Monday, October 18, 2010

Must buys.... is a MUST BUY for the Halloween--Fall season...get ready Morgan and Melissa....
Little Debbie pumpkin delights...oh yeah!! Good Lord--that is a good cookie...
the kind that makes me wanna hide and eat the whole box. --stuff my mouth full by eating the
whole thing in only two just wait til PMS rolls around again.....just wait!

And another must buy..some boots!
I want some of the shoe boots ones... (Like I had in the fifth grade) ha!
Andy has reminded me that for the rest of the month we TECHNICALLY do not even have money for food.
I would like to officially apply for what I would call a lifestyle grant.
It would be a large sum of money that would last me until next July.
With this money I would buy myself clothes, facials, shoes, and clothes for my children, and
teacher gifts (good ones), and date nights, and books for my nook, and a light fixture that I want.
Who might be giving out lifestyle grants...hmmm...someone who loves me very much..
who is not Andy--who actually has money to give...
I got ! GRANDMA!
So as soon as she gets back from her {escape} beach trip--I might just propose this idea to her.
I am thinking that my application might get turned down...guess I'll have to just hold out until....

(I wonder if that shopaholic book rubbed off on me????) Good lord this was a pretty {wanty} post.


The Sigmons said...

haha! zach used to love those things-he ate so many last year that he got sick-bought him a box this year thinking new year he will be excited-felt sick again-he really over did it last year-really over did it! maybe pumpkin delights next year?

Anonymous said...

i just started mini shopaholic! It's so cute

the pumpkin cookies sound too too good!

Bethany said...

Haven't had those pumpkin delights - but I will get some on that referral... you are cracking me up, with the lifestyle grant. Mama/grandma is the first place to go, for sure! Clue me in to wat would be considered "really good" teacher gifts too. :)