Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ay que circus!

We just went to the circus!
It was right here in the l dubs.
Can you believe it?
I could not!
Andy and I took E. to the circus in G-boro one time --the experience sucked.
We were in a huge arena (which I know better than to put myself in) and we sat under a big concrete block ohhh..I'd say a quarter mile from the actual stuff.
Not tonight, baby!
This was a country circus under a big a$$ tent...ooohh yeah.
They had a clown car that fell apart, a bunch of scrappy dogs that did tricks to the tune....guess...just guess. I bet y'all got the tune right.
They had zebras, elephants, camels, llamas, tigers, trapeze...oh, and three people who rode dirtbikes in a big metal ball, and...let's not forget the human cannon ball.
WE sat on teeny bleachers.
We hollered out when we wanted something that was for sale.
We smelled grass (which was under our feet) and animal doo doo.

It was soooo fun!
Kids were free.
Adults 17.00.
The whole time we watched all I could think about was the people in the circus.
They were all Mexican {looking}. I wondered if they were family. I wondered if they were nice to the animals. I wondered if they get drunk at night. I wondered all kinds of stuff. I wondered about them traveling...do they do this all the time?
Do they like putting on a circus? It was cool to watch the people put up and take down the sets as the circus was being performed.

Andy was wondering the same stuff...he told me afterwards.

I took pictures...you will see them tomorrow.
Tip: If the Circus comes to a dinky town near you, and it is called the Cole Bros. Circus--the world's largest under the big top...GO!


Cynthia said...

you should read water for elephants. it's a great circus book!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

We saw the same circus last year at Myrtle Beach and we LOVED it too!!!! Way better than a big arena circus!!!!!! And we wondered the same thing about the traveleing folks too!!!