Friday, September 25, 2009

A spanish lesson--gratis! y mas

Of course the "y mas' part is coming first b/c I always put the stuff up here backwards!!
This is just sweet picture of my daddy with just melts my heart to be honest! ;).

These are the scuppernong grapes that my daddy brought over for us. Eva likes to suck on these...of course we are super cautious! but it is sweet to see her little expression when she is chupando y getting that sweet grape juice! :)

Ponche (punch--pronounced pone-chay again, with accent on the first syllable)
This one cracks me up. This little soda came from Food Lion (or lion food as v. man says it) and the spanish translation for tropical punch had this little gem ..
ponche for cute.
sort of reminds me of a mexican cuss word, though.
the soda comes fromt the dominican republic...i guess they say ponche there.

Junque (pronounced Jun-kay with the accenton the first syllable)
means just what is in the picture-- junk.

Did you learn some Spanish? The junque y ponche part mostly just cracks me up...these are cognates that have come about from Mexicans being in the U.S. is what I think--not the ponche part but the junque one for sure. Love it! oh and dumpe is another one that Camelia taught me...guess what the dumpe is....

Okay..y'all have a good weekend.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The straw....

no, i am not referring to my top layer of wild mommy bob...
i am talking about the one that broke the camel's back.

i will start with a description of our dear bakery.
local business.
butterfly cookies with sprinkles.
pumpkin shaped cookies with orange sprinkles.
homemade donuts.
cheese straws.
ummm..some kind of good chocolate cakes.
cake squares with tons of icing.
This bakery has had the same things --staples--forever.
when I was little these things were VERY SPECIAL TREATS around our house.
For example, when it's the great pumpkin charlie brown came on each year...we got a pumpkin cookie.
So--you know i love this place.
well, when the original owners wanted to retire they sold the business.
..who was smart enough to keep the old recipes, smart enough to remodel and make it look very cute inside...
but he is obviously too dumb to realize that acting feisty and fussing at customers and being rude and smart mouthy---is not a good way to do business around here.
we don't appreciate the soup nazi personality.

Most people I talk to have had some type of altercation or mishap with this man.
We take the abuse b/c we want our staple sweets...
A couple people have told me that they just hate him, won't go in there and they buy their cakes from wal-hell's bakery.

I was holding out....
until today. :(

He was so mean to me and out of line. First he told me that I was not allowed to order a sandwich and split it with a I can order whatever i want and divide it however in the hell many times i want to --bring me my fuck!ing turkey sandwich.
Then when I said, "so y'all cant make a sandwich and cut it in half?" (we were not asking for another plate...or more chips...or anything).
He just went this, "okay, just listen to me, just calm down (I was being calm), just let me tell you..blah blah. (in a yankee voice etc)
What did he bring out, you might ask yourself...
A turkey sandwich cut in half.
He was so ugly.
**This is the part where Morgan would have told his a$$ off really bad.
***I'm telling my mama on him--for sure!

So was my last brownie bakery purchase.

Note to mean a$$ bakery man--after you make an ass of yourself and treat your customers like sh! is really hard to make it up (he did try by bringing water, and free tea refills and giving e. some donut holes) did not work.

I cannot say I had not been warned.

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:

New fall television.
Amazing race
Big Bang Theory (or whatever it's called)
oh yeah, Biggest Loser (Andy's worst show--he HATES it) hee hee..
TG for it!!

here's a funny
my co-worker and her husband raised four or five children brady bunch style.
yesterday she said, "if you ever lose one of your children just pick up the phone"
yep. that's right, as soon as you pick up the phone every child in the house comes running to pull on your clothes about SOMETHING.
or, if you get on the internet.
I am currently being hit with a piece of rope, and v. man is repeatedly asking me (like a skipping record) "where'th your fishin rod?" "where'th you fishin rod?"
over and over...tap tap tap.

hee hee...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Funnnnyyyy song!

I hope this video puts itself up here.
Puleeze watch it!
(I know I often don't watch others' video contributions to the blogosphere)
But watch this one.
Andy and I think this song is sooooo funnnyy!

The runt

Here is a picture of our last little eggplant that was hiding in the garden. Isn't she just precious? I love the little stuff--so I have fallen in love with this eggplant. I think in order to truly appreciate it I am going to have to eat it.
Oh that brings on a story about {me}, when I was little. We had an apple tree in the yard, and I got an apple off the ground one day that was teeny teeny and I carried in my hand for about a week. I would not let it out of my sight. My mama loves to tell this story. The whole affair ended when the apple turned to mush and had to be washed out of my hands. Wasn't my mama sweet to indulge me in my fascination con lo pequenyo y cute? She has a treasury of other little things that I would take around. A tractor. A small piece of wood with yellow string tied around it (i remember this one).

Here it is fall again!
Happy candy corn eating...
did y'all see the chocolate kind yet? Yep. E. and I polished off a {small} bag of that yesterday in the car ride home from Wal-greens! oink

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great Weekend!

We had so much fun with Shannon and Joel and Carter this weekend. When Andy and I left Alamance County we sort of made a pact that we would visit once a season, and take turns going to one house or the other.
They have had two turns to come here. Next it is our turn to travel there...but we love to go need to twist any arms.
When Shannon is your host--you feel like you are at some bed and breakfast or something! yay!
So, this time we went out to Deadwood. G00gle map "bear grass, NC" and see where this place is...wahhayyy out in the country.
It is such a fun place.
There is a train to ride. putt putt. a steak house. a playground. an ice cream shop. ugghhh..a kiddie roller coaster, and a stage (for bands)
FUN (esp. if you are a parent of small kids)
It is also wayyyy laid back. So if you want to bring all your own food and just grill it outside..go for it ...smoke cigs...go for it... walk around drinking your beer...go for it. (thus the fun for parents with small children part)
There is basically nothing better than a kiddie sized train--to a kid.

Me enjoying the heck out of an ice cream cone!

All the kiddies on the caboose of the train

E and C hugging! :)They have been hanging out since they were in the womb! HA!

PS--I have about four cool posts to put up here that I have not had time to do!!! ahhh!!!
We are currently going through some bedtime readjustments--stay tuned. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009


**i wonder why people always feel the need to designate their puns as either intended or unintended...
puns can be fun if you just don't announce them at all and leave the reader or listener to 1. pick up on it and 2. ponder whether it was intended or unintended.
btw--you have to be pretty quick to make a pun and have it not be intended b/c in order to make one you have to have intent, no?
a lot of times people say, "no pun intended" and you know it actually was intended and the speaker is pretty pleased with him/herself for making it, too! :)

**I wonder how much regret people feel if they name their child bella and she ends up being ugly.
most people don't think their own children are ugly, no matter what...but that name is a gamble!
"hi, my name is beautiful!"

**Why do people ever order large drinks at restaurants that have free refills?

These are three things that keep me wondering....

Have a great weekend!
Coming next, a Spanish lesson.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I miss you {wine}


on tan!?

I reckon y'all don't miss me back too much.
Where are you chica?

Lyla, doesn't read this creo...

y..amy...where the hell are you...????

Fall Decor

I hope this picture turns out halfway decent!
We have been enjoying this spider for at least the past week.
She is one of those huge ones! She has made the most wonderful web--the kind with the big squiggle in the middle and the patch in the middle.
This morning's catch was a cicada! She has been working on it all day.
I went in the bathroom to watch her and I noticed that something is coming out of her...and egg case or something cool, maybe?
There are spider webs all around our yard! --more than at any other time of the year.
There is one in the side yard that stretches all the way across!

I hope this spider stays for a while. She is fun to watch...I want to see what comes out. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Two funs...
The other night --Thursday--we had an impromptu party in the kitchen.
Here are some pics:
This one is Elena singing our favorite song this know the one..."she wears high-heels, I wear sneakers.." We love this song! So we put it on the ipod and we played it over and over and over in the kitchen. Elena is sporting everyone's favorite outfit of hers. There's nothing quite like that new favorite outfit that you get when you are going back to school, and you get to wear it! yay! and it is everyone's favorite (her daddy, her nana, and me!)

This one is of E. still singing and V-man..he requested to drink their ginger ale out of wine glasses. :)..i was having a little cocktail of wine, watermelon juice and ginger ale and ice...yummy! For some reason I cannot bear to throw away watermelon is just too pretty!

This is Bethany's mama at the fun thing we did today!! We went out to the lake to a fiesta to hear some music and eat yummy food--our children ran around in circles and swam in the lake and we had a this picture Ms. Gail is saying to Bethany, "you should be here too!"

Bebes swimming in the lake. :)

and one more....Baby E smiling!

She and I have been having our happy hour every day now --from 1:00-2:00...just us.
We have smile, offs.
then we smile, and then she does all her sweet baby stuff...
And to think, last year this time I was almost sure that Andy and I were finished having babies!

Friday, September 11, 2009

in the mail this week...

we got:

a flyer from some evangelical crap spewers--i won't call them christians, b/c i don't think they are--announcing they are COMING!!
woo hoo...can i go and throw some eggs at the building you are coming to please?
the flyer was decorated with all kinds of ghastly beasts--supposedly THE EXACT ONES (these guys know b/c they are bible scholars) that the dude saw then he was seeing things on the island and he wrote revelation--one of the johns.
these guys have got it all together...bring your bible and come for a free (until they pass the bucket around) class all about WHAT THEY KNOW IS HAPPENING.
also on the cover? President Obama...the pope (who, in all honesty seems like a big dick to me), the dude who runs iran --you know the one can say his name (well i won't bother to look up how to spell it)..and some other dude.
Probably the ones who these porky whities think are some clue to the end of it all...
ooohhhh....i am rushing right out to see them.
the only one who knows about the demise of our planet is god folks.
these dudes look like a bunch of freaky child molesters.
how in the hell did i get on their mailing list?

also in the mail...
the freakin dumbest cover of newsweek that i could have possible dreamed up...
"is your baby racist"
i thought, maybe this is just a clever ploy to get people to look inside...nope--the article was full of crap!!!
can a baby discriminate b/c white skin and dark skin--why of course!
do they come out hating people who don't have the same!!
we teach them that, and they learn it pretty quickly. Surprise surfucking prise!!
this cover makes me want to call and get my money back ...i cannot believe i paid for this shit.

i am ill...can you tell?
my hair is still not right.
i can totally tell why britney shaved hers off now..that ken p2v3s dude who does all their hair..gave her a shitty haircut and she got ill--and hell with's gone!!

have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Hour

Happy Hour:
The time of the day when folks get off work and go to a bar and have a {couple} drinks and relax, then they go home and eat supper--
Or, if they are like Andy and I were about six years ago, they just stay there and keep eating and drinking and smoking cigarettes....until....welll....bedtime! :)

Happy hour:
These days...
Some magic hour of the day when I realize that I am experiencing something so magical and special to me that it takes my breath away.
Today it was Eva smiling smiles at me... one after the between drinking her milk and wriggling around in my arms..with milk running our of her mouth when she would smile.
AND hearing her chuckle for the first time.
Well, vamos...I interpreted it as a was a verbalization that seemed to come in response to our interaction that was sort of coo-ish. :)

Ay que sweet!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Super Funny! {to me}

Victor is now basically potty trained.
No accidents --a week in underwear--night and day.
Now, his favorite thing to draw, and talk about--is poop poop and pee pee.
Oh, and fireman joe--has been replaced by bedtime stories about, ....
you guessed it!!..
poop poop and pee pee!!
When he announces that he is going to tell a story he bursts into laughter and all you hear is ...blah blah..laugh laugh laugh...poop pooo...haa ..haa..pee pee..blah..haa haa..poop poo..

It is a funny bedtime around here.

The last Amer!c@n M@n

This is sort of a book review, I reckon.
This book was good to me, the author also wrote the book "E@t Pr@y l0ve" which was a great book.
She defines the reason why she gave the book the title it was given.
She meant "man" in the sense of a frontiersman, a conquerer, someone who strikes out on his own to conquer nature--Daniel Boone etc.
But in many other definitions of the word man, Eustace would hardly be one...
He has no children is one way. He spent a lot of time looking for a rite of passage, while I understand the sort of rite he is thinking of (spend a year in the woods by yourself or something like that), I would argue that raising children would definitely be a continual rite of manhood/adulthood.
He, up until 2002 at least, has not been up to that challenge--interesting.
Y'all know I don't mean making babies, sino, RAISING CHILDREN.

In another way Eustace is not very Manly--He cannot form lasting relationships with people hardly at all--he has like three people who have been able to tolerate him for any length of time.
I am not commenting on his character...
{ We did not even meet him when we went to his place in the mnts. We just saw him fly by on a horse and buggy with a girl on the back or something. I thought it was nice just to be out there.
Apparently though, due to a tough father/son relationship, Eus. has a hard time relating to people.}
...just how this word, "man", is defined and how Eustace is portrayed as being the last one.

I have some quotes from this book...

"the backside of heroism is often rather sad; women and servants know that" Someone named Ursula K. LeGuin said that.
The author talked about the women and children that either have to suffer b/c their dad or husb. spends all his time glory chasin...or are neglected...or have to do tons of work b/c the husb. dad neglects all duties other than those that involve ego boosting.
(truly heroic, no?)--and MANLY too...

Here is one:
"We are a little wild here, with numberless projects of social reform. Not a reading man but has a draft of a new community in his waistcoat pocket"--Ralph Waldo Emerson
I thought this was a good example of how languages change and evolve--it is written in English, and I haven't a clue what it means! :) Any guesses?? I did not leave out any punctuation.

Felicity, the companion of content, is rather found in our breasts than in the enjoyment of external things.--Daniel Boone
I really like this one.

The author put these quotes at the beginnings of the chapters.

This was a good book.
Eustace was actually likeable.
But...the last man...

I loved the parts about american men, though..the author went looking up information from books and print about people around the world and how they percieve american men..particularly men of the 1800s.
This was interesting to me...b/c until I traveled to other countries I just had one idea of how men were...
they mowed grass, worked and got super sweaty, wore shorts, NO COLOGNE (that is prissy), were not snobby (only women tended to be snobbish in my mind) and lots of other ideas..
**note on snobbery--this quality can be found among many frat type boys at universities--I just did not know those people**
then in spain i noticed that most of the men--wore cologne (still prissy to me), wore tight jeans and shined their shoes (which they wore with the jeans) and seemed sort of snobbish...
I could never find too much attractive about any of this.
I was ready to get home to sloppy, jolly men.--I was also taller than most of them...

Bueno--I am off to bed now...two posts in one day! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fairy tales

Yesterday at the library I got my book...yippie yippie!! they had it.
Victor picked out an aquarium book "tharks eat the peopleth"
Elena picked out a book with a black cover which ended up being "the snow queen"
Great, I thought, a good ole classic fairy tale.
Y'all HC Andersen was a wierd guy, and after reading the wiki entry about him, i have just confirmed what i have been thinking when reading his stories.
I remember reading Thumbelina when I was little, I did not think too much about it...then.
My mama pulled it out--the same copy we read when I was little--at her house...
FREEAAKKY!! The little teeny girl has to marry an old mole...ughh...
then in the snow queen tonight..this little girl is searching for her her search she encounters a "little robber girl" in the woods who takes her in and "keeps a knife beside the bed" that the little protagonist girl is "forced to sleep in"...
OMG y'all!!
needless to say i started reading ahead of the text and add libbing..whew..that was heavy stuff. and super strange!
I started thinking, "this book needs to come with a warning!"

Fairy tales anyone???....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shopping in the L dubs

Yesterday I had 20 free minutes so I decided to cruise into Belk's and see if they might have a couple cute shirts for me...shoulda known better.
So I cruise in, the first section I see--underwear--don't need those, but there actually are some good ones, which left me with a glimmer of hope...
Next Section: Women's clothes. :(
I felt like I had been transported into some kind of ghost-town dime store....ughhh.
So I managed to find a couple shirts to try on--they were ALRIGHT (like something I would buy at Ross on a PMS day if it cost 7 dollars)
So I looked at the price and they were 34 dollars!! Damn y'all! I could see through the shirt!! So, never fear, Belk's had sale going on so the shirt was marked down to the bargain price of 25.99...WTF?
Needless to say, I left both shirts in the terrible store and walked out. ...
This is no exaggeration, there is no where to shop here.
We have a little boutique shop run by a cool person who orders cool stuff...but it costs 75 dollars on a mark -down...

I need a shopping trip!!