Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Half a mind...

At one time last year I had half a mind to go and buy a pair of {designer} jeans.
There are many labels of these {D} jeans...if you go to a high end dept. store website you can find these jeans.
My husband, and lack of money, always made me pause.
Also, I tried them on several times and they never fit me well.
Most of them had teeny tiny hind ends--so to help you picture this, when I tried them on, exactly 1/2 of
my derriere was sticking out over the top of the waistband of the jeans--ughh..disgusting.
The sales girls have always been reassuring, "This is just not your style, there are more to try."
Thanks but no thanks, I think--I will keep on keeping on with the wonder jeans I have been wearing for four
But the temptation to purchase crept into my mind from time to time, all the way until summer arrived.
What if they are on sale?  I would ask myself--on sale for 100.00.
Since then, I have wisened up.
I discovered my local Belk--on a recently stocked day.
Hit the {sale}, and got a fresh pair of jeans for about 30.00.
They are Levi's, and my entire rear fits into the rear compartment.
Also, there are Lee, and Wrangler jeans (made in the U.S.A btw) that
are all reasonably priced a many times under 1/2 of the designer brands.
I would love to know what in my brain thought I would need a pair

of 120.00jeans...OMGoodness!!
I included pictures of the non-designer jeans.
Something in me does not want to post the others up here, but if you would go to the high end dept.
store websites and check those others out...I but you would find that there is little to no difference, except
the price.
There was one thing I was going to add to this:  A good friend of mine gave me a pair of her Joe's jeans.
She did not really like them much and thought they should be put to good use.
I wore them all winter last winter, and then I drank beer and ate cheeseburgers all summer, so this fall...
{sausage casings}--so I gave them to my sister.
Designer jeans and I were never meant to pair up, it seems!


Bethany said...

You are funny, the visual of half a butt in jeans is CRACKING me up. A woman in lowe's the other day squatted down to get something, and only half of her butt was in the jeans. UGH. Her teen son was behind her too, and I was mortified for him! You are right - good ole jeans basics are the trick. Calvin Kleins are my fave, and costco has them for $30.

shannon said...

I love Levi's! I need to get a new pair soon. I have been wearing black bike shorts under my old ones due to the holes in the crotch from too many years of my thighs rubbing together!

Susan said...

Yay for good old basics indeed...isn't it great when there is a staple, and it's at cosco, and it's {reasonably priced~}