Saturday, March 31, 2012

I am adding

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I read an article about this family in People Magazine the other week at the Dr.'s office with
Elena (allergy shots), and I thought, MAN!
Every time I throw and throw and throw {away} stuff into the plastic trash bag, I think...
most of this could rot in two days in the woods...
What a shame!  Yes.  I feel ashamed a bit--and I squash it, b/c modern {convenience}--or stupidity--
takes over and {away} it all goes.
But that stab of guilt remains.
I do not feel guilty about things that can be recycled.
And, I must say, that our dump has it all arranged beautifully with
a giant bin for all recyclables--one for cardboard, one for electronics, one
for all the rest?? (this one is still a gamble in my mind).

A part of me always thinks--I could very easily put all of our food trash in the woods, and all
the paper plates and little bits of paper (gum wrappers)
right back in the back yard, in the woods, and let it all rot.

Then, I say to myself, we would throw away a lot less...
We basically would not have much trash.
We already re-use ziplock bags.
I have never been a bottled water person (that one was dumb to me from the get go).

So.... Would I be willing to challenge myself like that family did?
One issue is that in the Summer time the bugs hang out in the spot where you put
your dump food.
We did this one summer, and I just got fussed at b/c there were always bugs
little, teensy ones flying around the rot spot....

I am going to spark this up again, I think...Maybe have a contest with myself,
how long can I keep one trash bag in the kitchen?  They are big--how long....
b/c there is no {away}--it's really just one county over getting bigger and bigger...

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Bethany said...

I like it! Nowhere to rot stuff here... I was just thinking yesterday when the trash man came, how great it was that our recycle bin is 100% full, and our garbage bin 25%. We're lucky though - our city gave us big, wheeled recycle bins, and they sort it ALL. So it all goes together, and ppl doing community svc sort. Anything bigger can go to the center - bikes that have The Crusher? ;-) Going to check out your new link now!