Sunday, February 24, 2013

Out! Out!

Can you see it?
It drives me crazy!!
I makes me {almost} hate my dogs!!--I am not quite sure which one was the culprit.
It has been there for months...weeks?
Not sure.
It makes me steer clear of my {living} room!!

The new{ish} rug, is ruined--by the {spot}...
Did Spot do it?
Did Prissy do it?

Spot is quite the pisser, on the other hand, Prissy
is not trained to do anything...
She merrily ignores her name being called and trapses off across the road
on a regular basis to visit other dogs...
So, I can also see her RUINING my rug..
All with that sweet expression of {puppy dog eyes}.

Now, I am totally game for some suggestions!!
I want the spot gone!
Baking soda has been my attempt so far.
It did not work ;).

Someone said to buy an oxy product...but I hate to go the way of wild
geese, buying endless cleaners and machines to rid myself of the spot...
If I get up to 98dollars worth of all that stuff..I could replace the rug.

Suggestions (known spot cures) are DESPERATELY needed!! LOL, or

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elena and Dad go skiing

Here is a picture to prove it!
Ha! This is where they slept!
Dad was a chaperone for the youth group.
Elena was the mature enough oldest child!
And lucky girl she is!
She can now ski.
They were glad to get home bc the sleeping arrangement was large multipurpose room style, and that meant lots of ski time and not much relaxing.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snow!! and cookies, and cocoa

So, yesterday we were in for a bit of snow.
The snow did not start falling until almost dark.
I had been sort of sulking all afternoon!!--Man! talk about a waste of time!
I can't stand it when I start to feel sulky!!

So, when it began to snow I sent V-man outside to play.
He went out looking for the neighbor and when he could not find the
neighbor I could see out the window that his little face just fell. ;(.
Andy and Elena are gone.  They went skiing with the youth group from
So There was V-man with no one to play with.

Well, the snow always makes me want to go out and play!!
I knew I would play, but I just did not know how fast I would get it
in gear, get my snow play clothes on and get out there.
Nothing like a sulking look on my V-man's face to get me moving.
I threw my clothes on, and got out there.
I also called my neighbor and asked her to send hers out to play. :)

After we played and played --for about an hour or so, we came in for
hot chocolate and warm cookies!!
The afternoon turned from sulky to sweet in the blink of an eye!!
I figure over my lifetime, I should never waste a chance to get excited and play in the snow.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Seen the preview??

a show inspired by an old blog post is going to debut on March 3rd!!
myrtl3 Man0r!!

This show will come on t1c and it is going to be all about a trailer park.

I cannot wait to watch this!! I hope it is good.

We should have blog post discussions about episodes of this show.  Wouldn't that be fun?
Is anyone else gonna watch?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My favorite

Holiday, that is!!!

Making Valentines is one of my favorite crafts. My kids love to get in on the action!
Tonight when I dumped glitter everywhere they just oohed and aaaahed
Of course I made each of them one that I will put out on Thursday morning!
My mama always placed Valentine's Day treats at our place on the special morning.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

{reality} TV

Since Andy and I got cable I have become a Junkie!! I love TV--always have!  Now with so many channels, and so much missed time to catch up and make up for...well, goodbye reality!!
Every night I go surfing--among all these wonderful channels to see what wonderful entertainment awaits me.
I have never been one to be a TV snob!! Nope! I was raised up on TV, TV guide, weeks organized by our favorite nights and their respective TV shows--I can think of ALOT worse things to have going on than rushing home to catch an episode of The Cosby Show With my mom and dad....
Pure joy all day Thursday--just knowing I got to watch my favorite Thursday night TV.

So these days I am liking ....COMPLETE   Junk!!
Shahs of Sunset
all the housewives--for about five minutes--then I usually have to catch another wave...
That one is either too big and scary or just to much of a silly ripple that is TBD.
Toddlers and Tiaras
Honey boo boo
Cake boss/Cake bake off (whatever it's called, I enjoy it!)
All of everything that comes on HGTV...
Steven Colbert
Tosh O
Jon Stewart...

Do you get it?  I am in love with all these shows!!

So the other day I was thinking...
Does anyone remember learning in any Anthropology class about sub-cultures, or mini-cultures?  So one example my professor loved to use was Body Builders at the Gym.
They have their own set of words, ways, ideas, values...etc.  They are a sub-culture of our
overall culture.

So, really, I told myself, I am doing classwork watching all this TV--b/c when we watch all of these {reality} shows we are really just indulging a curiosity to learn about other sub-cultures...
I mean I really cannot relate AT ALL!! to the people in the Shahs of Sunset.  Their every ways of being are different from mine.
Name any of the shows above--and basicall nothing in my life is like anything in theirs.
EXCEPT the biggie, that we are human. ;)--
This must be the draw, I think--
The Shahs of Sunset are the most fascinating...
Well, those crazy, fanatical cheer moms and beauty pagent ladies...
Oh, and don't forget the LA ladies who have all surguried their faces so that
they now resemble a troop of alien monkeys???
I bet those plastic surgeons get drunk at parties and laugh their heads off at those
silly ladies!!

So, now, I do not feel guilty when I watch the Duggar clan for an hour...I am simply studying
the culture of their family, and maybe learning a thing or two about how using a tone of voice that is sweet all the time, might make me feel sweeter??? Have y'all watched this?

Nighty Night now, I am off to catch up with the cheer moms--or, will I watch the build it guys...
Choices, Choices!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pronouns and God

You all know that from time to time I post on here some
opinion of mine... ;).
Sometimes they are political--Soapboxes--
and sometimes not...
This one is about a trend I have noticed over the past five years or so.
People are attaching possessive pronouns to God.

Well, Andy and I have talked about this, and if a person believes
in God--they believe God is everyone's God--even the non-believers.
We will just believe it for them, no worries

So, when Christians say --"she has gone to be with her God"
I just think they could leave out the possessive pronoun.
I am a Christian, and I just think God is everyone's God.
God is not "my God," nor is he "our God"
God is God.

There is no need to add a possessive --as a matter of fact, I think
it is a bit --well, ..
You be the thinker..
When you hear this, what do you think?

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!