Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wishing for:

On a lighter note than my most recent posts--just in case you took that second one seriously...
Here are two things that I am wanting these days:
One of them is the Clarisonic Mia-2 (or heck, one for that matter!) I just think this is so exfoliation machine for your face. ;).
This has been offered at discounts several times and I have {almost} bought one! They are often offered in sets with very appealing face products as part of the package...
I have resisted! {yes! Go me!}
The next thing is a Holly Aiken purse.
These are in a store here in our downtown.
They are so cute to me.
This person is a handbag designer in Raleigh.
Her bags are --well--I am at a lack for words--imagine that! LOL.
They are clean style--in good sizes--and pretty.
How's that?

So, one day I might have one of these, but if not, I think I will make it. LOL.
My reverse a purse is rocking out on six years and it is still looking okay for a summer bag.
My face looks {better} since the dermatologist gave me good no worries about having an exfoliation machine. LOL.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The new show, "Breaking Am1sh" is on that learning channel.
I have watched a couple 1/2 times...and I cannot bear to watch.
This might drive home a point to me...Not all anthropological studies are meant to
be enjoyed by me, specifically.
This show surely appeals to some people.
I am not one of them.
Here is why:
This show {to me} exploits these people and their follies during one of the most tender times in any person's life--from 15 to 25.
This period is called, "The green period" by some.
It is a time of experimentation--trying the boundaries--making an a$$ out of oneself.
You, my dear readers, can fill in more blanks on that one, I am sure.
It is a time when everyone in a family just prays and prays that (sweetie) will come out of the other side alright...

Now, my whole life I have had this very pure and sweet picture of the Amish--I realize
this might be completely untrue--but it is what the Strawberry shortcake part of my brain has chosen to believe.
They seem simple--in that old quaker song kind of way.
They seem pure and calm, and dignified.

Taking teenagers/young adults during their green period and filming them--when they come from the amish culture--eek!--What a train wreck.
My skin crawls watching these young ones cussing and {all the rest that they do}.
--and if you know me, or read my blog, you know that a curse occasionally passes my lips--
Watching these guys use potty mouth, however, is disturbing on another level.

In a moment of bloggy fusion the other night Bethany already heard this post--live! from Whootentown road.

For everyone else who was not there, I said to her, "breaking redneck" "breaking ghetto" "Breaking guido" --breaking whatever else that one could think of that is some sub set of our population is almost acceptable.
I can take it, thus my love of "The Real World" for 20 years. LOL.
BUT--watching these Amish kids go from pitchforking hay and handpumping water for their autos (AKA horses)--to dropping f-bombs every other word...
It's like if you pour hot grease into a cold jar--it just bursts into chards all of a sudden--
and it surprises you, and disturbs you..

Well, in short, I do not recommend it.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Strangled part two

There are ways that the government can not spend so much money.

Treating the public schools like a festering sore--or a boil on the butt of humanity (quoting movies!) is a mistake.
Treating educated, dedicated people as if we are suckers, and dependents is wrong, and it is offensive.

I sure hope we all, as a collective, wisen up when we vote next time!
What a shame.

BTW--I sure would love to see the looks on the private schools peoples' faces when the poor kids show up with their {government vouchers} LOL! What a joke!

How was that for a soap box post? ;)


In the news lately all I hear are reports about public school funding being cut.
Little tid- bits are being reported about legislation that {sneaks} in portions which will lead to things like:
less money for public schools
handing vouchers out to {free lunch} kids so that they can attend private schools of their
creating another DPI that will just govern the charter schools...
Really?  Really?
I get a bit distraught, and I worry a lot.
It is worrisome that public schools are being treated like and viewed as just any other
{entitlement} program.
It is worrisome that after decades and decades of building up public infrastructure and personnel and educating a whole set of the populace to be professional educators--that we are viewed as, and treated as public leaches--or somehow inferior employees.
It scares the hell outta me that the public school system is being strangled by the people we have elected to govern us.

Why would our fore fathers and ancestors invest so much time and money into building buildings for our children to be educated?
Why, over time, has the public mind set and values set shifted so that we have rules and laws about children attending school?
Why would Universities all over the world have entire departments that are devoted to educating future teachers and administrators?
The answer, in my mind, is that public education is a public pursuit.
It is best for everyone to have a population that is, for the most part, educated.
Even when my dad was a little boy many farm people did not send their children to school...and guess what...
No one cared.  No one went looking for the kids who did not show up.
Over time these things have changed.
It took decades.
It took so much money.

So now, we have decided that any ole somebody can start up a school in an old k-mart, not provide transportation, not provide lunch--and operate under whatever charter they think up
This is what happens.
This is called Charter School
Are they all bad?  Who knows?  Are any of them, good--why sure..
But do I think my tax money should go to fund schools that do not have to play by the same set of rules.
You want a private school.
You want to charter a new idea-pay for it with your own money.
I think that is absolutely super!
Special needs kids are often not welcome at charter schools.  Meanwhile the federal law requires public schools to meet all of the educational needs of the special needs population.
What?  Does that make sense to you?
How would you feel as the parent of the special needs kid?

If our new set of government folks are upset over spending here are some ideas:
Require drug testing of all adults who live in households where any member gets a gov't check of any kind.
Only fund with gov't money one child per mother and one per father.  ONE.
You have more, you worry about how they get taken care of.
Money buys people choices, and if you don't have money to pay for children then you should stop having them.
We as a society have taken this kind of decision making out of the game....
Children are abused and neglected under our system.  I see it every day.
ThGrown ups talk about selling food stamps for people?
I hear children talk about "tealing food" from their parents...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Thank you E.B. White!

Elena's teacher has hosted several reading groups during the second half of this year and she was been {so excited} to take part in reading the special books and writing about the different chapters.
This last one has been Charlotte's Web.
I must say that having her read this book has been an emotional journey for me.
{Isn't everything???} LOL.
We used to read that book in third grade, but with the way they RUSH everything these days some kids read it in second grade I suppose.
At some point I posted all about emotions and that movie.
The book, though--such a rite of passage that one is!
It is the first one that I read and I really just LOVED IT!
It was the first chapter book that I remember reading and just being swept away
to the farms and the fair and hanging out with a {spider}.

What a wonderful contribution to sweet things Mr. EB White made back in 1952! I wonder if he had any idea what he was doing as he wrote that story about a little girl and a pig, and a spider.
I just wonder....
I wonder how many little girls with stringy hair and giant grins with giant gangly teeth, who love to giggle and play outside with the water hose and jump on trampolines have spent quiet time enjoying this wonderful story?
The other picture is of Minnie--she has been put back together, {sort of}.
This happens to be one of Eva's most prized possessions, by the way.
It looks very cool this way, however, so I am not sure it will get glued back --ever??

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On holiday confusion

In the Spring and in the Fall we have Turkey season. My dad hunts Turkeys--and he LOVES TO KILL ONE!! They are smart and have to really track them down, and trick them, and call them over to you.
Andy and Victor have gone with him a couple times.
This afternoon--he finally shot one!
So we all went over to check it out.

Then we came home--seven o'clock--and made teacher appreciation bags.
We were writing, "thank you" on a tag for each bag.

Eva let me know that we were doing all this b/c it was Thanksgiving!
You know I was reading her mind, and I thought..hmmm...
Killing Turkeys..
Giving Thanks...

I see where she was coming from.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! LOL

Saturday, May 4, 2013

a Nor easter...

Supposedly it  officially Spring.  We have not, however, had that consistent Spring weather that my mood so desperately seeks!
EEk People!
This post really wants to write itself in italics.  That button just pushes itself.
So, it is just cool and windy here.
Maybe that is Spring...
Here in our little corner of the world, surrounded by water and swamp, when the North East Wind is cold-
Forget Mr. Jet Stream coming in from the west...who cares about that when the wind begins to churn from the North East?
The air is not actually that cool, but add in the wind?
Throw on your jeans and a sweatshirt.
Sandals and shorts are not happenin around here!

Here is what has been happening:
Picking strawberries, the photos of which are only in my memory storage.
Great berries!
Yummy recipes we made today
and more berries waiting...
they tempt us
and Spring is coming.

To Morgan:
I want more Disney updates,
2.  The fence:  I have heard from everyone that it works.
However, we have not set it up yet b/c neither Andy nor I want to do it.
We are really not in the mood and Prissy is still on the mend...I will keep you posted!
(Oh! I made a pun, and it was not intended, but I have noticed it.)
3.  I want to actually talk to you on the phone, or see you one day!
The Spring NCSHLA convention was AWEsome!  Next year you have to come.

Okay world.... have a great Saturday night!
We are having a cozy one here, as it is very cool and breezy out.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Against my better judgement...

I waited and waited to go and buy this wireless dog containment system...
Just late enough for Prissy to suffer one broken foot and us to pay one very large vet bill.
But isn't cast cute? Those are the sort of optimistic comments you get from the future vet second grade daughter,