Saturday, January 30, 2010

Faux snow

the kind we got today.
snow covered with a crust of ice/slush.
Looks like snow.
Not snow.
my children are outside playing in it anyway!
We cannot make snow cream with faux snow though.

Elena is always Andy's buddy.

Victor is not too in to cold weather attire.

Okay, I have to go out now and play in it! :)

The clean up witch

I have mentioned this before, but since its first mention the clean up witch has risen to a new level.
Now, on Friday and Saturday mornings when I mop the kitchen floor I almost ALWAYS have to be the clean up witch.
My children love it.
It all started one day when I was feeling truly witchy in that tired mama sort of way and I pretended to be a witch and shoo my kids away at the kitchen door with the mop...they DIED laughing.
Now we do it everytime.
Yesterday I had on a facemask that looks scary, a shower cap on my head (I was conditioning). So, I looked very scary, believe me!
The gate to my castle...

The confiscated goods...

There's that duck again, this time as my hostage in the kitchen...hee hee hee!!

And then the evil witch puts everyone to work scrubbing cabinets!! hee hee hee {this is the evil hee hee}

They really love helping! :)I wonder how long that will last?

Elena snapped a foto of the evil clean up witch..but the witch erased it! It was horrid!

The song...

This is the song from the animated version of Charlotte's Web that just makes me cry.
It is so beautiful.

Now. let's see if it is up here... :)
Please listen. :)

We are all cozy and iced in today.
I have two movies...yep, when I am iced in I do not feel guilty watching a movie. :)
Besides our digital converter box for the antenna is messed up, so all we can do is watch movies.
AFter buzz light year finds these 3 LGMs (Little Green Men) ...It's sex and the city time. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


**This afternoon I was trying to help a teacher friend of mine look for tickets to go see a concert for her daughter...some type of teeny bopper show.
We looked up T@ylor Sw!ft. She is going to be at the RBC c3nter in Raleigh. Guess how much the cheapest ticket to go and see her was....guess...
The cheapest ticket in that HUGE ARENA place to go and see this person who will look like a teeny speck from the cheapest seat is $94...
Teachers can't afford that...
Does anyone else see a problem here?

There is more to come...but I gotta put my kids to bed first.

Okay, after about 15 minutes of snow white part two, and two mightnin queen books..i am back to blog land.

**The other tidbit, ...I have lost seven pounds. Extra gum and decaf tea are a dieting nursing mother's friends. :) I love hot tea!! good lord! Today I had run out of it when I opened my file cabinet drawer, and I almost had some kind of attack.
I had to track down some. :)

**Tomorrow night i am having a pajama party with two friends. The husbands and children are going camping, and the mamas plus two babies are going to have a mama sleepover. WE are going to eat english muffin pizzas and watch a movie! :)

**Eva and I have to go to our make-up appt. tomorrow afternoon...yuck! Shot appts. freat me out...every time!

I guess those are all my tidbits. Have a great weekend!

PS--facebook is still just not my thing...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Charlotte's web, cutie pie cakes..etc.

This past weekend Lily, my sister's oldest child, came to visit. We went to see Charlotte's Web performed in our theater by the ECU storybook theater. It was so good and cute! Then that night we came home and watched the animated movie version...which is going up to a top spot of my favorite movie list (which only has about five movies on it b/c I don't like movies) Anyway, I love Charlotte's Web, the animated version....soooo goood and sooo sweet! I laid at the foot of the bed b/c there was not room for me, and i CRIED! I was glad all of the children could not see me...hee hee..
Enjoy some pictures....

"if i wantcha, i'll come over there and getcha!" I think this is what baby Eva thinks now, when we put her on her neat little palette and go across the room to do something else...She IS GOING TO JOIN IN!! :) Palette? What palette?

We used a frozen pound cake and cut it with cookie cutters and iced the hearts we cut and put all kinds of sprinkles etc. Everyone had fun doing this. :) The idea came out of a kid's cook book we is a fun, easy thing to do --and honestly who doesn't love buttery s@ra lee pound cake?

All four of the cousins in the bed Sunday morning BRIGHT AND EARLY!! Thanks to one of them who might be called "rooster"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sleepover # 1

Elena has gone to her first sleepover! :)
Her friend from school is turning five, and the child's mother called me to let me know that they were going to celebrate by having an "almost sleepover."
The girls are in their pajamas.
They are going to paint nails and watch a movie, and eat popcorn.
Then, when it is time to get up all those guts and not cry when it's time to go to bed....
Their parents will come to get them! :)
Perfect idea for four and five year olds!
I loved it. :) I have to go and solve some kind of blankie problem...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Posting from school...

News from my life:
Andy and I have both suffered from strep throat in the past week!
It is no fun to have as a grown up either, let me tell ya!
I started taking the antibiotics on Tuesday and yesterday afternoon I still had a fever!!
My mama and Daddy have been taking care of Eva day and NIGHT! This means that I want to hold her so badly that I am about to cry..but it is best that she not get strep throat. :)

I am liking these Sophie Kinsella books..better than most TV--the shopaholic ones are funny. :)

..I had a couple more tidbits..but it is 3:22 and I am outa here at exactly 3:30 today honey! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm over it...

Here are a couple of things that I am totally over:

Pastel colors matched with brown. This is the avocado green appliance of our time folks..and it's time we say goodbye! :)
People just keep hanging on to this one.
This was emerging when I had Elena, when I had Victor it was in full swing, and for some folks it still is...
over it.

Accent marks on names and the people don't even say their name according to how the accent mark says they should.
Example : Beyoncee (we all know her last name) If we all said her name according the accent mark's instructions we would all say be. yon. SAY. You see? With the emphasis on the end of the word.
Now, I am not trying to tell anyone's mama how to spell their name..but if we are all saying be YON say --adding that mark is just wasting ink.
All those Kardashians do it too, and i read the gossip I have to see those mess ups a lot.

The health insurance company. I have strep throat. I just went to urgent care and ..
wait for it...
THE COST OF THE VISIT WAS LESS THAN THE COST OF MY INSURANCE CO-PAY!! Does anyone else thing this is outrageous? What about all you glasses wearers out there who work for the state?..Isn't it just a dandy that EYES ARE NOT LONGER COVERED BY THE INSURANCE!! WTF people??
I have really always thought that eyes and teeth were a part of the body....
whatever, what do I know?

let's see ...there was one more...
I will get back to you, trust me! :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

And one more....

I sort of cannot resist posting this.
These pictures are of my Daddy with his wood pile.
He was SO PROUD of this wood pile. I think he has every right to be. He found a load of wood and stood out in the yard in the evening and cut up and sawed up all these big trees.
Then I took pictures of him with his wood pile.
When I was little I remember going with my Daddy to some woods one time when he had to cut wood for us. We just sat in the truck and chewed big red gum and he cut wood. We had a wood stove in our house--for heat--not for cooking.
My Daddy works all the time.
Working is his play.
This was fun for him--to do this. He does not really enjoy sports too much. He does not have a boat. He is too impatient to fish.
He hunts some--not to excess and not with dogs.
He mostly loves to work. Did I say that we all think he is a bit hyper active? He hardly ever sits still. When he is in a situatio that requiers being still..we all sort of get uncomfortable b/c of his discomfort. In the summer time he does not even come inside to eat supper until it is dark. Then he comes in, takes a shower, and goes to bed. Just like that.

He is {one of} ;) my favorite people!

six months old!!

Eva was six months old yesterday!
She has one tooth.
She can do all kinds of tricks in her floor routine.
She is my sweet sweet little butterbean!
To celebrate??? We missed her 9:00 dr. appt. yesterday.
Just read the calendar wrong.
i almost got upset...and then I know? I really did not want to do that anyway this morning..go and sit in the dr. office with all the germs and get myself all worked up about all the shots they administer.
So, maybe we just were not meant to go.
I just called and very calmly rescheduled. of course i apologized b/c that is rude and irresponsible to miss an appt.

Just in case you are wondering about my prolific posting this morning...
I had two cups of coffee! :)
I am going to stop now and get a shower. ;).

Whatever you do....


How many of you have heard that one?
Well, last week these boys wandered into our yard.
i have heard the "don't feed it" thing my whole life. From my mama, from my daddy...
and then they were the ones who always managed to find some "rotten" ham in the fridge and some "almost bad anyway" milk to give to whatever animal someone left in the road or the woods that wandered into our yard.
So, we, of course found some "old anyway pizza" and we fed these gorgeous dogs. To thank us for all the help one of them brought us a giant deer carcass!! yay!! just what we always wanted. Thanks pup.

Now, if you have never lived in a rural place you might not know that shitty asshole people--oops! i cussed! leave their hunting dogs at the end of hunting season b/c they do not want to feed them all winter.
Cool huh? Really responsible too! get a bunch of dogs that you use for hunting while you sit your lazy a** (not gonna let one slip again) in the truck, and then after you have shot your one (seven) deer for the season...just drop the dogs off...

Now people with hearts that bleed feed these dogs...or we sort of cry a bit inside when we see them frozen hard in the ditches..b/c that is what they do --starve to death.

These two guys ended up at the pound.
They are probably dead now.

Our nana is a firm believer in "WHATVER YOU DO , DONT' FEED IT!!"
She is also our landlord. ;).

What would Martha do?

This Saturday morning blog special features some lovely areas of my home.
In the first picture you can see our music conservatory--complete with piles of freshly washed laundry, books, bills, and bibs, a toy dog, a candle....the list goes on. :)
in the next picture i have photographed my front stoop. As you can plainly see it is decorated for the holidayS. There are a couple of {dead} mums in some lovely blue earthenware pots, and there is a lovely Christmas wreath with some jingle bells.
Now lets not leave out the back door area. Every spot in the home should be presentable, no? Check out the lovely array of shoes, a nursing pump, and a teacher bad all placed {tossed} carefully into the corner. :)
Have a great weekend!
Maybe i can manage to get these dead mums tossed into the woods.
To be honest, it is embarrassing to me to have the front yard looking like this. :)
yes, i do have some shame.

To answer my own question:
I have heard that Martha is a pretty saucy she would probably cuss me out for this...even throw something at me! yikes! i better go and throw those mums in the woods right now!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Boys will be....

Boys... :) This morning while Victor and Andy enjoyed a cold pizza snack and played transformers and blocks...

Elena happily helped me mop the kitchen floor and clean the bathroom! HA!

Now, in all fairness Victor helped me clean the bathroom too. I just thought this was cute. Elena was working away in the Kitchen, and I went in the living room and Victor and Andy were eating pizza in the recliner!

Friday, January 8, 2010

my spot, and a sweet picture

This is a picture of Andy's Dad. He was holding Eva and making fun faces with her. We were at Andy's uncle's house at the river. I just think this is a sweet picture! :)

I lied. Most of the time this hutch is free of clutter.
No one, for some reason, puts extra stuff on it.
Only the things I have put up there are up there.
This was my Grandma's (who died in 1963).
I think it is beautful, and my mama gave it to me.
My Grandmother was a Dewar, and I have her name.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Can't I have some spaces that are just decorative...
No where is safe in this house from TOYS! :)
This is what the mantel looked like on Saturday--after someone ??? threw a stuffed duck onto it??? How did the duck get up there?
No one knew. I guess he flew up there??

There is always at least one thing up there that does not belong. Today it is some 80's style sunglasses that Andy found on the ground somewhere...where do they belong? {trash can} Well, I guess the mantel is a good a {clutter free} place as any..that way if you need them. You know...

Yummy stuff!

Now, let me remember what I have put up here and I will tell about it. :)
Eva sat in the high chair for the first time last night. :)
She also has a tooth :)
We got our package in the mail from Spain today. This is always one of our favorite Christmas events.
It was full of beautiful AND yummy treats (which is interfering with my new years plans.
Candy Euros--or money covered chocolate, I like to call it. :) YUM! (I think this might be another universal --sort of like pickles) These were cool b/c they are like Euros-not just some generic chocolate coins.
The other things are these wafer almonds that have almond/peanut butter in them --GOOD GOOD GOOD!!! I wonder how many points these are taking up? I have eaten four of them already! :) Yikes...
There were also two newspapers in there, COOL! One is about a public smoking ban in all enclosed areas. When I lived in spain in 1997--people smoked EVERYWHERE! And there they have something called, "tobacco negro" which smells like the worst thing ever! Now, no smoking in the bar or cafe...jeez!
The other one has an article about the Infanta Elena (the princess) She is getting a divorce.
Jewelry, beautiful! I did not get a foto of that--that will show up in a picture of me. :) I am already planning an outfit around it. ;).
Thanks so much Isabel and Maria! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Goals

My New Year's Resolution has been the same thing (half-heartedly) for many years.
{stop smoking}
This is usually when I have been out partying late and have a terrible hangover. hmm hmm..
We have already addressed the hangovers...b/c I cannot have those anymore.
Now the smoking.
I love to do it...but I know it is terrible! :)
So, when I discovered my pregnancy with Eva I, OF COURSE, quit. That is a non-issue with smoking when pregnant.
So I still {basically} have not started back.
I have been doing well.
To be totally honest I have had a couple--but really, I can take them or leave them.
This is how it HAS TO STAY!! :)
And it will.

So with that resolution having been handled in a partnership b/t God and Mother Nature... I have to come up with new stuff to work on.

Here are two, no three, of them.

1. Loose weight--down to 150 or so--(I can't get the last bit off w/out some good diet pills, and those are not allowed when b-feeding which will be happening until july or august)
2. continue to excercise--hard!! I have been excercising...going to the gym each AM at 5:15. Yes. that is dedication..but I want to get up to running my buns off each morning for a good 20 minutes. With help from my gym buddy--I bet this can happen.
3. Try each day to be thankful for my children, and DEMONSTRATE THIS by relating to them. They are so different from one another. I find that I tend to be too hard on Elena (the one who already acts like a nun) and to be too hard on Victor (with whom the hardness is not even effective). So, I have to find some better ways, I think. :)
I want them to remember a {mostly} sweet, not a doormat, but also not a witch. :) I tell them that I am their mama bear--I need to bring them some berries more often I think in my heart.
P.S.--Victor drives me nuts--so this one is going to take discipline/love/dedication/diligence.\
3.(a) significantly decrease the cussing...just goes along with the being sweet! :)
I cuss a lot.
4. learn to knit {again} and knit a project to the point of mastery of that item. So, for example, if I want to make a baby blanket for a new baby--I can just whip one right up. ;).
The first time I knitted all I made were {crappy} scarves.

So it sounds like I needed a finishing school all along. Learn crafts, not to smoke or cuss, and to be nice and pleasant...yep--a good finishing school might have whipped me right into shape--that, or having three children under the age of five!
Bueno--that is it for now! :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Old fogies, "over the hill"

Andy's parents came over to eat with us last night.
Did we bring in the New Year together? No.
I went to bed.
Sleep is at a premium around here!
But this morning my mama commented to me that J Lo looked like a complete idiot on the "new yeah's eve show" last night.
"in a nude outfit" etc. the list went on.
I am currently searching for some internet dirt on this J. Lo appearance, and I see "lady gaga"
Seeing this person makes me feel old...who in the hell is she?
What in the hell does she do?
Whenever I see her (is it a girl?) she looks like she has lost her marbles {to me}, vamos.
Does this mean I am old?
I have never even heard a Lady G@g@ song before!
I just see her on TV on those gossip shows--sort of like the o$monds...they are on those show all the time too, but I have no idea what they ever did besides just be on gossip shows.
So, when Andy's parents got here last night they commented that Andy and I are officially, "over the hill"--well, geographically we are over the small hill just to the west of us on hwy 264..but I mean I would not call us "over" any life hills...Nope, I would say we are right in the thick of it {and loving it, of course}.
But no, I had no desire to go out last night...hangovers are not something I can even ponder dealing with right now. :)
Andy and I have had fun NYeves all over the we are happy in our little house, cozy, and sleeping.
We did watch a good movie last of R. Deniro's first ones, it was called "born to win". It was an interest keeper..good, I am not sure, but I sat through it.

okay I am rambling...I lost track of the point of this post, even! to bed for me.