Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Forget Statements!

Honey!  You are making a SPEECH!
Well, I had all these funny pictures of {statement} jewelry on here saved--but the page will not load properly, so my Load a picture button is not here--
I am tired of this trend too.
Is this making me sound old?
I mean first I officially diss skinny jeans, and now I am picking on those among us to love to make statements
with their accessories.
I think there is a such a thing as either--too big a {statement} and the {wrong} statement--and then there is
too many statements--I mean the statement ring, along with the necklace that looks like you robbed Cleopatra's tomb, and then the earrings too--ummmm....
Who came up with this stuff???
I have been wearing the same necklace since I was 16 just about every day.
Have I been picked on?--well, maybe a couple times...
But, but, but, but--at least it sort of blends... you know? 
And yes, yes, yes, sometimes I do pick another one to wear--and I even have a couple {statement}
pieces myself...but no matter what...they do not exit the jewelry box in teams..you know?
I mean if you have on a gigantic necklace--it's okay for a finger to be nekkid!! for real...it is
If you are wearing a stunning ring---then just leave your neck plain--or wear something plain...
I have a friend who loves to remind me that Coco Chanel said (I think that's who said it) that before one leaves the house, one ought to look in the mirror and simply remove one accessory.  Yep...just that simple!

Ummm... Grant giver...are you reading??? :)

Just an amateur..

I have just cancelled my adsense acct.  I was just too busy to even think about what was going on with that thing...(which was not much).
Then they sent out a mailer, and I thought--oh, buddy, this is getting cancelled tonight.
We are all too busy to think about a measly -.04% earnings--that's right--according to whatever business model (and I do not know any) my advertising was an abysmal failure...
and guess what...
I don't care! :)
back to the simple ole--say whatever, and don't even maintain hope of earning an easy dime (does that even really happen???)
P.S.--My sister and I hold out hope that some wealthy benefactor (hello Oprah) will come along some day with our lifestyle grant money ready--we are really smart girls you know, we could write up a great proposal!  It would have you laughing and in stitches one minute and crying like a bad day of PMS the next...
Oh, benefactor, where for art thou!!??

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whew!! {y'all}

Even typing that, and saying it in my mind makes me think of Paula Deen! ha!
That is how I feel.
Just--whew...as in all my air is fizzling out and all I can think of is exhaustion--and a compulsion to eat sweets! (???)--that is b/c I am so out of energy I think.
The latter part is being controlled (partly) by drinking tea...
Calm me down tea, and make me skinny tea (we can all hope, right?)
So this school year will be a year of changes for me.
I have been moved across the river to a different school, b/c of money etc. all of the speech pathologists who are county paid have to be evenly distributed around the county.  It was all done fairly etc., but I must say this has thrown me for a loop!--I did not want to move out of the school where my children go--and will go, in Eva's case.
But you know what?--WHATEVER!  I am quickly getting over this.
Logistically this has thrown me somewhat of a monkey wrench--but that is what friends and grandmas and grandaddys are for--right?? to help solve these logistical nightmares, and one of my friends reminded me of this when I was sharing with her how upset I have been.
V-man and Elena are now safely arranged into carpools with said friend--Andy will retrieve everyone in the afternoon.
It's gonna be different--but it's not gonna be bad. :)
It will be great!
So, back to how tired I am.
The first week of school kicks the butt.
I have been so used to going to bed later and moseying out of the bed and wandering around the house...that having to get up and rush at heart attack pace--not good.
By three oclock I am absolutely exhausted--not quite sure why--?? but I am and I come home and lay on the couch and just LAY THERE.--the whole Dr. Oz I watch with one eye half open.  Then I get up and I do not cook supper--I say things like--
"Well I think Cocoa Crispies are a great choice--they say they have lots of Vitamin D in them."
or--"I am not sure what you will eat--we have no coffee."--I realize that makes no sense--I told you I was tired.
The audience here is my children who are at Nana camp this week.  That Nana--she has the energy of a kid, I think--On Monday they went to the Library, the Pizza Inn, swimming twice, walking the dogs, they played play-doh, and she bathed them all and when I went to pick the children up--they were walking the dogs again....
How does she do this???
However she does it, it makes me feel great that I do not have to feel guilty--she has done all of the upkeep while I have been at school all day.  I just snuggle them and hug them and read to them, and we watch some TV and off to bed they go...
Now, if only I had some candy..and some Pepsi, ..and hmm...some white powdered donuts...yeah...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's a party!

And you are all invited- as long as you are a cicada and you need to shed your skin, that is.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Two things I am sure of

1.  Murphey's oil soap is my favorite scent in the world!! I use it to clean my hardwood floors about three times a year (that is all you are supposed to do it or they will ruin) and, well, I LOVE IT...!!

2.  Skinny jeans are the worst fashion trend EVER!! They really only look good on stick figure ladies--and how many of those do we even see around any more??  I mean I hardly ever see stick figure ladies ...
If you have the apple body then they sag on your butt
If you have the pear body--well that is a disaster...can we say sausage casings??
All together now. Sausage. Casings.
Another problem--they do not feel good when you wear them...
Just putting on a pair makes me sweat and they get mid-way up my calves and I just have to
abort the mission of encasing myself...
Forget fashion.
When men wear them--that is just so dumb-looking... I am sorry--but it sucks!!
Has anyone seen the commercial where the dad comes out of the dressing room in a pair of skinny jeans
and asks how they look?
Skinny Jeans need to go the way of the Do Do bird--they need to go away and never be revisited.
Oh, and another problem with this trend....they sag in the crotch???
eww...How does that look good...--that looks like a baby with a filled up diaper to me
or the other option in camel toe..and that is just plain inappropriate.

All about Closets

So when the scrambling starts and my type A personality gets the best of me, order takes the day. One closet down (Victor's), with two to go- actually I have worked in mine all I am going to, but the one in the hall-- that thing is a death trap! I don't even know what is up there! On a bad day-- the kind where you have two B-day parties to go to and PMS -- it can be {terrible}.
So I will continue on my quest to closet perfection. . . Wish me luck! am working under a time constraint here. :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If I get...

any lazier, and used to hanging out all day...Well, I just don't know!!
It is rainy here today and we are all just meandering around the house.
So. Nice.
Also, being lazy gives me anxiety--like--I know there are things I {should be doing}
BUT every summer at this time I just {freeze up}.
I begin to read books continuously and just sit around and stare and watch lots of TV etc.
It is b/c the curtain is being drawn on my summer vacation and I think, in some ways, I am
trying to just be as {lazy as possible} before I have to get cranked up into high gear again.
So this week I am going to:
Organize two closets, go to my old school and get my stuff out, and
well, I probably will not do any of that! :) ha!
We just got back from the beach where we enjoyed every second of a vacation.
V-man's highlight was being allowed to ride the go cart by himself (pictures to come soon).
He got to drive it!!
Eva's highlight was ...who knows??
Elena's...she says she does not know.
Everyone enjoyed swimming in the calm, warm ocean.
I enjoyed watching the olympics and cheering for Michael Phelps.
I will post pictures of the adventures soon.