Friday, July 22, 2011

Ay que suerte!!!

My sister and I have travelled to Puerto Rico for a conference of bi lingual speech therapists.
This whole trip has been made possible by {luck}.
We made it here safely,
We have had so much fun so far, and
we have met fabulous people who have been willing to show us their home.
One of my fellow SLPs is Puerto Rican and she and her husband and daughter have a house here.
Her husband is passionate about Puerto Rico and its history and basically everything about {here}
ademas, he tells really good stories.
He is really {in your face} and opinionated--which I love!!
He took my sister and me all around Old San Juan, and refused to leave us
until he spoke with people to assure that we would make it back safely.
Not only safely, digo, sino conveniently, tambien.
Que Suerte!!
We have had Pinya coladas--wink wink, Bethany.
We have has quiet moments in Plazas y parks.
We got the tour of {every neighborhood} between here and there, and
I even know every hotel this family ever stayed in before they got their own
piece of heaven here.
It is a beautiful place, Puerto Rico!
I consider myself very lucky to have experienced it, thus far, this way...
With a list of things to do...and fun people to do them with!
besos desde San Juan!


Jenn@TheCakeDish said...

I'm so jealous! Did you know that my dad is from there? He grew up in Santurce. Barbie and I have only visited once but I would love to go back sometime soon! It's beautiful there and the people are wonderful!

Bethany said...

Ay que FUN! That is a real bonus, to have a local family show you around and tell you stories. We were wondering where all the neighborhoods were, where "regular" people live. Serendipity rocks. See you SOON!