Sunday, June 27, 2010

la regla

voy a teclar todo este post en spanish porque tengo ganas.
tengo la regla
que conyazo de cosa!
han sido 22 meses desde que tuve una y esta me esta tratando terrible.
es que ser una mujer aveces no es justo.
dar a luz aunque se duele mucho, pues, vale la pena pq se tiene a
la bebe despues...a que bella! que milagro!
darle pecho al bebe...pues es estar encarcelado aveces..pero que bonito es, que
milagro de dios realmente, es..darle pecho al bebe.
tener que sufrir una regla...que punishment! y porque.
porque tengo que ser tan castigada?
porque tengo que sentirme tan enojada, tan deprimida, tan
enferma..sentirme dolores???
la regla es un conyazo de cosa.
es mas, despues de tener a un bebe la regla es aun peor.
se sufre mucho.
asi es la vida de mujer.
no hay que averiguar porque nos ponemos malas.
porque nos comportamos como bruja...
es una cosa del cuerpo.
no me controlo a mi misma..

buenas noches amigas!! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Tomorrow Andy and I are headed to the Triangle. There is a part they ordered for my car that they did not have last time. I am getting that put on.
I am going to get a haircut at my favorite place by my favorite person.
I have finally given up giving people a chance here....i just gave up.
I am going to get kate to cut it, and then I am going to go back to Kate in about
12 weeks when it all looks a shambles again.
I go to Durham for something or another about that often anyway.
It might as well be to get a haircut.
Getting out of Beaufort County every now and then is ESSENTIAL for my
sanity anyway.
yippie!! :)

D, E, F

D--is for in all these summer time fruits and vegetables we have been eating. Blueberries every day, and peaches and plums too. Squash and cucumbers and a supper make around here.
E--is for energy giving naps in the afternoon. Pretty much everyone contact from me b/t 2 and 3...yes. I am napping. (should this have been /n/?)
F--is! That is what summer is all about..for sure.
as for updates about our life this is the last day of swimming lessons for this summer.
we are all waiting around for andy's sister to have her baby. :) so sweet. also so nerve wrecking.
next week i hope to go and visit my cousin, kaye, or to go to the beach cottage for several days.
and i guess that is all. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

10,000 hugs


Last night Andy's brother and his wife and their son came over to eat hamburgers with, we did not "barbeque" we GRILLED OUT. ;).
I am really on a roll with this.
Anyway, after supper we waited and waited--I let my children stay up!! And everyone caught lightning bugs. M.--my Sister in law had never caught lightning bugs in her life!!! helloooo!!!
It was lots of fun. I am always amazed by lightning bugs.
Have y'all heard the song about getting hugs from lightning bugs?
It is cute.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Drama at the gym

I finally went to the gym this morning...have not been since MLK day.
Well, I had finished working out, and I was comtemplating going into this aerobics Kick your A$$ class, and this girl who I work with came in.
I was getting water.
She looked at me and said, "Do you know where you are?"
I wanted to drop kick her!!
You have to know a bit about this person to really understand why this is annoying.
First of all she is a yankee...she is from Pennsylvania.
So she has that yankee face and that yankee accent that can make even simple commentary into annoying ramble--not to mention when she is OFFENDING THE CRAP OUT OF YOU.
Second of all she is 20 something--newly married to a fellow yankee and has no children. So she has NO IDEA what it might be like to gain 50 lbs. and have to get it all off and have to work in gym time around the goings on of a family life.
Third of all--did I mention the tight yankee face and the yankee accent?????
Fourth--she went to one of those little --never heard of it never wanted to Bible colleges in Penn. and she THINKS SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING!!
Well, if you really knew it all you would not be so dumb as to constantly criticize the people/culture you live among, or be so ignorant as to think that b/c we speak with a {very beautiful} accent that we are all dumb--I went to UNC --TWICE!!--YOU

So I could not believe that she would say this.
I am not the queen of comebacks--Morgan--I need to carry a mini you in my pocket!! :)
I said, "well, yes, Jenna, I do come to the gym"--I did have a sarcastic/you just hurt my feelings and I am about to cry tone {at least}.

I have news for this little prissy pot--she has wide hips just like me. She is going to have children one day too...and her ass is gonna be working outside the home just like me--she is a TEACHER and so is her husband. So just get ready --you little sh!t. Your day is coming.
But, b/c I do not go around hurting feelings--if she is still gracing us with her yankee presence then--I will be nice to her.
Hopefully, by then I will have convinced her that she should take that pathway to yankee heaven--hwy 95-- and go back to pennsylvania. I try to do this every time we talk.
I really talk up the moving home bit--maybe it will work out for her and all of the "dumb redneck" people she teaches too.

Have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Andy's birthday

Andy's blackberry cake turned out to be something like a marzipan,....maybe it did not rise properly??? But he liked it. It is pink! :)

The first picture is of all three of my children playing--for real playing--even Eva, under the table--the Clubhouse--with their stuffed animals.

Yes. I am blogging profusely, but that is because I can!

Promised Mountain Pictures

Can you tell, in the picture of me on the rock, that I am going incredibly slow?
I picked the slow side to slide on.:)

officially over {to me}

Here are two things that are officially over:--maybe more..

1. The wide open mouth with the tongue sticking out pose for pictures
2. The gigantic wide grin with all the teeth showing--I did this one a lot in high school, I sure wish my mama would have told me not to--it just looks dumb.
3. The porn star beso look--the the lips puckered.

I am over all of these...esp. if you are --well, no matter who you are..they are so 1996!

Also over: French Manicured fingernails--that are long and fake, and french manicured long toenails...ugh.
AND sunglasses on the head. I do this one from time to time strictly b/c it is useful when you forget to take your sunglasses off and leave them in the car, but some people use the sunglasses as their hair accessory...DUMB LOOKING!

There are several more that I have thought of, I will post these too, b/c I am feeling a bit punchy and ill today.
DISCLAIMER: If any of these looks is one of your favorites... sport it, honey! Don't let my opinion stop you! What do I know? {only what looks dumb to me}.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anyone remember?

The hole in the wall post I posted about Elena two years ago?

Well, this one is about V-man.
He started swimming lessons yesterday.
He was not crying..but then he noticed all the other {big baby} boys crying and he piped up.
The ENTIRE lesson he was being carried around the pool saying, "mammmaaammmaa...."
I was sort of perturbed.
Remember the E. post? She was so brave. She was so proud of herself. Even though she was afraid she was brave. She did not cry. She remembered that I had told her, if you cry your head off, you cannot hear the instructor and you cannot learn if you cannot listen.
Well, V-man--he does not care about any of that logic.
This morning his great idea was -he would stay at grandma's house while we went to swimming! yeah! "I hab a great idea mama, I can thtay at grandma'th houthe"
To be honest, I would have left him there, but she was canning beans.
So to the pool we went. Three kiddies and me. V-man left the house in clothes.
When we got there--the mean mama kicked in and I just started stripping him down. I made him get on his swimsuit and I took him in there and....
He did not cry.
AND he was so proud of himself for being brave.

I am off to rest for 30 minutes..then it's to the river we go!

Yin Yang


For the summer I am going to do a little series, the ABC's of Summer it will be called.
So here goes! :)
A--if for Afternoons. During the school year in the afternoon I am pretty much worn out. I am in for the home stretch of cooking, bathing, reading, and then sleeping. During the summer, the afternoon is just round five of the long day! We have all rested up {or not} and then we head out to the river to swim til supper.
B--is for Blackberries! and probably lots of other stuff, but we have black berries right now, and we are going to make a blackberry cake for Andy for his birthday.
C--is for Cousins. My sister came yesterday--she is a teacher too. So, in the summer our children can see each other {hopefully} a little more. When I was little I would go and stay with my aunts for a week or so each summer--they were teachers too. We would play and play in the lake and just hang out. All of my cousins are so much older than I, so they would be at college or something...or having a wedding or something.
I guess I will do three letters a week--when Z rolls around...
Well, I am not going to think about that today. ;).

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nerd Stuff

Nerd{iness} alert:
If you don't like linguistics/nerdy stuff--just stop here. :)

This afternoon when I got home the babysitter was still here.
Usually when I get home she has already gone home--to get her oldest child off the bus.
Someone comes to my house to relieve her at 2:30 each day.

Well today Camelia and I got to visit for a bit. This is nice. We are friends. We love to talk to eachother and practice English/Spanish etc.
While we were chatting the phone rang, and on the phone was, Yolanda. Yolanda is the mother of a student at school. Yolanda is a {special} mother. She has my home
phone number b/c she is {special} and I knew from the first time we met that she would be needing some special help all along. There is another mother at school who also helps
Yolanda was calling to ask me when would be the last day of school. What time does my son come home from school tom.? After tomorrow he will not go to school anymore?
I answer her questions V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y. Then after answering I have learned to ask it all back to her and get her to answer me back b/c she just says "uh-huh" a lot and when you are with her face to face she smiles and says, "uh-huh".
So endearing. :)
Well, there was Camelia, listening. When I got of the phone she had the "what in the world" look on her face. (I was talking super-slowly so Yolanda {might} get it).
So I explained to Camelia, that Yolanda is a special person who I help and I have not figured out yet if she is really cognitively special or if it is just that Spanish is her SECOND LANGUAGE--her first language is an INDIGENOUS LANGUAGE FROM MEXICO THAT SHE DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A NAME FOR.
So, when I am speaking Gringette spanish to her--she might just not be able to understand it.

So then--it gets better...Camelia starts to tell me all of the indigenous language that pertain to her life.
Camelia's mother spoke one of these languages as a child--there is no name for the one her mother spoke.
Jacinto's father speaks one called, "automati" --that is the gringette spelling of what Camelia pronounced to me.
Then there is another one she said, ____--the word she said I do not even have the sense to write it..I could not put the sounds down..
I said, "oh! there is also Tarasco"-which lots of "mexicans" in Alamance county speak. :)

So, now you see that when people call the Mexicans "Spanish" at my school...
Nope! These are Native American people.
Ojala que tengan muchos bebes y que sigan viniendose pa ca--porque es suya la tierra esta anyhow. :)

Good night!
Tomorrow is my last day of school--but Yolanda knows that she can call me at home

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Weekend

After another successful change of scenery, Andy and I agreed tonight that the best part of going out of town is getting home!
Even the baby shared this sentiment.
When we picked her up from Grandma's and we brought her in, she just wanted to walk around the coffee table. :)

The weekend was a blast --pictures, as always, are coming.
Andy drove the whole time.
I read. :)
We drove across the whole state, and our two oldest children saw the mountains for the first time.
The mountains are absolutely enchanting when one comes from a place that is flat as a pancake.

We went to the wedding and I had my fingers crossed that I might have a run in with a famous person {Steve Martin} --but no..He was not at the wedding.
The groom, Woody, is the singer in the band St33p Canyon Rangers. The band plays with Steve Martin when he is being a musician. I was thinking up a post to entertain Melissa, but no SM afterall...oh well, the old friends and visiting were enough.

Our children were at the wedding with us, which meant we were there until 10:00 and then we bolted. :)
Perfect for me --10:00 is my {bedtime} --and these days, I don't think there is a social event on the planet that trumps bedtime.

Okay..i am off to read my Marie Claire--my chica is on the cover!! T@ylor Swift. ;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More movie plans

Now that I am on a roll with this going to the movie sola thing
here are the next two I want to see:
Letters to Juliet and
Eat, Pray, Love
Can't wait.
It is really sort of like a cheap spa activity.
Just sitting, watching...
I do wish I could tell the movie controllers to please
lower the volume.
It is truly assish to me that they have the movie
so loud!
Okay, I am off to read. ;)

Sometimes I wish...

That I had a camera filming parts of my life like today when I decided to go out
and cut some hydrangeas out of this bush that has volunteered itself among the bush
wilderness in my side yard...
I was all stooped the bushes..way down
face near the pinestraw and sticks...just searching out the prettiest
blooms when.....
A snake! literally popped out of the bushes!
I mean it..all I saw was SNAKE!
Then I hauled tail out of that spot--as fast as my big feet in big sandals could
jump/run/hop/scramble out of the spot I was in..
What color was the snake? snake
How big was the snake? snake
How was the snake's head shaped? snake
Thought in my head as I ran: you might not need to run this hard really...
Simultaneous thought: Run Run Run!!! Faster feet!!

I sure do wish that I could see what I looked like..
I picture something like in a cartoon.
My feet hop running.

Ay! Que funny!!

PS: It is so humid here that my hair has curled up right nice and lotion feels like slime on the legs.
PPS: I finished reading The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver --man oh man, can that woman ever write a book! It was unbelievably good and entertaining.

One more thing..Andy and I are off to the mountains this weekend. :) Yippie!