Monday, November 16, 2009


here is another one I said was coming...
The news today has prompted this soapbox rant.
Another prompt--the constant emails i get to announce where all the sex offenders live.
When I get this email I feel like i am I have to be on the lookout -AND MAKE NO MISTAKE I DO AND SO DO YOU--for perverts who are NOT ABLE TO BE REHABILITATED. This has been proven time and time again.
That is why this list is compiled by the sheriff's that we can be ON THE LOOKOUT.
I can think of a much better place for these people to be

and those who molest children???
Well, they should just be knocked in the head--HARD--and left to suffer til they die.
There is no rehabilitating these people, and they leave in their sickening perverted wake, innocent children who have to live their lives suffering from some terrible wrong that was committed against them.
I am serious...they should be knocked in the head.
including the newest couple of winners who have killed this child in sanford...
knocked in the head...
I just watched the surveillance video of this beast carrying this child out of a motel--
it just makes me sick...


now I am getting off my soapbox--but i am not putting it too far away--b/c I was reading back through my blog last night and some of my favorite posts are my soapbox ones. :)


Bethany said...

It is truly a huge problem - it sickens me to check the map of my area, and see all those dots pop up. An unregistered offender lived ACROSS the st. from Cole's school - and lured 2 preteen boys to his home. He was caught - but we were all shocked that NO ONE knew he lived there - where he could watch all the school comings and goings.
This is worthy of a natl. soapbox - b/c something has to be done better than the current system!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I really love it when you do a soapbox too!!!!! And you snacks last night sounded good, especially the butterfinger ice cream. Have you ever had the butterfinger hot chocolate? Be on the lookout for it, they usually have it around Christmas and it is TO DIE FOR!