Monday, April 19, 2010

perfect day

We'll start with last night.
Eva went to bed sort of sick. Fussy. Then at 1:45 she woke up. She was awake and NEEDED HER MAMA {AND DADDY} until 4:00.
When she woke up I knew that I would be taking her to the doctor and I would be staying home with her today.
No doubt about it. When a baby is that sick, the baby stays home with mama. :)
Soon after taking her to the doctor I discovered how much I NEEDED THIS SICK DAY!
I needed to just stay at home. I washed clothes...but that is relaxing to me when that I all I have to do..that and nurse a sleepy feverish baby.
I also watched the whole View in peace. No interruptions. Sitting on the couch..just me and the ladies of the view.
Then, I accomplished something I had been dreading for about a year now. I called the saab 1-800 number to check the status of the manufacturer's warranty on my car.
I have zero faith in corporate america. I think all warranties and guarantees are lies. So little things are going wrong in the car, and i want them fixed.
This task has been hovering on my worry radar for months now.--ever since the driver side window started doing something strange.
So, today I called. The people were soooo nice, turns out MY WARRANTY WAS REGISTERED UNDER MY NAME. turns out THEY ARE STILL MAKING SAABS AND SAAB PARTS. turns out I CAN GET ALL THE LITTLE STUFF FIXED UNDER WARRANTY. It is absolutely thrilling to me. Besides that, the guy on the phone told me that he was not laughing at me, "just something i said was cute". Even that made me happy! :)
So my car is going to get its little tune up. I am still {completely and utterly in love with my car, btw}
If I could link back--I would link back to the post about when I first got my car.
Since then it has been hit with a toy hoe.
Backed over a tricycle.
Been loaded down with too long 2X6s when Andy did not want to go and get the truck.
I backed up one day in a sketchy yard delivering meals on wheels and the passenger door was ajar--the door just about flew now the door bolt is loose and the door creaks.
anyway...back to perfect day.
It was nice to relax and to get this dreaded little series of phone calls over with.

Now, I am off to go to bed.
Eva is recovering nicely now that she got her antibiotics to help fight off the ear infections in both ears!!

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Bethany said...

Poor baby E... yay Mama S! Yay Saab! I remember that pic, from when you first got it. Wow- what a life that car has had already. :) Glad you got a peaceful, satisfying day out of the deal!