Saturday, October 9, 2010


Yesterday was homecoming here in the LDubs... (Little Washington's nickname among my contemporaries).
On the spur of the moment we decided to go to the homecoming parade.
I have been caught in these (believe it or not) the past two years...
It happened like this..I needed something downtown, and without realizing it was homecoming parade time I ended up on Mainstreet--and ooohhh!! Here comes a parade! OH!

Well, yesterday we went down there on purpose.
Watching "all the pretty homecoming queens" on their cars...really made me think...
Let's see in Middle school I watched this and {hoped} to get to do that one day --Look beautiful on the back of the car (a cool convertible) with my boyfriend driving me...
In High School--I got to!
Yesterday we were..... take a guess--what Sissy and Lynn and I did while we watched the parade...
We babysitter shopped!! HA!
There we were, with our children on the curb eating ice cream ...looking at the pretty girls ...commenting..
"Oh, yeah..I heard she is a good babysitter..oh and she lives right down the road from better call her, and then --Oh!  that is the one who has the business cards!"
It was a hoot! :)
It was also a beautiful afternoon...all of the little children sitting on the curb--was a sight to see...(I wish I would have had the camera!)
Victor's comment was, "Mama, dat parade was NOT totally awesome--becauthe they did not even trow candy!"


Bethany said...

What a sweet sight... I am picturing the kids on the curb. :) Those were the days! Who drove you around on the convertible?? Guess who drove me.... {Cam}
Some of your babysitting potentials have cards? Oh la la...

Susan said...

Andy drove me. :)

James said...

I love that y'all were babysitter "shopping." Hilarious.

That one with business cards. She's fo' real.