Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fighting it

Today at church it was my turn to keep the nursery.
Sometimes the nursery at church seems to be a gathering place---eek!
What a terrible place for people to pick to gather.
I understand why it happens..but that does not mean my nerves can handle it.
The elderly like to admire the babies.
The big kids like to admire the babies...well, i guess everyone likes to admire the babies.

Today a man in our church came in and sat and sat  and sat--I guess he did not want to go to Sunday school?
Maybe he just wanted to visit???
Who knows..his foster child was in there--being babysat.
He started talking about all the money and vouchers and money and vouchers he gets for being a foster parent.
I am not sure why he wanted to talk about all this.
But, I found it hard to fight the aspect of my personality that wanted to inquire and engage him in discussion.
The other two women in the room did not want to...
But some part of me could not fight it.
I just kept asking questions....commenting...
The problem with all of this is, I am opinionated, and I get all wryled up (not spelled correctly).
It bothers me that people make all these babies and then the gov't pays for all the babies that
people who are irresponsible to not take care bothers me for their babies, and for my own.
{It takes my paycheck}
What I forget is that the other two ladies in the room {probably} do not care what I think.
Also, the man speaking does not...he also does not need my interaction.  He would have discussed this
topic regardless of whether I was engaged in conversation with him.
This is what he wanted to talk about--he would have  just talked and talked.  I did not need to even
say anything...
But I could not fight it...

Ugh.... Oh Silence why hast thou forsaken me! ;).

So then, I just called Sissy to vent, and then I vented to Andy--they made me feel better.
One day I will not only know to just shut up....I will be able to actually do it.

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Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I LOVE those pumpkin delights! I won't even buy them for this house b/c I cannot resist them! My mama buys them, so I eat them when I am there, soooo dang good!

And when you send in your application for the lifestyle grant, please fill out one for me as well, I think it is a fabulous idea!! haha

Somehow when I know we have no money to spend, it makes me want to spend more, weird how that works!

love ya, have a great week!