. Eva gets her "dinosaur eggs" which is what Victor calls her rice cereal...cute b/c it must look enough like his oatmeal.

Good homemade potato chips that Andy makes every now and then, think...ham's on franklin st.

And...hmmm..oh, Elena with her new outfit on. :). She was definitely feeling full of herself with this new shirt and skirt on...she thinks i bought it to be an outfit together...sooo..this leaves me with some figuring to do.
How do the orange skirt and the red, blue an white shirt go together..hmmm..
oh! i tights..there (no need to burst a bubble, right?)

We have had a very good thursday night, which is the kind I love. Thursday is my favorite day, after all.
A bit of "idon't care juice, some music, and some fried potatoes..followed by survivor (which we think has been carefully manipulated to gain and keep our interest).
No complaints here! :)
have a good weekend...mine has already started...

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