Saturday, June 21, 2014

Confessions about {me}!

I love this little section of the US W33kly each week.
The person tells 25 things about themselves that are just odd or quirky etc.
Since today I am 36, here goes:
1.  I have never seen the movie Top Gun.
2.  I have never seen the move The neverending Story
3.  I am ambidextrous, for real.  I have no idea why I complete all fine motor tasks with my left hand, and all gross motor tasks with my right hand.
4.  I love all teeny things.  Small, little teeny things are my favorites.  They always have been, since I was little.  One time I carried a teeny apple around in my hand for two weeks..til it was sauce.  I think I was taking care of it. LOL
5.  I do not easily join groups of people.  I find friends, but their groups do not tend to adopt me as a member.  Who knows why, and I guess I do not care.
6.  Disney world is not on my agenda.  I went when I was two--that was 1980.  The big gold ball building was not even there yet then, and I guess we will never go there...Andy has no desire to go there.
7.  I was terrified--like a phobia--of water over my head until I was about 11.  I could swim etc.  --but not touching was terrifying to me.  My ever-patient super hero cousin finally convinced me how stupid this was when I was about 11...maybe 10...not sure.
8.  Cherries are my favorite foods.
9.  Avocados are next.
10.  The NYC subway system at rush hour (one time in my life) when trying to  reach New Jersey--is one of the rings of hell in my mind--for sure.
11.  Frankie Valle's song, "You're just too good to be true"  is one of my favorites.
12.  Another is, Dire Straits, "Sultans of swing"
13.  One day I will spend an entire Summer in Spain.
14.  I have a big fascination with languages and linguistics.  If I could have my dream job, I would just be a linguistics nerd.
15.  Hymns at church make me cry, and I wonder if this is genetic.  My mama does the same thing.  It is not sad, nor is it happy...just CRY.  Just pure emotion.
16.  Certain foods have a dirt taste and I like them...beets, potatoes, peanuts, rutabagas.   I like them b/c I like the taste of dirt a bit...
17.  The smell of a baby's head is the best smell in the far as hitting that center of the brain place and making you think everything is {okay}.
18.  My favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo.
19. I have a bad temper, and when I get mad I have to throw things and yell.  I think that is why my blood pressure is super low! :)  110/70 or so
20.  One favorite quote of mine is "Be who you are, and say how you feel, those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter."
21.  Eleanor Roosevelt is my hero!
22.  One of my ancestors is the inventor of the Dewar Flask--google it.
23.  I love to look stuff up about my ancestors, most of whom came to North Carolina in the 1700's and were just poor farmers.
24.  Snobbery is my least favorite characteristic of any human.  --Snobbery = dumbassery.
25.  My Birthday is the longest day of the year.

that is all my friends!  Have a great day!
I am listening to the NPR top summer hits list...and eating crab legs for my birthday supper.
Woo Hoo!

It's official! I have been on a voyage, friends.

To England!
yes.  I have even adopted a British accent at times, much to the amusement of my husband and children.
If you read my blog you have seen that I am a Downton Abbey fan, and then thanks to N3tfl!x, I discovered "Call the Midwife."
Well, that dear old, web-based program watching service has done it again!
My newest addiction has been "The Paradise".
If you want something good to watch, episode tras episode...
That is the show!
British television drama is where it's at, people!
All three of these shows are absolutely captivating.
All focus on different periods.--the setting
Whoa--if you have not checked these out, then do!
Pace yourself dear bloggy friends.
I stayed up til two AM watching an entire season of "The Paradise"
It was the night before my birthday, and I convinced myself to stay up til my birth hour watching this show til the end of the first season.

Also, both "Call the Midwife" and "The Paradise" are based on novels...
umm humm...which makes for some good {future} reading!

So then, to keep this England thing going...
I watched my favorite tr@sh TV today--anything on Br@v0.  The show I watched was something about ladies in London.

Hell, who needs a vacay to foreign lands with all this immersion?!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What is this?

This! My dear Bloggy follower, is a picture of a double hand-mopped kitchen floor. :)
Every time I mop I think about my linguistic pet peeve of people advertising things as "hand" completed---that {of course} are always completed by hand.
Mopping is one of those activities at my house! 
LOL--all the time. :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Snuggle Condo

I have had this post in my head since I took the picture! 
Doesn't it look like they are in a multi-story building?  Each with his/her own floor to snuggle! :)
Very cozy, indeed.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Here is one.
Here is another.
Here is another.  Stick with me here...
And to complete the theme, here are the two melded together:

Is meld a word?--Oh! yes!  I just looked it up to make sure. {mom brain}
This week was a week FULL of activities.
Heck, the whole month has been!  While we have shuffled around after school to graduations, dance recitals, ball practices and games, swim practices...{crazy}, my children have hung in there.
They have been tired.  They have been happy, grumpy--every emotion from A to Z.
What I have not done is act like a "tiger mom"
One of the days Victor was so tired--that I called Andy and he came to get V-man so he could lay on the couch all day.
When they are tired and grumpy--MOM packs their stuff for them, finds their stuff for them, and give them hugs.
The more I am a mom I am realizing there is no place for the "tiger mom" in my world.
The world and its demands are "tiger enough"--I think I will just be a cushion.
I would rather soften the blows.
Are my expectations of them high?  Sure.
Are their expectations of themselves high?  Right now, yes, and time will tell on this one..
Does life demand a whole lot?  YES!
So, I will be the one in the wings checking, gauging, and picking up the slack.
When I was composing this post in my head it occurred to me that this is what my Mama has always done too!
When I was tired, sad, frustrated, got my feelings hurt--she has always been there...
checking, gauging, and picking up the slack..
No room for Tiger moms here, folks!
Moms are the cushions! :)
(just don't ask about Mama bear, however, she does come out if necessary!)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Try it!

This stuff is WONDERFUL!
L'Oreal's new sunscreen face lotion.
It has the perfect feel, just a bit of color --but sheer color!
Finally a sunscreen for my face that does not feel as thick as mud!
When you put it on, you do not feel like it is gonna make you break out.

If you go to Walgr33ns right now, they have coupons on the counter...and this 
wonderful lotion is only like 8.75!
What a bargain for such great lotion! :)