Friday, May 30, 2014

La playa

 This picture reminds me of one of those ones from the Great Depression where all the people are lined up and no one is really happy or smiling...I think there is one of my Mama's family on the beach that really looks a lot like this one, LOL.

The water at Nag's Head stays cold for a LONG we were really taking our time getting in.  We eventually did...but it was chilly, and rough!
This is all the cousins. 

At the old ball game

 This is where we have been spending a bit of time lately.  I must say that when Victor hits the ball and runs the heart skips a beat! :)
Thank God for athletic genes, none of which came from me, by the way.
I am so glad I got these two pictures.  When we go to games I do not take my camera etc.
We just go out there and sit and watch.
I just took it out there so that one time I could get a couple of pictures.
Victor has had an awesome season!  We have had fun.
It is amazing to watch these seven and eight year old little boys play ball. 
So anything else that I say is going to just sound like Mama rambling, therefore, I will stop!
Enjoy the fotos. :)
Can you see they are looking up to see where the ball is going to go? 
Okay, I stop now...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

La comunion

Count it!
Another first.
A catholic communion.
The first communion of a little girl, all dressed in white.
Our friend Yineth had her first communion yesterday.
We do have a Catholic Church in our little town.  There used to be a Catholic school (now an empty building, save for the confirmation classes that happen there).
It was beautiful!
The mass was held in Spanish and in English.
Not repeating one another, sino complimenting one another, with some scripture being read in English, and other scripture being read in Spanish.
The Priest spoke his own version of Spanish, I refer to as "the best he could"
--probably very much like the one I speak
The word he cannot say, "conocimiento."
He butchered it every time! LOL
Yineth was just beautiful!
I was amazed by the liturgy.
It was HEAVY!
The word, "medieval" comes to mind.
Which, might not be a fair word, but this is my blog, so I don't aim to be fair.
The priest quoted St. Thomas Aquinas when he talked about faith.
It was all just fascinating.
No, I was not invited to take communion.
I am not Catholic.
This was all laid out for us, my children, my Mama, and me.
This has happened to me before in very evangelical protestant churches that specify "unless one is saved one may not partake of holy communion."
All of that is foreign to me, as at my church everyone who is a believer is invited to take communion.
Being {saved} is a matter of one's own heart and their relationship with the Holy Spirit.
It is all very interesting.
The communion service is EXACTLY the same, btw.
The priest read almost exactly what my Preacher reads.
I just loved it!

Le Danse

See how sweet Kaye looks?  Even at 10:00 at night after watching three hours of dance recital.
There is a reason I try to emulate her. ;).
Sweet.  Gracious.  It can be hard at times...I tell ya! (you read it on my blog LOL).

Since then...

I have not been posting like I want to!
Really, I would like to average one per week.
This past two weeks have been very busy weeks.
This weekend was dance recital weekend.
It was FUN!
My cousin Kaye came.  Kaye has one son.
For someone with one son, she has been to her fair share of dance recitals.
What a sweet cousin!
She goes to them ALL!
If you announce a dance recital to her, she will come for a visit to watch it.

Last night, as I watched little girls shake it and boogie down in sequins this is what I thought:
If aliens were to visit our wonderful Place in the universe and observe a dance recital what in the world would they think?
Picture them observing and taking notes!
This is what I thought they might write:
These beings have strange rituals, they place their young nymphs upon a platform dressed in sparkles and then laugh and cry as the young shake around in the sparkly outfits!
Of course it would be written in alien language--not English.
I also always think about all those sequiny leotards being maufactured in Ch!na (or any other foreign/third world manufacturing place).  Don't you think they wonder...
What in the H3ll are these people doing with all of these sparkly leotards?
Boy if they could have a video overview of all the dance recitals that happen in May!
So interesting that we do this thing.

Back to my cousin.  I think it is sweet that she comes and she has the most wonderful commentary about the recital.  She really gets into it.

I will post pictures this afternoon! :)
Happy Sunday.

Monday, May 5, 2014

And the photographic evidence...

Once is {totally} enough.

This past weekend I went to the Outer Banks and ran in the flying pirate 1/2 marathon.
I excercise and run all the time.
Just about every day of my life I do a workout video or run...
I trained for about two months doing long runs to build up my endurance...
When I got to the race,
Not literally...but in the stick shift car kinda way.
At the starting line I had to pee.
Since I had just gone, I thought it was my nerves...
but it was not.
So at mile two I was at the scotty potty waiting in a LINE of women!
Six minutes...
Then I was out of the pack.
So, at mile nine I had another {odd body thing} happen
that I will not talk about here....but after that happened
running was just about out of the question!
I mean I could run in small doses...
I just could not run...
So, it took me almost three hours--not good!
I also realized, as I was running....I hate this!!
I know now--I never want to do that again...ever.
Curiosity satisfied.
Yes I can do it.
Yes I am not good at it.
Yes it tears your body up.

The end.