Thursday, June 28, 2012

La Mimosa

Can be:
A tree with pink feathery blooms.
A drink made of orange juice and champagne
A trailer park with some very old trailers where many of the families I work with live.
A neighborhood where there are big houses on the river. . .
Check it out!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

{lucky} me

Good Luck!
Man, that was lucky!
Break a leg!
He got his lucky break!

Yep! Luck.  That is the topic of the day.
There seems to be a trend among people to say --
"Oh no, honey, you are blessed!"
Maybe not where you live, but in the Bible belt this
has been happening for a little while.
I do not remember this, ever, when I was a little girl.
I grew up here.
We went to church.
If someone said, "good luck" --their choice of
words was never corrected.

The first couple of times that someone did this to me I felt like a child who had blurted out
a cuss word at the family Christmas.  Oh!  I am not allowed to say that word??? {oops}...
Let me correct myself!! {oops}

Then, I thought about it, and decided that NOPE!  I do believe in luck!  Yep!
Sometimes we get LUCKY.
What is so wrong with that?  Well, since it is my mouth, and my choice of words, and I did not
in fact, cuss (socially unacceptable) --I say NOTHING.
Actually, I think that God has a big ole sense of humor, and created luck to keep us guessing!
Are there blessings?  Well, sure there are!  We can all count ours!
BUT sometimes I think things happen--and they are lucky chances...

So, I have also resolved myself to stick to my word choice, and when someone corrects me from now
on, I will just say, "No, I think it was luck, actually"
People correcting your choice of words is very presumptuous, no?

Your Birthday card came and I just laughed to myself!
I have had this post floating around in my head for weeks now!--and then your card came. ;)
Bloggy Buddy ESP for sure!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The point of no return

Usually when you hear people talking about their toddler's development they talk about
the terrible two(s).
When Elena turned two I thought--NOPE! --She was a dreamboat that whole year.
Anything that she might have done that was naughty or a pain in the rear--could be
attributed to baby--or to trying to be more independent.  It was all so
common sense to me.  She did not aggravate me.
THEN!! She turned three.  All of a sudden--there was a teensy bit of annoying there.
This led me to think --somewhere the childhood specialists that tell us all what to expect
and what to think about it --they have missed the mark.
This three year old--CAN TALK--but will cry and cry sometimes, and she
CAN POTTY--AND HAS FOR OVER A YEAR--but she will not even TRY TO dress herself...etc.
I barely remember it all ....

Until now! :)  Eva is doing the same thing.
Mind you --she is the {baby} of the family.
She came out knowing this in her very soul, I am convinced of this.
So, it seems like she is keenly aware that she is coming close to her age of --
being a baby is no longer {as acceptable} I will assert myself and DEMAND that
they will acknowledge my right to own this bit of babyhood.
She realizes what is going on.
So now, if she wants to wear a pull up--it is b/c she is pretending to be the teeny baby.
Or, if she wants to drink a bottle--of course she is pretending to be a baby...duh!
If she does not want to talk--she just wants to make puppy dog whimpers--well
ugh..Isn't that what a teeny baby would do?  Oh, and if she chooses to suck a passy for
a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon...{of course} she is pretending to be a baby! ;)

I do not argue with her.
Of course.
I get it.

I think I want to hold on to it a bit too. ;).

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Competitive Preschool

Does that seem like an oxymoron to anyone besides me?
Who in the world wants to send to their little sweet preschooler to
Competitive Preschool...
That ad is in my sidebar, but let's just say I did not pick it...
When I think of pre-school..I think of words like

Time for me to get off the internet now... ;)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A new show {for me}

Okay, I have been watching ABC shows on Elena's I-pod touch in the bed at night.
We have one TV in our house and we usually all watch stuff together.
So, this means--I do not do a lot of TV watching...I read.
This does not mean that I do not like TV--I LOVE TV!!
My newest find--b/c it is on the ABC list on the I-Pod touch...
Modern Family.
That show is so funny, y'all!
It is so clever. :)
At night I watch it...and laught my head off!
So, now I have watched all the ones they have listed on the ABC app...
I guess I wll have to find a new nightly viewing ...
I do recommend, to all my bloggy buddies, to check this one out.
The ABC app is free to download.

More Pictures :)

My camera decided that it does love me {afterall} SO!! this means you get to see some fotos that I took. :)
 Elena and her buddy Suzie at their school for next year! So sweet!! I think I have a picture of me--just like this one. :)
 Sweet Nana!! with our Eva Lou--this was at V-man's graduation, and well, she got emotional that night.
 Andy's best bud--and a male version of me --Josh and his wife Andrea--who is expecting their
baby {yippie!}. They came to see us and we went downtown and saw the band Mandolin Orange play at a music festival. FUN. :)
Ms. Sara--who has now taught three Pilgreen offspring--My sister included in this--all they need to
know--in Kindergarten!  She teaches the Pre-K at our church...but she is teaching them K curriculum. ;).
We love her!! Lovely lady, she is.