Saturday, September 27, 2008

Promised Commentary

Wasn't it hilarious to see Obama actually laughing and chuckling to himself in response to some of the things that McCain was saying?
For example when McCain called him, "like George Bush."?
Obama was just laughing...
Wasn't it interesting to listen to the political commentary afterwards when people actually found legitimate compliments to the political rhetoric and right wing fluff statements that John McCain kept spewing forth?
I mean how did they actually find any merit in it? Maybe you have to belong to the GOP to understand how a question about our nation's deficit renders the response, "I am not miss congeniality" and is considered to be worthy of a comment. Well, now, considering he is a man, I would say that is certainly true on all kinds of levels.
Wasn't it great to hear Barack Obama saying things that made sense...these have been 8 veerrryyyy long years for me, I don't know about ya'll....

The pictures are of my coconut macaroons that I made today.
Who knew that wax paper and parchment paper were not the same thing?
--not me--
So the oven was smoking...the macaroons stuck...
but we fixed them and put chocolate on top of them.
Elena had a wonderful time licking the chocolate!

Now, I am going to make couscous y shrimp..that Andy likes, y have some wine???
Well, that depends on whether I feel like going to food lion to get some.

YAY Saturday!


Yesterday it rained here off and on all day...the pretty kind.
In the afternoon when we got home there was the most beautiful rainbow!!
Here it is:

My kids are in the picture, and a pecan tree, and the soybean field that is beside the house.
We have soybeans all around.

Here is the song I listened to yesterday in my car. It is from the pretty in pink sister broke that out the other day. :)

I love this song, and it makes me cry! I just drive y cry y listen.
But It has a reason.
Just an old one.

This might not make any sense...Bethany might be able to decipher...
Melissa...I think you would like this soundtrack! :)

That's all for now...although I do have some commentary about the debate last was a hoot to me!
Go Barack! And I love michelle obama gotta love a woman with sense enough to wear flat shoes on the campaign trail!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have already written about Thursday being my favorite day.
The Cosby show used to come on etc. etc.
Well, my thing to look forward to this time is Ugly Be!!y!
Tonight when Andy and I were watching it, I realized, once again
how cool it is that spouses pick up the slack for one another.
When Betty agreed to rent an apt. sight unseen b/c the
realtor said it was, "just like this one." (the one she wanted that
was move-in ready but got rented to someone else)
I was like hell yeah Betty--smart girl.
Andy said, "she is going to do that without seeing it?"
I said, "well the realtor just said it is just like the one they are standing
in, that is lucky, she got the apt. she wanted."
Next scene:
Betty opens the door to the apt. and it is in terrible shape!
Even though we drive eachother crazy...we keep eachother in check, for sure. ;)
Without Andy's wiles, I would have probably ...bought way more stupid stuff that doesn't work that I was conned into etc. etc. etc.
(Even though, typically, I am the outspoken one....hmmm???)

Nightie, Night...I am off to sleep with my three year old--fun stuff--the toddler bed-sharing. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This is great!

The L!mited now has clothes available online.
This is my favorite store to buy pants from!!
Used to, when you went to the website, it was just general info about L!mited brands, you could not shop or buy.

Now, one must understand that the only places to shop here are G**dy's, B$lK's and the super-terrible W@l-M#rt. I don't even like to shop, but I need four pairs of pants for work.

So, this is exciting. :)

Butterfly update:
The butterfly that came from the teeny coccoon, --was deformed.
It came out with only four legs, and no hind end. :(
So, I started with 4 caterpillars. We ended up with ONE Butterfly. Well, two, but one was pitiful. :(
My mama was right! Leave mother nature alone. "Leave the d@mn worms outside!"--is what she would have said. :)..and with good reason.

--Oh,and the teacher's have good luck, maybe, b/c mother nature gives them a "you're teaching" pass. ;)

Off to a meeting!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wouldn't it be great...


The government would take all the money of the CEOs (and whatever other initials) of these big companies--besides maybe 3,000 dollars, and make them all go live together in a crappy trailer park, not a nice one, sino--one like the one in burlington on hwy 70 going towards haw river--with the old trailers?
The Audacity, to have a college education, from probably an ivy league school, and to run a company into the ground, and then wait around for a government hand-out....they ought to be ashamed of themselves, and shamed publicly. :)

We all could just leave those idigena people in Brazil alone? I mean --no reporters, no national geographic, no nothing...just leave them alone.
It broke my heart to see them on the news last night with their children all running around, at least they already know that their village is going to be flooded once their river gets damned up. The little old guy just said, "that's alright, we'll just die, but ya'll are too, at least we know it."

I could go to durham to the nasher mueseum

and see the current exhibit of Spanish art. I love Diego de velazquez y el Greco. Their art is there, currently. Seen it before, would like to see it again.

That's all my wishin...
Oh here is one more...If I could have a baby and not gain 50 lbs.
Good lord! I am finally getting some of the weight off from having Victor--he is 18 months old. hee hee. :)

Have a great day! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Here is a slideshow, of four pictures of the past week.
I had more that I wanted to use, but I only used these.
Gosh, it is Sunday night, and I am tired! :!
What am I going to do tomorrow?

I sat down to do this, and Elena has just piped up, crying.
So, this might end in just a minute.

Butterfly update: The coccoon broke open and out came the big, beautiful butterfly. There are two pictures of that.
We have one coccoon left.
Weekend: We went to the beach cottage. My sister and her two children were there, and my parents. Fun. Chaotic. Wind. Sand. Huge Waves.
There is a picture of my sister, with my children and her children, and Andy.
We flew kites, which was fun. I think Andy enjoyed that more than the children.
The other picture is of Elena sleeping with a book. She sleeps with books! The other night Andy told me to go and get this picture. Love it!
That's all my news....
Just off to work again tomorrow. This week I get to spend three evenings at my school for "parent participation" nights. We have three grade levels, so we have three nights for parent involvement. I get to go all three nights, from what I understand, "to help out." ;).
Andy is real happy about this. ;)
I hope all the folks out there whose children go to school appreciate the fact that the people who picked this as our jobs have to spend so much time at the school.
I always think about that scene in "it's a wonderful life" when he is frustrated and he calls the teacher to fuss her out b/c his little girl got sick b/c the teacher did not put her coat on. Then later on, the teacher's husband punches him in the eye, or knocks him in the head or something (him=the jimmy stewart character).

Okay good night, and have a great week! :)

Friday, September 12, 2008


oh to be a fly on the wall during the
alma awards at this house tonight.
it is still on.
andy and i are taking a break.
questions asked:
why are all the white people painted brown? (they put a lot of bronzer on) winona and the white cheetah girl too. (hint: tanning is out of style, if you are white, just be white--you'll be happy about it when you are fifty.
is that a baby bump? me...about eva l p.
linda ron..whatever is mexican?
do what???
why did they not give me an alma? i stayed in mexico for two weeks one time..(andy) and he got searched as if he were a mexican when he got off the plane too--ya'll have seen andy. :)
why does each award have a corporate sponsor? i'm tired of that!
why do some women pass through menopause unphased and others end up like linda ron-whatever, now, i love her too, i am just a worrier, and my genes do not bode well in that dept.

people we are in love with:
andy: the mariachi singing girl, and of course, shakira
me: the jury is out
cheech marin? carlos mencia?--basically brown men are my favorite, and if they are funny, it's a plus.

well actually, we are both in love with him, and we are love sick, without cable we cannot see him :(.

i was just singing blue bayou to myself the other day... me.

have a great weekend!

here is the song i listened to on the way to work this week...

i love this song!
enjoy it bethany, i know you are listening ;).--oh i am still listening, and it is not the whole song...i will find it an post it later, still good music though

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who would you like to have your children to hockey practice?!!!


Remember during the last election, when people said they would like to have a beer with good ole G.W.?

So is the criteria now, who we would like to have be a kid hauler? (I don't want someone who is on two blackberries, I can tell you that)

Kid haulers are wonderful, ...but since when did, "I drive my kids to hockey" render one qualified to be the PRESIDENT?

Now based on our current might be saying to yourself, well this is an improvement...(We know with a little nepotism and a lot of money any old bleep bleep can become one).
But why not let's go all the way and actually elect an INTELLECTUAL HUMANITARIAN who is somewhat presidentially qualified-ish (thanks GW, we might not have freedom of speech, but we have poetic license as evidenced in your speeches! ;) ).

Being political is so....frustrating, pointless, touchy..
May I never want to make a post like this again! :)
besos y goodnight ;)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last Friday before we left school, the day of the hurricane, I went out to the car to get the bug box and I put some caterpillars in it. I have been watching them make cocoons all over the place. All the teachers have the little net houses in their rooms and the butterflies are successfully producing themselves.
So I put four of them in the bug box.

On Saturday one of them began to do its thing. We watched. It hung upside down, and sticky stuff was coming out of its caudal end..the @$$. Then it was stuck on the netting. Ater several hours of being very still it started to turn green. Within a couple hours of starting, it finished, complete with glistening gold dots!
So, then there were three left.
Another guy decided to do its thing. It went to the top, hung upside down, and this other one kept bothering it...going over there, crawling on it etc.
Well, when I got home from PTA last night Andy said, "Don't worry about the caterpillar that was cocooning (new verb?), it has already finished."
So he left to go to the mini mart, I put Elena in the bed and went to pee, when I walked back into the kitchen that little bastard, mean guy caterpillar was EATING THE F***ING COCOON of the other one!!!!
I could not believe it. I was mad at him!
**Disclaimer: I know that I am ascribing human emotional characteristics onto worms..but I have gotten really attached to this process. I do not describe this in this way to my children. :)
Here is the picture:

So, he got the boot. I went outside and dumped him out. The cocoon is still dripping I think...yuck!
**Now I am remembering why my mama never let me do stuff like this...of course the teachers at school do it, and theirs would never eat one another...hmmm...

**there was not enough room.
**the mean one wanted that spot in the first place and he held a grudge.
**there was not enough food--which i doubt b/c i put tons of fresh leaves in every day.
**that was his friend and he was just wondering what happened to it (andy's idea) :)

Kids' reactions:
Victor, "uh-oh"
Elena, "oh, poor baby (she kissed the bug house). it will be alright."

I was just really disgusted. I never would have guessed that a caterpillar would do that to another one...

Now, here is a picture of the cutest gum I have ever seen. It was included in the party favor bag from the B-day party.

Unfortunately I watched the news tonight.
It seems, according to @bc news, that white women everywhere are falling for the palinator...OMG ya'll!!! Wth???
It just has to be closet racism...that is the only explanation I can think of...
so sad people...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

limpiando la casa

this is the song that i was singing to myself while i
washed the dishes and mopped the floor tonight,
after having mopped, swept, and vacuumed the other rooms of the house today
I can relate to maryellen's post the other week about the working (outside the home)'s mama's Saturday! It was fun to watch Victor sweeping the floor with the flyswatter, and to watch his excitement over the vacuum cleaner. :) If only men could stay that excited about vacuum cleaners, and sweeping ;).

ay que buena cancion!

y que buen sentido de tener la casa limpia, no?

We went to a birthday party this afternoon, of the little girl of the babysitter,
We miss you Abue, y Sandra, y Nano, y Lupita!

Friday, September 5, 2008

a good movie

to watch, that I just finished watching...
Quincenyera--that is not spelled correctly b/c i cannot
put the squiggly above my /n/'s
this movie is a really good one!
movies are totally not my thing.
this one was on my piano for about 5 weeks, and
andy said for me to watch it ya or he was
sending it back, so I did.
GOOD, and entertaining.
most movies just are not entertaining to me,
so i cut them off, b/c life is too short to sit
still for two hours and watch something shitty.
but this one is good, trust me.

sandra, you and donna have to watch it!
oh, and sandra one day, will you go and get shannon
from her office and make her look at this blog?
she is not an internet girl, but i think she would enjoy this.
thanks! :)
miss ya'll!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

las fotos

This is the picture of Elena and me on her first day!
She was excited.

This is a picture of the garden that is outside my door at school! This lady who is a retired teacher has taken it upon herself to plant gardens at our school, and care for them. It is gorgeous! The school is designed in pods with a center courtyard around which the pods are situated. So in these courtyards she has planted beautiful gardens.
Ms. Kingsolver would be proud. Some of them have vegetables. All of them attract butterflies, so we also have cocoons/chrysalises/chrysali --whatever--all around too.
So fun! The children at school love it.

I have almost completed three weeks at this new job! YAY!
Being home is fun so far....
Yesterday I heard a little bit of this on the radio
and I wanted to hear the rest, and I found it on NPR.
Now, the link up there does not want to work..
aver si puedo..
I think it is up here.
A good little interview to me b/c I like to hear tego calder@n speak Spanish...sounds to me like he could use some terapias! :)

Okay enough ramble..
off to drink some tea.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pictures to follow...

I am working on Andy's computer.
Elena went to her first day of play school today!
She was quite excited.
It is fun to get all the stuff they make.
Today she made me a kissing hand, from that book, "The kissing Hand"
I took a foto of her in front of her door.
It will get posted.

So sick of hearing about McCain's pick for veep...
Who the Hell cares about her kids' kids or what the he!! ever???
I guess it is b/c I already have my mind made up--kind of like when one of those people comes to your house to sell stuff...if you already know you do or don't want it, you just want to tell them either way (Andy does)flat out, so they will shut up and you can cook supper/sit on the sofa and relax etc. without this person in your house who won't shut up...political coverage is that person for me right now.
I am voting for Obama --I am not listening to another word of this cr@p--so put on some other stuff on the news please.
All the red at the Rep. convention is terrible too, yikes!, Red is disturbing--the reason I cannot shop at T@rget too btw.
But just a reminder...when Jamie Lynn was knocked up, no one had good things to say about her mama...
Remember that ya'll??
Now, I don't care about Jamie Lynn's uterus/offspring either...just pointing this out.

When you put yourself out there....ya gotta be ready, no?

I have two blog entries that I have been meaning to write, maybe this weekend when we are home, with no social obligations!
We had a blast last weekend at the beach with Shannon and Joel, but I missed the babies so badly that I almost wanted to just come home early.
The water was 77 degrees, and like a lake the first day!
We got to go out to eat and SIT IN THE RESTAURANT FOR TWO HOURS!! That was fun and relaxing and yummy, and not something we can do with our children.