Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Recently discovered--while running an errand at the Tractor Supply Store!

I am not sure how many of you have a tractor supply store in your town.  It is a fun store!  They have livestock there in season...chicks etc.
They have dog care stuff--wireless fences (hello, Prissy!).
They have girl farmer stuff--pink cowgirl boots and pink John D3ere stuff.
They have canning supplies and all sorts of other things that farmers like me might need (wink wink).
So they also have these candies!  Guess who loves Cherries???
Guess who loves candy???
Here is the bag, "Gimbal's"
They are shaped like hearts!--Oh, do be still!  
They are all cherry, but there are variations in color and in flavor...so fun to eat while you ride around in your farm truck, or mom mobile running errands!
So, the next time you are searching for your farming supplies, or dog supplies, or canning supplies, and you find yourself in the tractor supply store--look for these little goodies!

I can just see me for some reason, being a little girl, with my dad in the store and wanting these...and he definitely would have bought this bag of candy and we would have shared it!
"Oh, that one was good, give me another one!"  
That is why they have candy in the Tractor supply store, you know...

PS--We are off on a family adventure--and I will post pictures for my bloggy buddies to see! :)
We are going to the land of the man who wrote this speech:

Chief Seattle's Speech - Wikisource, the free online library

May 13, 2013 - (Introduction of the original Seattle Sunday Star article). Old Chief Seattlewas the largest Indian I ever saw, and by far the noblest-looking.

It is also the land of Andy's dad's family, so we are going for a family reunion! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Harmony is what you can hear when all the notes of some music blend perfectly together.
Harmony is what you can feel when things feel {alright}.  Most of the time things in my life are in harmony.
Right now, however, they are not.
The decisions that our legislature is making are so revolting and repulsive...
I just cannot believe that in N.C. we have elected a set of people who hold public education so low in their priority list, and really seem to be out to destroy our public school system.
It is unbelievable to me.
I cannot understand what their motives are.
I cannot understand what they think the outcomes will be.
I wonder how they were all education, and their children???
The readers of my blog are probably from all different backgrounds etc. (LOL) :)
BUT--the people I know, and as far back in my family history as I know of--we are public education people! 
It's being flushed down the political toilet my dear bloggy buddies, and I am mourning the loss with every swirl of the water.
SAD, SAD, and SAD.
No harmony for my brain right now...or heart...or brain...(not sure where this feeling is coming from, probably it is both).

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gimmicks and Gadgets

This week has really driven home for me just how much I love gadgets and gimmicks...
My newest addition to my wonderful gadget collection is my Clarisonic Mia...I love it!!
I really do.
For years I have wanted one, and finally, I found a deal!
Just in case you want a deal on one I got mine from Acc Town online.
It was {way} cheaper.  They only offered white (I would have picked one of those floral ones), and it came in a slightly beat up looking box..?? {hmm hmm}..
BUT--who cares!?  It is obviously the real thing.
It came unopened straight from the Bronx NYC...oh yeah...
and it cost about fifty bucks less!
On to my gimmick...
In the US weekly last week a card came for smell a vision!
The smells were gonna come from yesterday's episode of Honey Boo Bo0.
So I was very all excited over this.
My kids even watched and scratched and sniffed the card.
It kind of reminded me of eighties stuff like garbage pail kids.

Funny thing though...
Andy totally does not understand this...his answer to the sonic movement of a 
Mia brush head???--a washcloth!! LOL!
Silly guy..those have been around {forever}.

His commentary while we all scratched and sniffed the numbered circles to fully experience Honey boo bo0's world??
OMG Susan, I cannot believe you are watching this...
No, I do not think that a scratch n sniff card makes it all worth it..
You are so silly!  you are such a sucker for a gimmick!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Someone is gonna be four years old tomorrow!

And today we made a cake! YUM!
We actually made the cake tonight.
We made the cake after we ate pizza for supper at the pool.
After we went to the grocery store after the pool...
So it was 9:15 when we finished, well almost finished, making the cake.
I will post pictures of the cake tomorrow.
Eva has requested a flowers cake.
tomorrow we will show off our version of {flowers cake}. :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Garden (yard) pictures Summer 2013

Andy and I decided to prune the gigantic fig bushes back several winters ago and now they are very happy.  Let's hope the birds and wasps do not get them all this summer.
 So the blogger is getting all kooky now and I cannot find the cursor.  Down below I was discussing that I cannot edit my pictures so vertical fotos are putting themselves up here sideways.
The very last pictures are of a Hibiscus plant that I bought on clearance at Lowe's last summer.  It sat beside the house all winter.  The man told me that if it were even slightly sheltered it would come back.  They can withstand our winters, I think--if they are in pots--and if they are insulated a bit.  So here it is!  Happy as a clam!  The Hibiscus flower is at the very bottom.  Behind that you can see the asparagus, which I will be able to eat in two more years.  --it makes a pretty garden plant until then! :)
 This is a new basil plant.  The mama basil that re-seeded every year for three or four years finally died out and we got a new one.  It is very happy there among the weeds.
 This {pitiful} tomato plant was bought at the grocery store in a  ready-made patio pot.  It made two very healthy looking tomatoes and then it did that.  (see above).  I decided that it might need more space so I re-planted it.  This is really an experiment and nothing more.  There is just a teensy glimmer of hope that it is happy enough to come back from this state.
 Here is another vertically oriented photo that is on the blog, but should be turned.  I do wish I could eid

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fun at the beach 2013

 Before we left we had to get our feet in order with a pedi...
At the beach we swam, fed seagulls, rode bumper boats (everyone's fav.), rode go carts, went to the fair, hung out with cousins, and watched a lot of Downton Abbey. LOL-- I have three seasons to catch up on!


Officially a fan

Over our week at the beach I spent eight hours watching Downton Abbey.
I was in such a trance that my children caught on too, and we played downton at the beach.
Elena drew Downton Abbey on the driveway at the cottage, even! ;)
Now, if only I could rotate this foto.