Thursday, October 14, 2010

fotos--for your viewing pleasure

Some of these truly deserve to be picnicked and to have a cute border and caption..but
it's Thursday, and I am tired!!! :)
Silly Hair in the tub...this baby loves a bath more than any other I have ever known...she basically will not skip a night.

 This was the day with all the rain, we were going to a play date, and before the play date we made
coffee cake--from the Pioneer Woman's blog btw--check out that recipe--Hello! Yummy! So then all the babies washed dishes...these types of images stay in somewhere in my head....and they take my breath away...Did I really push all of these babies out and nurse them for a year each.... Ay que sweet!
 I take this shot b/c this is how I see it...I did not add the one Andy took with my big ole behind in it. ;).
 This is our backyard during the rained and it rained and it rained... In the background is a large ditch, it goes into a creek.  There are large swampy areas in the woods behind our house...big dips with cypress trees etc...well these are full now so that means--hello swarms of mosquitos...welcome, yes, we have your blood...
 This is me and my Daddy at a cookout...and Eva--she is Grandaddy's girl-- :).
It does not look like it in this picture--but she really takes to my daddy...
This is the funny hair do I do when we take a bath...V-man will have none of this silliness..but the
girls--they love it! Eva does not even know what I have done....I think it is fun!  I have to snap it quickly b/c Elena's hair will not stand up long.

have a great weekend! :)


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Love all these pics, your kiddos are SOOO adorable! Miss you guys and hope you have a great weekend too! Getting ready to do a blog, I have neglected mine for a few weeks. Love ya!

Bethany said...

I laughed out loud at the bath hair-dos! Love it! Sweet beautiful babies you have.