Saturday, November 12, 2011

Car Scandal

So, back in June I traded in my car.
I did this b/c I needed a bigger car.
That is what I ask myself now.
My Daddy and Andy {begged} me not to do this.
They still love me any way.
BUT they both thought it was a dumb thing to do.
Now, in my family my Daddy has always been the car buyer.
He buys it, you drive it.
My Mama has never cared.  I never cared either--he has bought me several.
He finds ones that you just pay for out right. {smart}
One might think that I would have more sense--don't ever think that...just don't
So now I have myself in a real car {pickle}.
This car that I bought has several issues and I will lay them out here, b/c I need
to vent, and my family is not really wanting to hear it...
1.  It only came with one {key}--and I use the word key, very is more like
a magic wand.  When I traded the other car in I was asked if I had both keys to the car.
One would think that if that is a question asked for the trade in by this dealership, that the
the dealership would also issue two keys with cars it sells.
Ooopsy...I signed the papers..and went out with my one {key} in hand.
I asked, and the finance guy, who had traded in this car said, "It is at my MOL's house, I will
get it on Tuesday."--he said this for four months..over and over.
So I called the (big) boss--the one whose name is on the dealership sign,
and he quickly agreed that I should have two keys.
I went to get the key--the key costs....get ready....
440 dollars and some change...
Can you believe this???
A KEY.  The simplest concept in the world has become a bit of plastic, a micro-chip and some
hearing aid batteries...and it is EXPENSIVE to boot.
2.  The car is possessed.  It does things automatically that drive me crazy.
I really don't want my car to do stuff automatically.  I want to deliberately do things like
lock the doors, roll down the windows..etc.  Really, the alarm--it is just unnecessary.
Well, whoever hooked this ride up with automatic features--really did a bang up job!!
I get out of the car, count to five, and the windows roll down--that's fun when it's raining..really fun.

So, here is the kicker--last weekend I went to ask about the problems at another dealership (the Mazda one).  And I had the key ordered.  I took the P.O. to big boss man--and he sent me a check.
I went back today to get the key...and the
FREAKING CROOK at the Mazda place asked me, "so how much did he say it would cost last week?"  I said, "well, I want to know why you are asking me that question."
He looked a bit baffled and then told me that today's price was {actually} going to be 100.00 more.
That's right--a 530.00 key.  No kidding.
Well, you all know I did not do this.
I told him no way...
I will leave the key here.
No way...I have the copy of the PO --LOOK AT THIS!!
That was after he had argued with me and questioned me???--did the estimate he gave
you include--programming, re-chiping--blah blah, and taxes, and labor??? --you get the picture...
So then I took out the P.O. (purchase order)
and he goes "oh"...yeah....oh..
So then he calls the {magic} number that all the car crooks call and all-of-a-sudden!!
The key price--total--was 432.00--so the magic phone call saved me 8.00.

Lessons I have learned:
Never deal with car people when this is finished. :)--
If I absolutely MUST deal with a car people--go to CARMAX! (for sure!!)
and people are so is really disgusting...
I mean how many different prices can a damn car key have all within one month.

If you are still reading...I love you!! You let me vent!! :)
If you are a guy--you probably do not feel sorry for me--Andy and my Daddy sure don't
If you are a woman--you probably know this exact feeling...
If you are Morgan..I would love to know what you would have said!! ha! I really do almost always think of this in these kinds of situations.. You would have been proud today.

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Bethany said...

:) I am smiling at you and with you. I am learning too, to let Rick make some decisions, b/c sometimes I am simply not rational, and cannot {analyze} well. I'm with you - Carmax all the way. And! My van does random things too! Like, the windows going down! Want to know something funny? I got it right after Dad died, and I used to think it was Dad getting in touch with me. HA! Instead of weird automatic van things. ;-) Good luck with that pricey magic wand. Good grief.