Thursday, March 29, 2012


Blog posts have been rolling around in my head for this past week, and I have just not had the time
to sit down and post them.
One is called "Published!"
It is all about how TWO of my friends have had works published in the past two weeks.
Both of them have blogs in the sidebar.
Bethany (Borderland)  writes beautiful poems about any number of emotions and childhood/mommyhood/life goings on.
Megan (Figuring out Home) has written a collection of poems about women who have been convicted of crimes!
Check out their blogs if you are into
A. Good reading
B. Good--no GREAT--poetry, and
C. supporting budding artists!

Speaking of buds...
My yard is abloom! Hello--give us one week of weather in the 70s and boo yah! The yard is bursting with
blooms all over.
It never fails to take my breath away, when I take a moment to let it sink in.
There is one bush, it is called something like, "bridal veil" --it shoots out sprays
of white blossoms in a firework array!  Just gorgeous.
Then there are these renegade rose bushes--that just shoot out wherever they want to...
Go roses!! I won't even try to tell you what they are...just some little, sweet {bound and
determined} rose vines!  They grow like weeds here --they twine around the fig bushes and
all the way up through the holly tree (that is a monster btw) to the top where they
poke out to get some sun and bee attention.

Elena's birthday was so much fun!  She was overcome with excitement about getting her I-Pod touch.
She reminds me so much of myself, it can be spooky sometimes.  But it is also good, b/c I can almost guess what she might do in some being sung to on her birthday (very emotional) and wanting to figure out her I-Pod on her own--quite grouchy.
Her Luna moth cake was a big hit! YUM!
We really had some luck on that one.  The cake got eaten in one day!
Cake was superb (thanks Duncan Hines), and our was delish, too--and the cake was pretty. ;)

So on from Luna Moth cake to lizard from the yard...
We now have one IN A TERRARIUM in the house.  I get
{almost} as excited as my children do about putting together a terrarium,
with some grub worms, and some plants--it holds water!! oh yeah!
I mean you almost describe me as giddy, and I do not even try to hide it. ha!
Elena is the lizard whisperer, there is no doubt in my mind.
We have the cutest green Anoles all around the yard, and she
can find one and hold it, and it will just sit there...and sit there.
When I was little and we would catch those, they would just drop the tail and run away.
Elena can take that lizard out, hold it, and put it back in the terrarium!

The other post is a favorite things post, maybe I will put is right here:
Favorite show:  Big Bang Theory tied with The Amazing Race!
Man --I wish the pair that is the old white guy and the old black guy who are best friends could win
it! I just love to listen to them.  Their accents are so country that it is humorous at times, but they are also so kind and sweet to one another--way to break those stereotypes, I say!
Favorite song right now:  I set fire to the Rain
Favorite thing to put on a salad:  Rice Vinegar--If you have not tried this, go try it! :)
So there! And now, may you all have a great weekend, and maybe I will hook up my camera
and put some personal pictures up here.


Anonymous said...

I like when you update. I have been lame on ideas. Hopefully soon :)

Bethany said...

Hi Bloggy Bud! What a great {endorsement}... wow... Glad to get caught up on the happenings too - sweet E, it's good to be 7! Happy weekends to ya. Spring break starts today for us. WIsh me luck! ;-)