Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, we had the best Thanksgiving ever!
When I was little my Daddy had to work a lot on Thanksgiving. He was a state Trooper and he had to work on holidays.
One tradition I think we had for a while was going to my mama's friend's house, Ms. Dorothy, and Mr. Bubba's --but then they got divorced (or maybe they came to my house?)
Andy's family--well, apparently his dad was on call a lot.
His mama said one day she had all the stuff ready and his dad had to leave to go to the hosp. b/c he was on call.

Well, I have decided that I like to cook stuff and that I will just have the meal at my house each year. Whoever wants to can just show up.
This year it was my Daddy, Andy's parents and our children.
We used all the fun stuff.
The china.
My leaf napkin rings that i got one saturday with my mama when I was probably in High school ;).
I love them.
We have had some wine and beers. ;).
We have made a leaf fort and eaten THE BEST TURKEY EVER!
fUN fUN.
I must say, that I am very thankful for my family. I love my parents and Andy's parents and our children more that any words can express.
I miss our siblings...wish they could come over..(they are with the outlaws this t-giivng).
We watched the parade and the dog show.
Tonight we are just going to eat leftovers and chill out.

Happy thanksgiving all you bloggers out there..
and for my official sentiment on this national holiday and its lore...check out maryellen's blog--last year i stole it ..this year i am too lazy. :).

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Elena with Eva at supper. Eva gets her "dinosaur eggs" which is what Victor calls her rice cereal...cute b/c it must look enough like his oatmeal.

Good homemade potato chips that Andy makes every now and then, think...ham's on franklin st.

And...hmmm..oh, Elena with her new outfit on. :). She was definitely feeling full of herself with this new shirt and skirt on...she thinks i bought it to be an outfit together...sooo..this leaves me with some figuring to do.
How do the orange skirt and the red, blue an white shirt go together..hmmm..
oh! i tights..there (no need to burst a bubble, right?)

We have had a very good thursday night, which is the kind I love. Thursday is my favorite day, after all.
A bit of "idon't care juice, some music, and some fried potatoes..followed by survivor (which we think has been carefully manipulated to gain and keep our interest).
No complaints here! :)
have a good weekend...mine has already started...

Monday, November 16, 2009


here is another one I said was coming...
The news today has prompted this soapbox rant.
Another prompt--the constant emails i get to announce where all the sex offenders live.
When I get this email I feel like i am I have to be on the lookout -AND MAKE NO MISTAKE I DO AND SO DO YOU--for perverts who are NOT ABLE TO BE REHABILITATED. This has been proven time and time again.
That is why this list is compiled by the sheriff's that we can be ON THE LOOKOUT.
I can think of a much better place for these people to be

and those who molest children???
Well, they should just be knocked in the head--HARD--and left to suffer til they die.
There is no rehabilitating these people, and they leave in their sickening perverted wake, innocent children who have to live their lives suffering from some terrible wrong that was committed against them.
I am serious...they should be knocked in the head.
including the newest couple of winners who have killed this child in sanford...
knocked in the head...
I just watched the surveillance video of this beast carrying this child out of a motel--
it just makes me sick...


now I am getting off my soapbox--but i am not putting it too far away--b/c I was reading back through my blog last night and some of my favorite posts are my soapbox ones. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

First fruits and whistle juice

Eva is four months old today!
Four months old means it's time to feed the baby some cereal! :)
So, I mixed it up.
Organic rice flakes, breast milk, and some prunes (we don't want any clogs in the plumbing.)
Elena was so excited to help me feed Eva!
Eva was excited to eat.
She ate a bunch.

Elena wants to be able to whistle really bad. When I was little I was usually the youngest of any given crowd, and also the last to be able to do ANYTHING. I remembered that when I wanted to be able to whistle my mama told me that if you want to whistle all you have to do is drink some grape kool aid and practice. I believed her, and ..... IT WORKED! So, Elena has been trying to whistle lately and I told her the grape kool aid trick. Today when I went to the store I bought her some grape kool-aid and she has been working on it. I think I heard a couple baby whistles come out. ;).
Here she is hamming it up for the camera!--all the props at once--the mirror AND the kool-aid. ;).

Saturday, November 14, 2009

drumroll please...

and the baby looks like award goes to:

Check out this picture of Andy as a baby--IF--I can get it to load well:

She "doesn't look like anyone but herself" is what sissy said the other day.
Then, my mama said, "I know that somewhere I have a picture of Andy as a baby, and she looks like that picture to me"
She found the picture. And was she ever right.
Now, I need to find a picture of Eva to put up here to make this thing really right:
Hold on...
I am at my mama's computer:

Now I grabbed this picture based on one of those thumbnail views...I am assuming that this is my baby...
Let's just see how this turns out.
I hope it is good...i have been craving this for a while. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


El mal de ojo:
The evil eye...
This concept has been explained to me by several different people over the years in different ways...and I have never been able to understand it.
I went to see my babysitter's baby the other day and she had her ears pierced and her little protective bracelet on to protect her, of course, from "el mal de ojo"
When Camelia told me that was what the bracelet was for she said it to me like "of course--you know you have to protect the baby from the evil eye" I just said, "oh yeah"
I have given up asking for explanations--i think it is an idea that is so foreign to me that I will never understand it.
I just googled it.
I read the w!ki definitions from cultures around the world.
Many of the things written there have been explained to me by
Jewish people
muslim people
Mexican people
PRican People
i still dont' get it.
This is interesting how to some people this idea is so "oh yeah--don't stare at the baby --you might give it an evil eye (or THE evil eye?)"
I think: Oh no, I would never look at the baby mean--
But you see this evil eye is sort of like a soul herpes or don't mean to do it, and you cannot avoid it...if you have the evil eye--i would affect the baby--no matter what your intentions were.
So Camelia's baby had her little red macrame bracelet around her teensy wrist to protect her, how cute. :)

...But I still don't get it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

posts to follow

You know,
As I pass through the day I think of posts that I would like to write.
Sometimes, I get around to them...some of the ones i hope to get to soon...
**Who the baby Eva looks like --yes! My mama discovered it, and it is amazing--the resemblance --you know, sometimes, hay que take out old fotos to discover this.
**soap box post--what to do witht these pesky s3x offenders among us (I get an email at work listing these dispcicable characters about once a month).--it aint perty.
**more shopping commentary--and l dubs remarks--yes, bethany, more.
**a sweet post about elena and eating grapes (which might be reserved for my journal to her)..not sure.

These things are coming--but they will take time...
and chutzpah, and time y ganas...

Friday, November 6, 2009

In praise of mom jeans....

You know the ones.

I am not sure who in the world (about 10 years ago) decided that all women should have to choose from a stock of jeans that are ALL DESIGNED FOR BOYS!!!

Most of the women I know have CURVES I am not making a euphemism for fat either---I am saying we have hips and a waist!!

Well...oh designers of jeans everywhere...the hips are great for HOLDING UP THE PANTS!!

If you make the jeans come up to just above the pubic bone with a one inch long zipper--

Since about graduate school--all the jeans i encounter are designed this way.
So, if you notice, most women walk around all the times hoisting up their jeans.
This is super irritating and we would not have to do it if our damn jeans came up about two or three more inches and our hips could hold them up!!! ahhh!!

Right now I am wearing size 12 hand me down levis from a friend. They were free.
BUT my whole muffin top will pop out and the jeans will fall off--unless I wear a belt to hold them up and i have to cinch the belt to a point where all my fat is squeezed and i look like a sausage --BUT
I would rather cinch my fat than subject all of those around me to looking at my butt crack each time I have to bend over or stoop down.

As soon as I am back to my right size---I am going to find some
You know the ones...the ones that come up to almost the waist--that take advantage of the curve below the waist to hold them up!!!
I think I spied some at Land's End or something...

You know--when that baby got run over by the train the other day???
You know what the mom had stopped to do ???

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Does anyone else do this...

Think all day about which hour they want to fall back on?
I always try to pick the thing I love doing and fall back during that hour so it can last twice as long.
Today it is going to be sleeping.
So I am thinking right, it is not 9:07, it is 8:07 and I am already off to bed and to read my book!! yippee! :)

Ay que fun, to have an extra hour! :)