Monday, October 29, 2012

Jarabe de Palo 2012

Here are some pictures from the festival we went to, when we saw Jarabe de Palo on stage and

The last one was taken during the show.
The first one was taken after the show when we are at the bar in the hotel and the
band members came in.
This was a very special night for me, as it was LITERALLY a dream come true to
get to see this band play.
My cousin's friend took all these pictures--as I did not have a camera with me!!
(can you even believe that??)  To be honest I did not want to be burdened with the
feeling that I should be taking pictures, so I did not bring equipment.  THIS WAS VERY DUMB!
There is another picture--no video--that was taken just after I chased the lead singer
down.  It, unfortunately, is trapped in videolandia...and will not be untrapped.
It is on facebook. :)
These pictures were emailed to me, and I have just made a collage of them, which will hang
in my house, where I can see them every day and remember that dreams do come true!
Now, notice that I put 2012 in the title, which does imply that we might see this band
again one day. ;).
Ojala que si!

Friday, October 19, 2012

fond farewells

Yesterday I was blasted with two things that are about to change in my life, which are staples for me,
and which I will miss terribly!
1.  The Stop N Shop near our cottage at the beach has been bought by new owners.  This is momentous, as the same people have run it/owned it since I was a little girl, and we considered it to be a rite of passage to get to be able to ride your bike there and get some candy.  Then, I worked there one time.  I just love that store.  You would have to go there to has a full deli in it, reef sandals, cool watches...a complete tackle/bait shop, kegs, gas....just a great place!
2.  Newsweek is discontinuing its print version!! Unbelievable!!--Newsweek is a staple for me.  I love Newsweek, and I have since I was in middle school.  So, not having a Newsweek to hold every Wednesday is going to be a sad occurence...

Wahhh Wahhh!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

El concierto

Bueno, bloggy buddies,

This past weekend Andy and I went to Charlotte with my cousin, Lib, and her friend Grace.
We stayed at a Hilton that was in the parking lot of a large MALL!!
I am not even embarrassed to admit that I LOVE MALLS!
And it is very true for me that I never even get the chance to go to Malls.
So, this was very exciting.
The most exciting part, however, was going to hear one of my
favorite bands in concert--also right on the grounds of the hotel!!
And, better still, --we got to meet the band--all of its members!!
They were staying in the hotel too, and when the show was over,
they walked right into the bar where all of our party was sitting,
having another drink!!
This weekend was a very exciting one.
The only photographic evidence that exists, however is
in my cousin, Lib's facebook acct.
She has not {shared} it with me yet, so this means I will
have to get her to. 
AND the evidence is in video form!! My cousin was a bit tipsy,and
the phone was on video, not camera mode.
Whatever--I did not even have a camera on me--so obviously I was not too
worried about all that.
I will say, though, that this trip was so worth all of my effort to get us there, and
even without meeting the band--
the music was so great!!  The music was wonderful, and the crowd was
the perfect size for me.
We fun people all around us, and it ended at 8:00--PERFECT! Hello!
I have to go to bed by 10:00 anyway--so there!
It was as if the whole night were designed to meet my needs!
Oh, and I got a bit of shopping in too.
Here is a picture of the pair of boots I want from Nordstrom.
They cost 377.00--{Giver of lifestyle grants--are you reading yet???} the guy in Nordstrom brought out these and several other pairs--in size 10.5!!
Yes.  In Nordstrom they have big feet shoes..It is amazing!! That is why I go there to try on shoes.
BUT.  These were just too pricey.... BUT-they were perfect!!!
Okay--now I have to snap back to reality...I HAVE TO WORK TODAY!!
Before that, I have to work out.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


So we had playdates today after the Pumpkin Festival at school--and then the
playdates turned into STN (spend the night).
The oldest two had their friends stay--until the A.M.
"I really, really do not mind," I said to both of their mothers.
Honestly, I do not.
Children start playing, and they just get so into
whatever they are doing that you hate to break it up...
So I took all five kiddies to Taco Bell, and then
we went to Walgr33n's where they played with Halloween stuff and
When we got home they played in the play house.
Then they watched "Arthur's Spooky Tales" in the playhouse while
I did a constant round of snack delivering.
Turns out Arthur is just a little too spooky for five year old
little boys!! ha!
Isn't that a hoot?--I am talking about PBS Arthur!
These are the same two that were just trying on Scream masks!!
Then when it was time to go to bed I had to find things around my
house that mimick the lovies they snuggle at home.
Elena's friend has what she calls her, "thilky"--or silky--
So I got her nice clean pillow case that feels somewhat thilky.
B-man (V-man's friend) requested some kind of blanket..not too big
"you know, the right size..."--so I found him a baby doll quilt.
I told them to snuggle up, suck their thumbs and go to bed!! :)
Love it!

Maturity and Washcloths

What do these two have to do with eachother, you might ask?
Well, this is a comparison that I constantly make in my mind.
Every time I consciously feel myself thinking in a more grown up way
or really letting go of some idea that would have never happen,
or really understanding things about myself in a more peaceful light.
The explanation is this:
Contrary to what I always thought, that we become adults in a flash
of a moment--or like a switch coming on...I think we become adults/mature
like the squeezing of a washcloth.
Childhood is wrung out of us.
Here are some ways that I have discovered this over the
past several years:
Partying:  It has taken a long time, but slowly, and with
chonological aging, I have come to realize that I actually do
INTOXICATE myself if I have more than a couple drinks...
AND that most of the time I would rather not have any at all.
This has happened slowly and gracefully...
Here is another:
Every season change--or every other {spring and fall} I go attic
shopping!  {yippie}--sigh... said the old me!  An immature part of me used
to mourn this a bit...that all of my clothes are last year's with a sprinkle of
new stuff in there.
But this year--I GOT EXCITED!  I really, honestly do not care that
I get my clothes out of the attic and wear them all over again--all the time.
I have a friend who gives me her stuff too.  This helps, b/c I like most of
it, and she is my same size--so that stuff really is new!
I do not care that my work blouses have been worn for three winters..
This, too, has taken a while...Like wringing out the self-centeredness that makes
me think, it is {pitiful} to not have new stuff all the time.
Not pitiful at all actually!  It is actually called {trying} to live within my means, and
CHILDREN GROW, so they have to have new things...I do not.
These changes in the way I think about things are noticeable to me.
I actually think about them.

Interestingly enough--I am usually in the shower wringing out the washcloth when this
post writes itself to me! :)
So, today I was cleaning the bathroom and I thought this can go even further
when you think about wrinkles...and youthfulness being full and radiant...and we
age and ..well, you go write some more yourself if you like! :)

I am off to attic shop.  Gotta put the Spring inventory away for next year.