Monday, November 29, 2010


So, over Thanksgiving Andy was gone.
We had a lot of fun.
Full days...and FULL nights!!
Full of nightmares, vomiting, stomach fireballs {mine}, coughing, nightmares....{no sleep}.
Last night when Andy got home he was exhausted.
Last night when Andy got home, I was exhausted.
This morning, after I stayed awake half the night, and woke up {sort of}
on the sofa, cold...I determined that today would have to be a mental health day.
Children went to school and to Camelia's (which they loved btw).
Andy went to school.
I stayed ON THE COUCH.
My mama brought me my favorite sandwich which I ate ON THE COUCH.
I watched all of my "Mommy shows"
I took a nap.
I took a HOT BATH...did my nails..all 20 off them {poor toes}.
Then at 3:00 I left the house to see my Mama for about 10 minutes.
Came home...and get ready....
Cleaned up!  It was irresistible.
Eva is staying with Andy's mama.
So, Elena and I cleaned out all of the toys and reorganized.
Then, Elena and Victor and Andy and I put the Christmas tree up....It is gorgeous...

Remind me to tell y'all about --the three year old in my house..and the day of raking...
Right now I am off to bad worry, no stomach fireballs, no crying baby--she
is at Andy's mama's house. ;).


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Mental health days are THE BEST! Glad ya'll had a Happy Thanksgiving, post a pic of your tree! Love ya!

Bethany said...

Three cheers for mental health days! Me, next, me next! I am jealous of your {available} grandmas. Phoenix would prefer that to going in his crib for timeout, after 15 min screaming jags. Hope you have a peaceful week, XO