Friday, March 23, 2012

Just put a towel over it!

This is one of the first lessons I learned --early on in motherhood.
When Elena was first born and my milk came in the milk would leak out
everywhere!! All through the night, when she was not eating it just leaked and leaked.
I never thought it was smelled wonderful!, BUT it was wet.
So, there I would lay, in the bed with wet all around.
Of course that could not last, so I would change beds, and when the other one was wet too, I would change
the sheets.
All of this would go on in the middle of the night.
UNTIL, I had a good phone conversation with my Common sense friend--thank God for those!
She said, "Susan, are you kidding me?--Just put a towel over it until the morning."
So that was it, the beginning of a whole new philosophy!
It was also the beginning of me actually getting some sleep.
I kept a pile of towels beside the bed, and almost any leaking that
occurred from Mommy or baby was covered in terry cloth--until the morning.
When we would wake up, the whole room would smell like sweet cream, and cheese.
I am not kidding! :)--It was not gross though, b/c we would wash and change
the sheets, and get ready for another adventure in trying to sleep.
Last night I was reading to my oldest ones, and Eva was playing in water, and
she came into the room with the rinsing cup full of water
and spilled it on my bed. :)
What do you think I did?

This also works btw on floors!  If there is an unidentifiable spill, that you will
be able to get to in a moment, but not right now??, well, just put a towel over it! :)
We keep {clean up} towels for this second purpose.

Have a great Friday!

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Bethany said...

This made me smile all the way through... you know what else it works on? Kids that wet the bed in the night. I used to change the whole thing, kid and all - now I just change the kid and put a towel over it 'til the a.m.! Magical! PS you made me remember that sweet smell of leaky milk :) I had stacks of cloth diapers for those midnight spit-ups, etc... and would lay their heads on a cloth diaper like a pillow. After changing many nighttime sheets, of course - why do we not know this at the BEGINNING?! :) sweet...