Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some Pictures...

Here are some pictures from our Christmas celebrations, family time, christmas morning. Mr. and Mrs. Claus are in one of them. Andy's mom cooked us a wonderful meal that she cooks every year, she is one picture with Elena looking cute like she always does--both of them (that sentence is very pronouny).
There is one of Elena with her vet outfit on. So cute. She can play with this for hours. All she needs is for you to bring in a hurt animal. Very cool toy.
Victor is checking out his train in one of these. The only glitch with the hand-me-down train is that Collin wants it back!! :0!
We are all tired. Worn out. kaput.
It was fun. Thank God it only happens once per year. :)
Oh, and next year we will have another little Hill baby to enjoy. Andy's sister is pregnant. :)
She is having a boy. On Andy's side there are all boys almost. On my side almost all girls...interesting. :)
Oh! and today is mine and Andy's anniversary. Nine years ago today we got married! :)
It snowed a little bit on our wedding day. It was a fun, sweet day.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


F-book sucks:
There I said it {again}.
last night someone friended me.
then, now i am not their friend anymore!
I must ask myself if i even care.
i have not seen the person for ...hmmm...10 years.
i wanted to be nosey look at her fotos , perhaps envy her for a bit.
mission accomplished.
then she zapped me! HA!

I have zapped a couple too, i guess it all works out in the end in f-book world.

A song...

Let's see if this works...

i love this song.
yesterday my sister and i were shopping downtown and this song came on.
remember: we are in little washington.
must've been on a compilation by putamayo...whatever! i love this song.
so, it inspired in me a desire to get out this c.d. and listen to it while i drive around...hmmmm
where is that c.d.???


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Kisses

I stole this title {and idea} from Bethany! :)
Victor came to me today and climbed up on me while I was {napping} and started giving me the sweetest kisses! :)
He agreed to recreate the moment so that Andy could snap some pictures.
Pictures of rascally two year old boys kissing their mamas are hard to come by!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

What all the fuss was about...

Living Room:

Elena's stash:

Victor's train set:

Eva's presents:

Presents to share:

Pictures of childrens' faces on Christmas morning to follow. Stay tuned.
Oh, and my nerves were calmed when "It's a Wonderful life!" was on TV. :)
Before my children went to sleep we were all in the bed and I told Andy, "bring me the phone, I am going to call Santa" --I called my Daddy and he pretended to be Santa Claus for me. :)--Then he brought over the "rathe cah" that Victor said he wanted--ugh...I (I mean SANTA) had not gotten one yet. :)
Now I am going to leave the doors on the fireplace open a bit, and sprinkle some dirt on the floor--actually I am sure that is already there. :)

Merry Christmas! :)

okay...I'm sayin it!

I am totally over all these imaginary beings that have to sneak into houses to bring stuff.
tooth fairy.
easter bunny.
I'm over it.
I'm not good at it.
One year I had to say that the Easter bunny left the shit out in the yard (i did not cuss) and i had to run out and gather it up...
My niece came recently and I really lamented the fact that i had to go into a sleeping child's room, lift up a pillow, take out a box (where in the h#### is the box!! oh lord don't wake up!!) and leave $5 under the pillow! (yes, inflation has hit the tooth fairy business too--no, my dad's wallet--THERE IS NO TOOTH FAIRY!!)
Now, I am coming down with the stomach virus, trying to shoo my child to bed (he is getting over the virus), trying to make up elaborate stories about fat old men who live in the artic to my four year old, hoping the baby stays asleep.
my parents think I am crazy. My Daddy said, basically, shut up and get over it. (which i will) but not before i finish my gripe!!
Who started all this craziness? I am thinking it is someone who started the plastics business..that guy from "It's a wonderful life!"
Has to be him...
Okay--now I am off to take all the new plastic stuff out of all the plastic bags and cardboard boxes and set it out on the sofa..and hope that none of our children gets up and sees me--wouldn't that just be terrible?

NOw just in case you begin to think that i am worse than the not!
I love Christmas.
Stockings with old time stuff in them (which I do not have at my house btw)
going to church
going to family things

I do not like the fake beings bringing stuff into my house---b/c i am a grown up now and I HAVE TO DO IT!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Activity pictures

We gonna drink it ahahlll...

Picture this:(the title)
Sung to the tune of the good ole classic--na nanny boo boo...

But seriously...Look how big that drink was!!!
It came with a combo from Hardees.
Andy and I were commenting on how big it was, and then our children saw it and just pounced on it! HA

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Posting from School

It is my last day here at work before we have a giant break!
I have already checked out.
What will my children do today?
Well....let's see...we have the
Santa Mr. Potato Head
We have the...
Santa Puzzle...
We have the Clifford Christmas book...
Go for it kids! Have at it...oh and don't forget the play doh and christmas cookie cutters--that is always fun, and i have fresh play doh too. ;).

And, if you have ever been a teacher, or worked at a school you know the joy of having all of these little sweet peas bring you precious presents (I love it!) I love the looks on their faces (very proud of themselves) when they come cruising in your room with something that their tired mama went to the store to buy....soooooo cute! I make a big, big deal out of it..."ohhhhh!!! ____ I just love this kind of (insert whatever here)!!!" and the child just beams with pride. SO SWEET!
Now, if you are the speech therapist getting a present means you are actually extra-special--b/c usually we are not the tops on the list (and I totally understand). But for some children we are so important that they remember us--and we get a little something along with a sweet smile for the holiday at hand (which we probably taught them the word for or how to say it) :).

Merry Christmas. :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

We interupt this happy hour....

To bring you a funny {to me} story about sisters...
I just had some wine with my sister via telephone and now I am completely laughing to myself..
One time when we were little we had a dance recital in which our dance teacher had a special dance for all the sisters she taught...the song was from some old musical..
it went..sisters..sisters..blah blah blah blah blah..sisters...
We had to wear a Le Moulin Rouge (the dance barn) t-shirts and red shorts.
All the other girls wore red shorts also purchased from the dance studio and printed with the same logo etc.
My sister and I wore some red hawaiian print rose's (the store) "jams".
My sister was MORTIFIED at having to wear these reject shorts.
I...well..I just did not care.
I can still hear my mama's comment "I am not going to buy anothah payah (another pair) of red shorts for y'all--you can weah (wear) your red jams (she swore they were the same thing) that you already have! I have already spent {insert astronomical amnt here} for the costumes (sparkly sequined leotards)!"
I just cracks me up to think about that dance...and those shorts...
You might've had to be theah (there). :)--
but i just had two glasses of wine with my sistah (who I love dearly) and I am recalling this...
WE could laugh together if she were heah (here). :) get this song posted here....hold on...

This is sort of true...we always had to share clothes! :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

For the record

Victor's favorite things to talk about right now are:
1. rathe carth (race cars)
2. motorthycleth (motorcycles)
3. going fast
4. his favorite trickth (tricks) These are walking along the bed rails all around the bed to the finish line AND balancing to reach for the crystal star that Andy and I bought at the Christmas market somewhere in AUSTRIA when we were in college (a well-loved, and treasured ornament).
5. and pretending to be the Daddy and guess who is the "honey"...ME (be still my heart) :)

Eva's favorite?
well, just look at this picture...

She has been doing this this week b/c i have been gone three nights --on duty--woman duty (going to social things) ;). I think women disguise some "duties" as "duties" when really we are having fun. ;). Practicing cooking for 108 women. Cooking for 108 women. Hanging out-no "networking" with the girls --no colleagues--from work...'s tough..all these "duties"
Eva has been enjoying these evenings too. I am off to enter my Opra! contest...I REALLY REALLY WANT TO WIN SOMETHING...