Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Snuggles

This is my snuggle bug.
There is still a little bit of baby there, but it is fading fast! :(
I try to pretend that she is still a baby--I mean, her hands are still chubby on the tops...
She can also, pour her milk into her cereal (from a small cup),
She can pee the potty,
She can feed herself--and look for snacks,
She can {read} da book--and care for her own {baby}.
She can say ASPARAGUS! for goodness sakes, and help me break it when we cook.
She totally gets it when I tell her that "I cannot hold you right now I have to ___ {fill in this with whatever}"
She weighs close to 30 lbs...

She will always be my baby...
That's the thing with the {baby} I suppose.
She knows it too...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just in case....

You have not read the blog in the sidebar called, "A beer for the shower"
Go read it!!
The one today is soooo funny!!
It is called, "White people problems"
You WILL laugh out loud.

What Victor said...

Sometimes children say things that are so smart!
They are just doing their kiddie noticing...but the things they say, are brilliant.
Here is one that V-man said:
"Mama, the double u (W) should actually be called the double (V) b/c when
you write it it actually looks like two (Vs)."
He is right.
"You know what?," I said to him, "In Spanish it is called a double (V) and not a
double (U)."
That is in Spain they say it that way.
I have heard other people--Spanish speakers here in the U.S.
say "Doble U"--not "doble uve"
His eyes twinkled when I told him that, he got it....
He said we should say it that way in English too, mama.

Now, if only he could understand the dirty socks/clean socks cycle.
Bethany, your post cracked me up!!
V-man squirrels his dirty socks away--so he can save them up so he will have a pair.
ugh...we do laundry every day!!
But then, his socks are no in with the other dirty clothes.
I got so angry over this--and I do mean angry--I began to holler
about it.
I wonder if he will get the point???
I sure hope he does, his stinky feet are SO EMBARRASSING!

I was really gonna post about carving the pumpkin, and the yearly fit my kids throw when we
do this...maybe it's the time of day??
But, I cannot find the pictures.
They have disappeared themselves from the computer. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Please let me outta here {a driving story}

Okay, so having lived elsewhere, and now, mostly just staying right here, I have
noticed the driving differences that occur here in my little
{heaven} that is {home}.
Many people here 1. are here 2. are from here 3. have never left here 4.are never gonna...
so it could be called --hmmm I am word -searching
Well, let's just say that when there is a population of people who all stay in the
same place a whole lot--well, a {culture} starts to form.
Part of this {culture} could be --driving habits.
Here are a couple of them that I think are funny.
Every where else that I have lived when someone is pulling out of a parking spot they
sort of ease it on out there...ease, easy...then the people coming STOP and let the person
out, maybe that is b/c the people coming want that spot...
Maybe the people coming know that the backer outer cannot see a thing
Who knows...
Here when someone is easing--easy easy out of the spot people tend to say
"Look at this person, I reckon he is going to just pull right out in front of me!!"
They don't tend to let out the person backing.
So be careful if you ever have to back out of the parking spot here.
Another funny is this:
When the light is green---people approach it SLOWLY....
Easy there...that light might change up on you at any second...and turn
YELLOW!! ha!
Then when the light is actually giving the warning--ten cars fly through.
This is so freaking crazy to me..
Okay--other places when the light is green the traffic goes, goes, goes...
getting through the light is the mission, no?
Now I do remember something briefly being mentioned in Driver's ed
about approaching the intersection slowly, but--
My mama--she almost STOPS at the intersection.
These two driving
{differences} make driving around here pretty interesting.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Drunk and Strangled...a linguistics story

I could not resist the title of this post.
I know it might generate some {unwelcomed} readers who might g00gle these words
as part of some deranged ideas..bueno, ones that I would find deranged.
BUT these are words that have different meanings to some {older} people.
People who are, say, my dad's age.
For example, when a child spins around and me they might get dizzy.
To my dad, well, you need to be careful spinning that way sweet heart, you might
get drunk, and fall down, and hit your head on the cabinet.
When a child takes a big bite, I might warn that they might choke,and they need
to take a smaller bite.
For my dad, they might just get strangled.
I think this is an interesting change in word meanings.
I love to listen to the way people in different generations use words,
and how words change, it is just what they do.
So, as part of my job, I do a mass screening of all of the kindergarten
students at my school.
As part of the screening they have to complete analogies,
"Don't touch the stove, it is very hot, it's as hot as....."
{a girl?}
{a lady?}
{a dress?}
No sweetheart, I am talking about HOT.
It might burn you.
Tell me something that could burn you if you touch it...

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So {exciting}

First graders are fun!
Elena gets school now.
She is having a blast this year.
When they read books, they earn AR {dollars} to put in their wallets and buy stuff
at the AR store on Fridays.
Say what you want....I know many who would have plenty to say..
It is really motivating to her to be able to buy cute stuff at the AR store.
Kudos to her two wonderful teachers for keeping it fun and {real?}--that is how we work, no?

okay so on to part two of this post...
On Monday she came to me and said, "mama, if we lose a tooth at school we get to
get a cute little box to take our tooth home, so we won't lose it."
She was really enamored of this little box....(boy! genes are strong!)
She so reminds me of me...
So, anyway she has a {really loose tooth}.
On Tuesday the note I put in her lunch box was on two paper towels.
It said, "can you get your tooth out? "
So, on Tues. afternoon, she ran into my room, just BEAMING!!
She lost her tooth, and got that LITTLE BOX.
My heart skipped a beat.
I remember little things like that from my childhood, from first
grade, and wanting little things or trinkets, and the excitement I felt when,
from time to time, I got lucky!!
My mama was JUST AS EXCITED!!
I knew she would be.
Here is a picture of that cute little box...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Friend Chemistry

We all know this exists.
Sometimes we meet people and something just clicks.
That, is when we become friends.
Very interesting to me.
It is interesting to watch my children in their friend-making.
I always love to see who they {click} with.
ughh..I just realized this post was sounding clickish!!
That is not what I am meaning to deliver.
I meant --the special thing, friend chemistry.
There honestly is no rhyme or reason to friend chemistry I think.
Here is V-man's buddy, Rei.
Rei's parents are from Singapore, and so is she.
She was at Preschool with V-man, and is on his soccer team.
They are true buddies!
It is so cute to watch them.
You can tell, by watching them play, that they have
friend chemistry.

Rei and her family are moving to Australia.
She has already had her last day at pre-school.
I guess she might be at soccer tonight???
BUT the other day, on a Saturday, her dad put our address into his GPS, and brought
Rei over for an impromptu play date while her parents packed up their stuff and cleaned
their rental house out.
They had a blast!
It is sort of sad to me that she has to move away.
What an adventure! for her family.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I {heart} ice

So can you see them?
The heart ices in the hamburger helper?
We have a little ice tray--it is made out of rubbery plasticy stuff and it is pink.
The ice shape is a {heart}.
They are tiny and cute, and when my children's food is too hot, well,
I put a heart ice in it.
Last night I even put one in Andy's food, his was too hot too. ;).
Eva will not eat hamburger helper, but she will exclaim, "hey, you
not take my picture, mommy, hey! mommy! you not take my picture!!"
So there she is!  :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Old Pictures

i marked the passage of time
today by cleaning out the closet{s}.
Since the addition of the bathroom, I have been able to unstuff the other closets and re-organize
so that things are not so junky. ;).
I was feeling really emotional as I did my cleaning.
I found two pairs of Cars crocs that have housed V-man's feet for many many days...I guess
that was last year, or the year before.
They, along with a 2 pairs of Garanimals pants, were in the WAY BACK of the TOP of my closet.
For some reason certain clothes really hold memories for me.
So, they go into the {memory clothes} know the pajama pants you wore
at the hospital when you first snuggled your babies...
the little pajamas that V-man wore and I can still see him, squeezed into those soft pajamas
like a little sausage--boy was he a snuggly baby! (those are in the tub too...)
I got all that stuff out of the closet down here, and put it into the attic.
Then, I switched out my clothes--which, once I get started, is actually really fun.
I get excited to take out my (other) season clothes, and wear some different stuff.
It is fun to put away the (other--outgoing) season, and kiss it goodbye.
The other thing I did was:
Clean off Andy's dresser.  This should have been a blog post unto itself, however
I have no {before} picture so you would have to imagine a dresser...
FULL to the BRIM with dust and lots of manstuff...screws..compasses,
cards, cards, mail, mail, screws, golf balls, camping gear, kiddie stuff, change...
nurse stuff...
It was really full.
So I organized it all, sorted through it, and put all the manpapers into the file that says
{andy} . ;)
Then I dusted.  It looks really nice now.
I took Elena to show her, and then I showed her the closet with
her Daddy's stuff looking really neat, and she squeeled she was so delighted.
So the pictures up there are two years old, they are from 2009.  It is hard to believe how
time flies.  That really seems like it was no time ago, at all!
It seems like a blink ago in some ways...
A lot of days squished together into one blink...yep!

Have a great week!
I am really craving a trip outside of the BoCo--so be careful bloggy readers,
I might just show up at one of your houses! :)