Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back from Vacation

We are back!
We were actually back yesterday, but we slept almost all day long.
Coming home from vacation it is nice to have a couple days to just chill..
And by that I mean wash all the clothes, mow the grass, go to the dump, sleep, get pictures uploaded and developed...

Here is a sneak peak of some pictures:

We went to Seattle, Olympia, and to the Alderbrook resort.
While at the Alderbrook and in Olympia we visited with Andy's family.  While we were in Seattle we ate at the Space Needle, we went to Pike Place Market, we went to several museums and walked around the city.  It was an amazing vacation. :). Seattle has an American Girl Doll store so we went there and we had lunch.  We rode the monorail in Seattle that has been there since the 1962 World's fair.  Victor and Elena were lucky enough to claim the front seat on the monorail.  We went kayaking in the Puget Sound and saw seals!!  We are all exhausted, and I cannot wait to get all of our pictures printed.  

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