Thursday, December 3, 2009

For the record

Victor's favorite things to talk about right now are:
1. rathe carth (race cars)
2. motorthycleth (motorcycles)
3. going fast
4. his favorite trickth (tricks) These are walking along the bed rails all around the bed to the finish line AND balancing to reach for the crystal star that Andy and I bought at the Christmas market somewhere in AUSTRIA when we were in college (a well-loved, and treasured ornament).
5. and pretending to be the Daddy and guess who is the "honey"...ME (be still my heart) :)

Eva's favorite?
well, just look at this picture...

She has been doing this this week b/c i have been gone three nights --on duty--woman duty (going to social things) ;). I think women disguise some "duties" as "duties" when really we are having fun. ;). Practicing cooking for 108 women. Cooking for 108 women. Hanging out-no "networking" with the girls --no colleagues--from work...'s tough..all these "duties"
Eva has been enjoying these evenings too. I am off to enter my Opra! contest...I REALLY REALLY WANT TO WIN SOMETHING...


Bethany said...

I love V's lisp. I repeat it all out loud, just as you type it. :) Ohhh... that star ornament... I hope it survives his attentions! And the Andy & E shot is tres sweet. Have a great weekend!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

This about Victor made me smile, Gaby has a little frontal lisp too and LOVES motorcycles and race cars! We need to get them together this spring, I still like the idea of meeting up at the zoo. And little Eva is growing so much!!! God they are all adorable! The tree looks great, girl you better move that star from AUSTRIA WAAAYYYY up so Victor cannot reach it!!!!!! Love yall and have a great weekend!!!!!!