Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Actually, the top one is of Eva Lou drinking her morning cup of coffee.
We all drink coffee now!  Of course the childrens' coffees are mostly creamer {pumpkin spice} for Victor, and sugar, and then just enough coffee for flavor.
I don't think it would really hurt them if they wanted a full cup, to be honest--but they like it
the sweet way.
So about two years ago I ordered those snoopy cups--three, not two {just in case}.
They are teeny and the have Snoopy on one side, and on the other one it says, "Sometimes it helps to pretend you don't hear."
Eva LOVES this cup, and her coffee, and holding the cup all by herself, and making her "drinking warm coffee" face.
Re:  Christmas decorations...
That mantle--in my humble {decorator's} opinion--is the freakin bomb!!!
Eva and I gathered the holly and the nandina berries today.
Those balls are like individual mini disco balls..they have LED lights that turn different colors slowly...then the cut out snowflakes make them cast shadows onto the fun, and exciting.
I usually do not do any mantle decorating.
I still need to tell the story of Victor and decorating the tree.
It is coming soon.


Anonymous said...

love the snoopy cup!

Susan said...

I got that idea from your blog--when you had a list of Snoopy stuff.
I clicked on your list and found them.

Bethany said...

In my humble friend opinion... your mantle (mantel? can never remember) is awesome! Love the "drinking hot coffee face... she is getting so big. Beautiful tree too - I'm ready to get one! Unfortunately, daddy has a football celebration headache and is still in bed :) Maybe tomorrow!

Susan said...

Love it! Football celebration headache!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I agree with you, the mantle is GORGEOUS! Love your tree too! Miss you lots!