Sunday, April 18, 2010


Pictures of a weekend!
On Saturday morning V.was giving me the sweetest kisses.... He said, "mama, you need to take a picture of this.." So I did! :)
On Saturday I had another CAbi party. It was SO FUN!! Lots of women. Lots of wine. Great snacks (which I should have eaten) From 2:00 until 5:30 we ate, tried on clothes, talked and drank wine. I did a lot of talking and drinking..then when all my guests were gone...and only two (my sister and my friend shannon) remained...I GOT SO SICK!! Wine and no food and lots of excitement all added up to a stomach disaster!! not a good idea!! But we had a bunch of fun at the party. :).
I think everyone got some cute clothes.
Today, was recovery day. My children stayed off, along with Andy, at his mom's house.
This is crazy, but I missed them all night, and I could not sleep.
So today all day long I was in a fog--which did not matter b/c (as the picture of E. shows--we sat in the grass in sunshine all day and daydreamed.
Then for supper I made my favorite meal (minus the blue box mac n cheese) that i have been craving FOREVER. Salmon cakes, black beans and a tomato. We also needed some biscuits and molasses...but I am feeling good after eating that! :)
Now I have to go to bed...whew...weekends can wear you out!
Let's see what order these pictures put themselves up here in...hmmmm... a ver...

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