Friday, June 21, 2013

Birthday Love (35)

 On this day in 1978 I was born at 2:00 AM!
Thirty five, yep, that is my age as of today.
My gifts... some dinero.
A bike--which I will use at the beach next week to make treks on the middle road with my kids.
(Who am I kidding--I have already been tearing it up in the driveway!). :)
I am also the proud recipient of this fish..see it down there?
It was made from one man's trash...there is a cool store at the beach with a guy who makes cool stuff out of junque.  So fun!  My mama got this for me.   The funniest part of any birthday are the cards, and the cards my Mama and my sister got for me did not end up at my house, I think...???
They were hilarious!
Now I am off to have dessert before dinner at the Mexican Rest.
My Spanish class and I are going to go there to wrap up our time together and order all in Spanish!  We are gong to have Fried Ice Cream only, I think.  Then I will come home to grilled fish. LOL.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Two days in one!

 Today was Andy's birthday and Father's Day all in one!
Andy turned 37!
We are about to go out and celebrate some more!

The last day of school 2013

 Here they are on June 10th in the morning when they first got up, before they got ready to go.
Elena's last day of second grade, and Victor's last day of  Kindergarten.
Blink your eyes, and a school year passes, my bloggy buddies!

Now this post is notable because these pictures came from my new camera.  The camera will upload photos to the web straight from the camera.
My first attempt, however, to get prints resulted in the following:
I had to upload the pictures to facebook and then I had to grab the fotos from facebook over to Walgreen's--so when I went to get the prints, they were awful!
They were so grainy etc.
When I put pictures directly onto the computer (which one can also do wirelessly) and then sent them to Walgreen's they came out way better.
I am still not sure about this camera...
The jury is out, but I am keeping it, b/c in the meantime my old camera got mad at me for leaving it, and decided to stop cooperating!
This morning I discovered that I can put the pictures on Picasa, and then put them onto my blog...nice.
Picasa is the default storage space for my blog fotos anyway--(Did ya'll know this?)  It's all b/c of google etc.
No problem.  Now I will just upload all of my fotos to there.
Now, to figure out if there is a foto service that accesses Picasa...anyone know the answer to that question?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blog 2 Print

I did it!
I published one year's worth of my blog (2008) into a book using this service.
It cost me 55.00, and I am so excited for it to arrive.
It was SO EASY!
I just went to the website and followed the instructions.
If the first one turns out good, I am going to order all of the other years too.
55.00 is a bargain, really!
Plus, instead of just photos, I will have my writings from those years with
all of the emotions wrapped up in the words..and bound
with a black cover!

Several years ago I was going to do this, but back then the process was a little
more involved etc.
They have really streamlined the whole thing, and
my book will be here July 3rd.

I will keep you all posted!

Spaghetti Night

Sometimes a pot of spaghetti can seem like it is bottomless.
We eat it until it is all gone!
This pot has lasted through two suppers, and one serving is left.
After a round of swim practice they can put it away!
You can see (from Eva) that they are adopting my practice of "spaghetti bread"
I love to make spaghetti sandwiches--always have!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Basket o fries

Andy and I went out to eat two times this past weekend.
This is pretty uncommon.
In both restaurants we noted that it would have been so nice if there
would have been an automatic, "Basket o fries"
You see the family come in, you bring the basket.
Neither restaurant had this.
Not even if you wanted it.
There were fries on the menu, but not
an automatic "basket o fries"
Now I will count to three and let you think of why
this "basket o fries"  would be so wonderful....
You got it?
For the kids!!
We each had beer!
Fries are not even that craveworthy to me either, btw.
But for the kids, who are hungry...
bring em out, people.
Don't even ask any questions..
Just serve it up!
Basket o Fries!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Yet another {study} I cannot like...

My relationship with watching T.V. is going down the tube.
This afternoon we were released from school early b/c of the potential wind.
The show "Don't be Tardy" is on.
I really do not recommend spending time with these people.
From what I can tell, the point of the show is to film stupid people, who
really relish in stupidity.
Oh, and it's fine to play dumb (I hope) or to be really dumb (hope not)
b/c dad is an NFL player???
Will not watch again.
I just turned it, actually.
Two commercial breaks were all I could last for that one.
Don't be tardy sucks.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Check it out!!!

I am on Youtube--
My children were my production team this morning.
We went out to the side yard, to the saucer magnolia: AKA the Tulip Tree. :)
They recorded me with the I-Pad, and they held my letter signs for me.

The also critiqued my abilities.
"Oh mama!--you picked your nose after that one!" --So it doesn't matter that
we also recorded your feet at the end...--got erased.
"Oh mama! no worries that I got confused with the pop up from you tube b/c you yawned on that one any way."

So I am up there--providing pronunciation guides for the Spanish and English vowel sounds.
--along with a bazillion other people! :)--Hey language nerd friends, how are ya?
I am going to watch some of their videos too.

My class starts tomorrow night.
Wish on an eyelash for me, friends. :)
This is a bit out of my comfort zone, but here goes...that dive
into the cold {deep end} of the {high dive} of the pool.
Maybe, actually, it is not that far outside of my comfort zone...
maybe the water is just cold. :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hands, Icons, and swimsuits

Lately, as in the past five years or so, I have noticed a preponderance of things that are being done, "by hand."
The reason I know is b/c they are advertised as such.
The OTHER reason I know is b/c --how the hell else would you do it?
One example is the ice cream shop--if the ice cream is not soft serve--then
it is scooped by hand, no?
There is no need to advertise, "hand scooped"
--I mean unless there were a possibility to invest in some kind of robot scooper??--
Which, to my knowledge, there is not.
There are many others...this is the one that drives me nuts!
Can you think of others, have you noticed this?

On to Icons--which exist all around us!  Icons are everywhere--have you noticed?
Every celebrity and everything they wear--is an Icon or Iconic.
The overuse of this word makes me want to vomit, almost as much as most
of the celebrities that are referred to as such.
Please stop overusing that word--e! channel and everyone on it...
AND all the {news} people on the gossip shows...
And even the {real} news people over do this one.

And on to swimsuits.
I am noticing all of these photos that are meant to sell swimsuits, and the suit does
not fit the model.
As in, my breasts are a nice silicone size E cup, and the top of this suit is a size 4.
--ick again!--
Get a 32E--Good luck finding one sister!
and another suit was a tankini and the line that was supposed to go
under the breast was going right through the middle!
???  Did professional photographers and editors take and approve those shots??
If you want to see what I am talking about check out Rue La La.
It is like an online TJM@xx for rich people.
The swim fotos on there are ridiculous! LOL
I tried to grab a picture--but the site would not let me, or something.

(Notice I did put a comma before "and" up there in the title--leaving that comma out is a new trend that drives me bonkers is supposed to be there!!