Saturday, November 29, 2008

Off to the Cine

Today I took Elena and Tristen to see M@dagasc@r II.
My favorite part of the movie was when the animals broke the damn and the water came rushing over--it looked cool.
The rest of the experience, was -- not cool?
Some kid behind me was kicking the seats--or maybe it was his dad?--I just took it, did not say a word.
Tristen wriggled the ENTIRE time.
I had to remind myself that we did not go to the movie for my enjoyment. Children like to wriggle when they watch movies.
Watching the movie--it was easy to remind myself--M@dagasc@r II was crap.
I'll take Shrek any day--perpetually.

Now, for cine I enjoy--last night I watched Viridiana--a Mexican film (actually Spanish) directed by Bunyuel. (I had to put a 'y' in there b/c I cannot put a squiggly over the /n/.)
After I watched the movie there was an interview with the lead actress. Silvia Pinal.
Very cool to watch. She is old now. She was remembering this director and all of the contorversy surrounding this movie--Franco ordered it to be destroyed--so she took it away to Mexico. People had to sneak to watch it, etc.
It was nice to not have anyone commenting, no one kicking my seat etc. ;).
I just sat on the couch and put myself in a Spanish trance.

So for my recommendations:
Shrek --si

Friday, November 28, 2008

off to the mall..

the internet mall, that is! :)

Today I managed to find Andy three of his favorite shirts. He has been wearing the long underwear shirts of his for about four years now--they have holes in them and they look disgusting.
So I looked at the tag and found them online! YAY!
Then, I was off on a quest to get Andy the thing Elena wanted to get him. I will not write what it is, then he will know. This thing that she desired for her daddy is going to be so funny for him to open! HA!
Found it! Check.

All from my house, while lounging. Now, I love the mall, too. But I must say, for exact thing kind of shopping like I did today, the internet was perfect! :)

Morgan, how was your shopping today? Did you brave the malls etc. like you usually do with your mama?

...I am off to eat chocolate cake now...and read newsw^^k.

Flashback Friday

This is going wayyyyy back.
This picture was taken in 1955, I think. My mama was eight.
The funny thing about this picture is the story she tells to go with it.

She points out all the stuff in the picture and tells about it.
Her family lived in a house with no running water.
So, on the mantle is her Daddy's shaving mirror.
There is a radio in the background that had a cracked face. She, of course tells all the radio shows she liked. Lone Ranger and others.
She also tells about how it snowed into the walls, and they basically all slept in one room.
Oh, and the outfit she had on (It was summer in the picture obviously) was made out of a feed sack. I guess this would be a bag that animal feed came in.

I love to hear her tell about these pictures, and so I decided to write about this one.

I am also putting a picture of the house up here. Who knows where it will put itself.

Now, if you break out your magnifying glass you can see the pictures! Why are they so little?
I will work on that later.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

AKA in my raising the day to celebrate the erasure of an entire culture
by the AMERKINS. :)
Yes, my mama reminded me of this EVERY Thanksgiving.

Disclaimer--I just ripped this off from Maryellen's blog--thanks Maryellen! :).

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Catch up

These pics are of the babes drinking hot chocolate. It snowed here on Tuesday too. So that was two days of snow this week. None of it stuck, but is was pretty. When it snows here all the teachers let the kids just run around outside and squeel and scream (b/c it doesn't snow much)
That entertained them for about 30 minutes on Tuesday night. :)
Wednesday night I had to make two casseroles and some haystacks when I got home from work--thus no wordless wed. post.
Thursday night all of the staff at my school had to go back to school at 5:00 to host a parent night. :).
It was actually not bad to me. I was the greeter at the door. That is fun to me.
Helping people fill out papers--not so fun. I will remember this for future school events. ;).
Last night I was sick. strep Throat? don't know. But this morning I went to urgent care and got my antibiotics--which I wont' take right away. The quick strep test came back negative--but the doc. said I might still have step throat.

Now I am just going to take it easy and rest the rest of the day. Elena and I are having some EArl Grey tea. I cracks me up that she likes it. :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally Friday!

I am going to post some pictures tonight.
I am just at school, and I want to be at home.

IT IS SNOWING OUTSIDE! Everything looks like a snowglobe. Beautiful. We had to come to work anyway, b/c the buses had already run, and b/c the snow is not sticking or anything.
So, here I am.

I have the following that I did not post this week, so I might do a make-up session tonight..
Wordless Wed. Pictures.
Thankful Thursday comments and my UB commentary
So, never fear I did not disappear. ;).

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today was busy as he!!

Get up at 6:25--shower
pick out clothes for kids

work, work work, work, work.
meet after work...3:30-5:00--with the principal.

Andy to class--feed kids/bathe them/books/bottle/bed--alone (mission completed 7:15)
Complete special education phone call reminders to parents and paperwork until 8:00.

Mandatory stop time--8:00.
Reason: Ugly Betty comes on!

Everyone in my house knows this.
Andy and I watch it together.

My commentary for this week:
wasn't the part where the camera went out from her mouth and the screen went black except from her mouth cool?
i don't want to think it, but is there a ross and rachel situation going on with daniel and betty?
part of me would like for this to happen--i get sick of the whole stick figure died blonde hair thing...yuck.
does daniel think he can't go for an "ugly" girl.
right now he is into the other guy's girl (the stick figure blond)
meanwhile he seems really --in his heart and mind --interested in the ugly one.
maybe it is cool to watch betty and her boy escapades--with the deli boy etc.

That show is just good to me..
Ay que escape from a 13 hour day of doing stuff for everyone else, and really, nothing for me. :). (except earning a paycheck, one might argue)

Lucky to have an escape as well, I realize. Some women (many actually) might get a nightly beating and have to put up with drunk people or screaming children all night.
Yes. I am a realist.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

this n that

We have had a fun day off today!
whew...we needed it!

Here are a bunch of pictures, with explanations to follow below. Putting a picture, and then the comment directly beneath, is an effort that I do not feel like making right now.


Two of the pictures are from Halloween. Our friend Laura Beth had a party with super decorations!
The other one is of my kiddies in front of her house.
The others are from today.
We played on the computer. We made a chocolate cake.
Elena and I went out to get a gift for a new baby. We went to the Hallmark shop. It is fun to go there to me b/c there is a lot of stuff to look at, that you mostly would never buy...but who does not love a glittery snow globe that plays music and lights up? I mean...that is magic to a kid. ;). So we looked at all the stuff there for an hour. Then we bought one of the things that you mostly would not buy...a gingerbread house that lights up and plays the nutcracker suite, and then, b/c three year-olds do not understand the calender (like mall management and w@lm@r! powers-that-be) we went straight home an set the gingerbread house in the dining room! With the pumpkins-who would feel slighted for sure if they were removed before it is even thanksgiving. yay!!! Fun!

Now, we are going to deliver this chocolate cake to people so that I will not eat it.
Andy does not really eat cake. Elena and Victor...not really either (just the icing). So, I make one and take it to people. My daddy--who is a fellow cake eater. Andy's grandma--who is just so sweet that she would never say she did not want the cake. ;). She is teeny--so I know she does not eat much of anything these days.
okay...I am off to cut up cake.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Soapbox Saturday

Yesterday I was listening to NPR and the news clip said that B*lly Gr@h@m has decided that he will discontinue his role as the spiritual advisor to the president. His son Fr@nklin said that our president-to-be concerned them b/c of his views on gay rights and abortion. hmm hmm.

Could it be that Saint Billy is a racist? If I recall correctly we have not had any president who was staunchly opposed to abortion rights. Not one. Well, maybe Jimmy Carter? (I was not alive then, mind you.)
Also, was he not the person who consoled B!ll Cl!nton when he was caught in the unfortunate MOnica situation?
I have even been reminded that he was there even when FDR was in debacle over a mistress.
Barack and Michelle seem to have a good thing going in that dept.

Gay rights and abortion issues...well, come on.. doesn't Jesus love gay people too? Are we supposed to judge other people here on earth? Isn't abortion an issue for an individual? I mean if one is opposed to abortion, one should not have one, correct?

So...... this leaves....blackness..that's all this white girl can come up with!
GREAT! Newsflash...Jesus was at least brown...vamos.

Here is some good ole scripture--Jesus' words actually, written by Matthew.

"For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you salute only your brethren, what more are you doing than the others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? You, therefore, must be perfect,.."

In other words, It is easy to love people who are the same as you, and have your same opinions, and wish them well, and pray for them. How about try to put yourself in someone else's shoes, and have compassion for people in different situations.

Now, Fr@nklin...he is (i fake spit here) riding the coat tails.. at best.

Maybe B!lly is just old, and tired, and he should have said that.
Maybe Fr@nklin should read the Bible. ;).

Good riddance, ya!

This is where I take my soapbox, put it away, and go watch a movie!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Flashback Friday

Yesterday, in an attempt to recover from this sinus dilemna I am in, I took a sick day. This sick day afforded me the opportunity to look in my old foto albums for pictures of my Luna!

Here is the ACTUAL AD (hee hee) from when we bought her.
And a picture of when she was really new. Ay que sweet little puppy head! sigh...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

*Isn't it interesting that old mens' ears are so big.

*Ugly Betty was good again tonight!

*Still missing Luna, I sort of wish that I could have had her stuffed...That might seem wierd but Roy Rodgers did it to Trigger, and I can see why. It really pains me to think of my little, sweet dog out rotting in the ground. :(.

*Friends should mirror a spice rack. I have been noticing, over the past week, that mine are. I have my horseradish friend --she can always manage to clear my sinuses..hmm hmm.
I have my salt, a necessity in any recipe.
The sea salt, extra special staple.
The cinnamon, an essential for any sweet recipe.
And every now and then, you need a Bay leaf.
Thanks friends! Thanks for all your sweet thoughts!

good night

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

One of my best days

In the fall of 2001 i was on my way to my internship at a school in knightdale when my tire went flat. andy came to rescue me, and instead of going to the school, i just went back home to our apartment at dominion r@msgate.
we talked all day about getting the dog we had just picked out. we had been to see her, he had picked the puppy he liked. she had a half brown face and a half white face. that evening we went out to eat at el rodeo, and then we went to apex to get our puppy. my puppy. the one i had begged for. --morgan you probably remember this.
we picked her up, there was about to be a bad thunderstorm and she was terrified. i held her little, four pound, sweet self in my lap and loved her instantly!
that night we had all sorts of plans that she would sleep in her plastic kennel. she cried for about five minutes, and we put her in the bed with us--where she continued to sleep every night until i was big and pregnant with elena and she decided she needed more wriggle room. :).
luna was our girl. she loved to fetch sticks in the river, go on hikes, chase anyone who was kicking a ball and try to attack the ball.

today, luna got run over in the road in front of our house, and she was killed pretty much instantly. she is buried, curled up, just like she slept, in a box close to the woods by the swingset.

today has been one of my saddest days.