Thursday, May 28, 2009

gross, and not gross

my opinions will run rampant in the blog entry (surprised?) :)

Not gross--a little two year old boy running naked on an almost private beach at the sound, or my two year old little boy running naked in MY OWN backyard.
recently we were asked if we minded covering up the teeny weeny b/c it might disturb the other children in the yard (who were, by the way, not even paying attn to the teeny weeny)
then this past weekend two of my cousins who have boys about 7-8 or so went on and on about this little boy's teeny weeny at the sound beach (where we take our children to play when we are at the beach) was so dumb.
i said to them, "well he is sure not modest about it, so I guess it just does not matter yet, no?" and when they said, "oh god!! ___ (insert their child's name) is going to DIE when he notices THAT!" I said, "well, they have them too, so I doubt they will be too surprised" I mean is a teeny weeny THAT big of a deal to a 7 year old boy??? really?
I will say I insisted that victor cover his up, "a crab might get that teeny weeny" I told him--b/c I don't want some gross person looking at him...
but when the people asked us to cover him up in OUR BACKYARD i said, "well he is in his own yard--when in rome, no?"
I do not think that modesty should be forced upon small children. Their parts are for peeing...When the modesty naturally kicks in...well then, of course the parts will get covered.
I mean what is the teeny weeny gonna do?

Gross--the lewd gesture the father of the two little girls made when he picked up my dora sprinkler and pretended to pee all over my yard...ughh...
and you are worried about a teeny weeny? maybe that actually explains why he was worried?? ughh..

Not gross--breastmilk/pumping breastmilk/discussion of this topic among women --even if a man happens to be in the room.
the other day at work a girl was talking to me about nursing her baby and pumping milk and she looked at one of the wild kid handlers, who is a man--and said, "oh, i know this is gross."
I said, "no it is not, we are talking about a baby eating"
WTH? i mean it is MILK coming out for god's sake--that is why god created titties of all feed babies! That is not gross.

gross--children who do not have manners and who think doing lots of burping is funny.
potty/gas humor just is not funny to me...i cannot stand it when people do not correct their children when they burp, say --at the table--loudly, and then do not even excuse themselves. yuck!

Monday, May 25, 2009

promised pictures


The one of V is of yesterday in the car on the way home from the beach.
He put that ball cap on himself and he just looked so proud of himself. It was funny.
The other is of my child the lizard tamer. She can catch lizards like crazy --I think adults are just not allowed. As hard as I try I am not quick enough. She can just grab them right up. Then this particular lizard sat on her arm for about 10 minutes. When he decided to leave she just said "okay, good bye little buddy, see you later..."
I never saw lizards when we lived away. The kind we have here are the ones that change color and their little throats come down and are red and they bob their heads. Anoles.
I am still picturing the furniture incident over and over in my mind. It will not go away.
I am off to surf the internet for furniture straps--which I guess is what one uses to prevent this sort of thing???
when I told my mama and daddy the story today my daddy yelled at me, "you did not have that shelf bolted to the wall?"
I said to him, "well daddy, how many pieces of furniture have you ever bolted to a wall before?"
--I bet when I get home tomorrow the furniture will be secured...might not be with straps..but there will be something there.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Okay dear readers, this is serious.
Last week on NPR there was a piece about a child climbing on furniture, and the giant t.v. cracked his head...I, of course, did the run-down of our shelves, furniture, tendency of our children to climb furniture....
I related our situation to the story...of course.
Then, last week, I noticed that Victor has started to climb to get stuff, pull the drawers out and climb them, get a chair and climb up on the counter top etc.

This afternoon Andy was in the kitchen with them.
He went out to use the bathroom-for 30 seconds..
I was sitting down in the living room (I am big as hell and was resting a minute).
I heard one crash--assumed Andy was on it.
I heard a bigger crash...
Then, before I could blink, I heard the scare-you-to-death crash.
An entire cabinet had fallen. All the stuff fell off of it and broke to bits!
My children were under it!

Andy ran in and picked up the corner shelf before I saw it.
I grabbed the children and he cleaned up.

Just let this be a heads up.
Screw your furniture to the walls.
no, you cannot leave children alone for even 30 seconds --unless everything in the room is plastic.

Luckily there were only a few scratches.
The entire kitchen smelled like fishy water (that is where the fish bowls were)
All of my dishes on that cabinet broke.

YIkES--coming tomorrow --cute fotos of my children outside today.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

last day

today was elena's last day of school.
i was soooo emotional--probably way beyond where i should have been, but vamos...the hormones they are a flowin!
tonight---a two hour ugly betty season finale..where did the season go anyway? they all of a sudden just stopped showing it a while back--now a finale..where did they leave off even?
I am going to enjoy finding out.

the pregnancy has hit the point of being in a onesie trance.
all i can think about is sweet baby smell and clean, cute onesies.
someone spilled the beans about my surprise baby shower at work today!
yay..that made me feel good.

other than that i walked around thinking that everything was going to make me start crying..even the bean spilling made me almost cry.

so back to the last day..
Elena has had the absolute best teacher this year.
we love love love ms. wendy, and --well we cannot thank her enough.
she is a special person.

bueno--i am off to watch ugly betty!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

another song post

I have been meaning to do this post for a while.
It is funny to me.
There are two country songs that make me cry when I hear them on the radio and I am pregnant.
Let me see if I can find them on youtub3....

Here is the other one...
I cannot even remember the title of the song...

dern...cannot remember it. When I find it I will post it here.
It is a country music song about a girl who grows up and she just leaves one day. She is outside hanging out the clothes and she just leaves...
When I put hanging out the wash in youtub3 an ad for suicide cleanup came on!! YIkES!

Anyway...I guess this ended up being half a post...Just be aware that if you ever find yourself crying to kat!e and tommy you might be knocked up. :)

Update: I wrote the letter to the guy at BCb$ but I did not send it. I think I just needed to vent...Also, I thought it would probably just make him mad, no enlighten him any so why spend 44 more cents on the fu--man.

:) Since the biggest loser is off i have no good tv--all the other stuff is intolerable murder shows..which i cannot watch. :)

I found the other one! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

ATTN: GymBuck$ going out

Okay, I blogged about this one time and I said I would let everyone know--morgan, laura, bethany, maryellen...whoever else...

Go to gymbor##.
they are distributing gymbuck$--those ever elusive little suckers--this weekend.

You get vouchers for every certain amount of money you spend--then you go and redeem them...

YAY!--it makes gymbor## totally affordable--y they have cute stuff. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good stuff

This afternoon when I went to my mama's house to get my kiddies supper was waiting.
It was not supper time--it was after school snack time, but the food in the picture was a great snack for this hungry gestating girl! :)
Fresh may peas are one of my favorite foods-when my mama cooks them.
I do not know how to cook them.
I buy them at the farmer's market--or somebody gives some to my daddy and then mama cooks them. I think I could eat a whole pot of them. :) You have to eat the juice too--not just scoop the peas out.
The other foods were smoked pork chops and scalloped potatoes. :)YUM!
The only thing missing was some fried corn bread, but had not requested that, so...
The other pictures are of my carseat--revamped for the newest bebe!
There is a girl here, rachel, who is a great seamstress. She makes kids clothes, home decor stuff--and I asked her to make this cover for me.
Monday night she called me sooooo excited! She was so proud of herself ;). I went right over and picked it up. Man i love it! It goes right over the old stuff--like a shower cap.
Now I am going to super fancy and have Eva's initials embroidered on the blue section of the awning in shiny beige thread...oooohhhh....
Elena and Victor want to play in it so bad.
At night when I get my belly out and we all watch the baby move--victor has started pulling up his shirt and saying..."look, my baby moving!"
Then he tells me, "cuba (cover) it up, mama"--He does not like to look at the belly. I really don't blame him, to be honest--

Okay enough ramble ramble...

Monday, May 11, 2009

The cuban-american priest who was born in PR y mas

What is Cuban about a person who was born in Puerto Rico who has been raised in Miami his/her whole life?
His parents?
Just curious.
I get a little tired of how people present themselves as being from a country b/c people several generations ago came from that place.
People say, "I am Irish."
"I am Hungarian."
Or whatever...
Then you inquire a bit--and it turns out their great grandma came from some other place.--who knows where all the rest of the genes came from...
Whose did not?
This is something that people here--in Eastern NC-- tend not to do.
We are mostly either white or black --or a mix of the two, and if you are white....well we just don't go into where out whiteness came from.
I have no clue.
My ancestors were illiterate farmers until about two generations ago--and they probably could not have found on a map where they came from.
Are there hints--based on my last names/family names? Why sure.
Do I care?--well, no. Would I go back to Scotland to live--no--or England or where ever...
Sandra knows I am just a wanna be Mexican (and most of my Mexican friends have graciously adopted me). Sometimes I pretend that I am actually of italian or spanish decent (not spelled right) and one of those ancestors changed his name from pelligrini or peligrino to Pilgreen--to sound more like something they were not???....ooohhh now there's a story i could make up.
But then what about all of the davenports and lewises and glascows and dewars who also made me???
All of them could have actually changed their last names and really been from somewhere else too. Andy's scandanavian ancestors did this (changed their last name y we ended up with hill)..who's to say that they all did not?
This is interesting to me.
People have asked me many times what I am...
"are you polish, you sure are a big woman."--wth? I guess the women in poland are big?? and here i was walking around like a cute chinese person this whole 27 years!
"what are you, you sure have...blah blah.."
hmmm???..a redneck is about the best I can come up with
a mutt?
a masterpiece! HA!
People also like to say they do things b/c of this made-up ethnicity or nationality.
Some of my favorites:
I come from a (fill in the blank) family and it is very important for us to have boys.
(I would fill in the blank with sexist and really dumb to base their pride on a 50/50 chance)
We are a (fill in the blank) family, so we are just really centered around food.
(I would fill it in with probably obese and glutonous)
We come from (fill in the blank) stock and we love to be outside.
(I would say--human?)
None of the above could be used to characterize a group from a country I think.
BUT people LOVE to say these!!!
One thing that all people do is pickle stuff to eat..and that tends to stick. This is why Andy's daddy likes pickled fish (his mama gave it to him when he was little)
This is why Sandra's family eats pickled nopalitos. This is why we have pickled watermelon rinds.
People everywhere pickle stuff to preserve and eat.

So what is Cuban about that priest?
His mama I reckon.
I bet the kids he will have with his girlfriend(s) won't even speak spanish--but I bet they will call themselves Cuban.

Friday, May 8, 2009

This magic moment

I am not sure if this video is going to put itself up here.
A ver...

Andy and I just left my mama and daddy's house and my sister and her two children and husband are there.
We left ours over there to have sleepover!!
Grandma had the quilts out on the living room floor and everybody had their own bowl of popcorn when we left. :)
The original plan was for Victor to come back home--he usually goes to bed at 7:15 or so, but he wasn't havin any of that!
As soon as my mama started unfurling quilts...he started to drool --and I am not saying that figuratively--he was drooling.
He got his pillow and his thumb in place and tucked himself in the sheet and told us to go on!

It feels wierd! That is crazy b/c they are two miles away...but it does.
We had fun playing in the yard and chatting a while.

Enjoy the song. Another one that reminds me of when I was little.
They don't ever sound right though...this version does not sound exactly right, but it is close.
When I got in the car leaving my parents' house--this was playing. I love it when the radio picks something good.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fly swatter

That was the name that E. gave the frog she found on Sunday. :)

Something to celebrate:
Victor decided to use the potty today! yay! He is not one to be convinced of anything, he must convince himself.
Cabezon is what one calls it.
Last week he decided he wanted to ditch the diaper and go with underwear. I went for it--despite the fact that I have never gotten him to pee on the potty. He wanted to wear his drawers to bed. Fine with me. He peed in the bed. Of course. (The mattress is covered in boat seat material, so no worries)
Anyway--He was super mad when his cahs pajamas were too wet to wear all day the next he decided to go BACK to diapers.
This could go on and on. What is going on inside his head, I can almost imagine, b/c I am stubborn too.
I tend to just go with it.
He does not get the peeing part yet.

Now I am going to drag out my soapbox--which I have to be careful on these days b/c I am big as hell, and falling would be dangerous. :).
Did anyone else get the medical insurance "heads up" letter from the BCb$ of NC guy about getting all the documentation ready b/c they are going to ask for "proof of dependency" and "proof of spousal relationships"
Did this make anyone else madder than --a wet settin hen?
Ughh...I have a job, and it is not to be a fuCk!ing bookeeper for the insurance company.
How many staff hours are they going to waste looking into all this legal proof of relationships to try to scrimp and save a penny, when they could
LOOK IN THEIR VERY SELF SAME RECORDS!!?? It would be clear to them that on the birthday given lots of charges were made b/c THAT IS THE DATE THAT MY BABIES CAME OUT OF ME!! When people put spouses on their insurance--they give proof that the person is their spouse!!
I am so mad about this! If they need to wrangle up some money --how about don't pay your ceo (or whatever he is) more money than god? how about don't pay him more money than just about any physician in the state makes.
All of you other state employees...are you going to jump through this hoop? Are y'all pissed about this?
He's getting a letter from me--SOB!

Now I am going to calmly put the soapbox away, and go and eat some ice. :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It was...

Alonzo! :) (see foto of person--that's Alonzo)
He came back from his South American travel adventure,
Got his car from Portland, and came home for a bit.
It was a good visit.
T-ball was this morning.
We went and picked strawberries and made this strawberry cake with strawberry frosting (see cake foto). The recipe came from a blog that I read off of Bethany's bog.
We also hosted a live turtle friend for the day today. Andy found it yesterday and he is out there hanging out in the plastic box habitat we made for him. This morning we watched him chow down on a grub worm we gave him. (see foto with purple cirlce--that's the turtle's swimming pool.) He is so cute when he swims!
Re: foto of attempt to decorate outside. :) I wonder how long these will live....

Buenas noches. :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Guess who's coming to dinner...

A hint:

It is someone who has a blog over to the right.
We are excited to see our travelin buddy! :)