Saturday, March 24, 2012

Y seven years ago today...

Man! How the time flies!
Seven years ago today Andy was about to come home from work.
I had been in labor all day long, and walking around the town in Durham.
After a dose of Castor oil in the morning, and an entire Easter
Basket of home made sugar cookies (the best I have ever had), umm...
Well, I was ready to have a baby....
at 10:57 AM--The next morning!
Elena was {not} in a hurry, and she basically never is, never has been,
and truly dislikes being rushed. ;).
We sure did not rush her that day.
So, Andy came home from work.
He had beer and pizza.
I had pizza, and we watched basketball
and we waited, and waited, and waited...
until the moment when I got scared.
Then, we boogied out the door and up
the road to the hospital!
What a night!

This was the day--and half of tom., I guess...
that I spent in labor.

Today we have spent the afternoon making a
Luna Moth cake!
I so wish I could take a picture, but my
camera died today. :(
We will take some tomorrow, though.
We used the butterfly pan from her first birthday, and
we made home made white icing, then Elena had the idea to color some green and
some yellow, and make a Luna Moth! So we did.  With some pastel
iridescent sprinkles...
Ay que Pastel! :)--yum!


Bethany said...

Happy Bday to your sweet girl! She was worth the wait...:)

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Thank you so much for the sweet card Sus :) Love you!