Friday, August 9, 2013

It's a wrap!

Every Summer I have a {small} list of large chores that I need to accomplish.  This Summer's chores were 1.  Wash the vinyl siding on the part of the house that is the master bathroom with clorox to remove the mildew.  The door and the surrounding window frames also count in this chore, as they tend to look really bad all the time.

The figs put themselves ready while we were on our vacation, and every summer I enjoy making stuff with the figs.  It just makes me feel good to pick the figs and then turn them into stuff, or hand them out to fig lovers around me.  
The other one was to wash my sofa!  I love to wash my sofa.  It is one chore that trumps all the rest in terms of making me feel productive.  Now my sofa was covered last winter and it has not been washed since.  
I know that after this week I have to go back to work and I am scrambling to get things done and feel good about going back to work.  If I have a list and all of things are not checked off I never feel right.  So now my list will be checked off completely!  Checky Check Check.  

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