Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Song's better...

or this...

You be the judge. :)

A couple of other things...

So, here are a couple of other things that we discovered on {alright doogie, andy just said... :)}
our trip to Chapel Hill.
1.  There were some CUTE sweatshirts in this store on Franklin St. that had the old ram on them, and don't forget...Morgan, they will have the ram hat sock monkey style in the fall...
2.  The Gazpacho at Pepper's pizza rocks it is just like the gazpacho I drank en sevilla cada noche cuando vivia alla.
3.  There was on other thing...I was gonna ask Morgan...

I will think of it later. :)


Okay, I have a new recommendation:

If you occasionally enjoy a brewsky--or any other alcoholic beverage
or if your significant other does...
Go out and buy yourself a little pocket breathalyzer thing.
I got one for {Andy and me}.
We are having fun figuring this thing out.

Now some people might be thinking--what alchys
That is fine if you are.
No problem.

I am thinking, what a smartie.
If you are out with your spouse and you have two or three beers apiece... many of you know if you are really fit to drive???

for 80 won't have to wonder. :)

Could the {fat lady} please sing us a song???

I am not really sure what is going to end this whole recession/depression in the economy.
BUT I am sure that I am tired of it.
The sad truth is that I do no see it ending any time soon.
People in my town are still trying to sell their homes for 325,000 dollars.
ughh... hardly anyone here makes above 30 thou a year...
Does anyone else see how this does not add up?
Ommm..we are in year five of this, and this is still going on.
Catch a clue!!! Houses have to be sold at prices that people can afford to pay.
No. I am not in the market for a house...I just notice these things.
Let's see what else... salary has not gone up in going on four years--that is fine, the state has no money
HOWEVER the price of FREAKING EVERYTHING has gone up.
So, in summary--
1. the poor people who have never had anything anyway--have no hope of having anything
2. the middle class people--well, we are gonna be able to have less and less each day
3. The rich people are and will always be impervious to this sort of thing, b/c they FREAKING STOCKPILE MONEY.  So, do you think they care if prices go up by 15%--ommm, no.  That's my answer.

I am sick of this.
Now, some of this is controlled by our inept, sorry politicians--all of em...sorry bunch of lazy ass folks, yep, I said that too!  ALL of them!!
Why in the hell are they making money and they go to work and DO NOTHING????
I am not sure where all of the rest of the fault lies.
If we could rewind time (cue Cher) and make everyone understand that their houses were never worth
those inflated prices to begin with--maybe this all would not have happened?? who knows??

Okay, I am off the soapbox--BUT if anyone knows where the fat lady is..
I will gladly drive my new {gas guzzler} to pick her up and sing a tune in my town.
It' just depressing...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Can  you all see what this is?
Just in case you cannot tell...
It is a treadmill.
I bought it from a lady at school for one hundred bucks.
BUT--Can you all see WHERE I put it?
Yes, once again, Martha would die!!
The treadmill had no where to go but in my living room.
It is right in front of the tele--and right beside the mantle.
So I have the living room that I try to keep pretty, with --
a giant, whopping piece of machinery showcasing itself right in front of the mantle.
At first it bothered me.
Well, it actually still does.
BUT--when I get finished running and walking and sweating out the mean-ness--
I am not concerned one bit that my living room is the living room, play room, and gym all rolled into one..
No, maybe--that is why this kind of room was given the name {living} room in the
first place, we do our living there. :)
WWMD?  We do have to answer our question...
I bet, considering that she lives in mansions...she would probably faint.
Then, when she got up --she would give me a high five b/c
at least I am trying to get a workout!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An important first-y mas

The first picture is of an important first in any little girl's life--A first pony tail made!
This was the first time that Elena put her doll's {Julie, she is called} hair into a pony tail.
I remember the first time I was able to do this...where I was and everything.
You can see her beam, no?
The ones in the middle are sister love/zinnias--which are so happy btw--I wish
the zinnias could send some love over to our tomatoes--which simply refuse to turn red
so I can pig out on them!! Many tomatoes--no red ones.
And the final picture--Plums glorious plums!! (sing that to the tune of, "food glorious food" the Oliver Twist
I have been chowing down!!! Elena loves them too, and she wanted to know which country they
grow these in--hee hee...I told her that we could have a plum tree, and she beamed again.

One more tid-bit:
We went to see Cars 2 yesterday---and it was soooooo good!! go and see it!!
Loved it, so then today Victor hosted a shopping trip to Wal-mart to pick up the spy car that
"turnth into lotth of different kindth of thtuff"--The lisp is just not on it's way out yet...
I will be working on this--trust me. :)

Oh! and another--note to idea
compare your face stuff.
do several weeks of the aveeno, and then several of philosophy...
Which do you like better.
I always wonder about that--I mean I never even follow up with myself.
You know?

A Tale told in fotos


These pictures are so out of order.
The first one should come last.
It tells the tale of our scavenger hunt to find some Fried Cheese, or Mozzarella sticks.
These are {apparently} not the {in} bar food anymore.. We had to go to four or five places
looking for them...we finally found them at Linda's--also an old staple. :)
Then let's see, there is Morgan with our adopted pal--also a Philosophy sales rep--enjoying the {scrubbing bubbles for your face}--a good way to describe their oxygen facial, I would say. :)
Let's see, me sitting on the ground--that is at a pastry shop called sugarland.
y boy was it really sugarlandia!! with--get this, pretzel ice cream cones--no joke!
Their ice cream is also the Italian or --probably European really--kind and it is really good.
Let's see there is another picture up there of the three chicas eating at Sutton's Drug store--a yummy
cheeseburger!! I mean so daggone good!! for real.
I was dipping my Mozzarella stick into the bloody mary--the poor bar girl had run out of marinara sauce.
We all decided that a good stick of fried cheese, really needs no sauce. :)

Okay--more later--lo que pasa es que --I have to run and take the V-man to swimming.
He is  loving it!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tales of a weekend...

There are several tales to be told of a wonderful weekend {just the girls} away in Chapel Hill this weekend.
So much fun, well, that would be a understatement.
We all decided, {we are bloggy buddies} that we will post the tales all along.
Right now, I have to rest my weary bones.
Staying up REALLY LATE is tough on me these days...whew!!
I guess it always has been actually.
We have cute pictures of cupcake quests..
A scavenger hunt all over Franklin St. for an old bar food staple (which
is on the endangered bar food list these days).
Shopping galore!
Facials by Valencia--this one is all you, Morgan. :)
Finding the coolest stuff in Crate and Barrel that was so inexpensive--Simple Pleasure!
Gazpacho at Pepper's pizza...I wish I could send out samples for the bloggy readers to
eat while they are reading the post
And don't forget the cable watching opportunities...watching "Say yes to the dress" about 20 times--just b/c we could..
it was hella relaxing--
wait for it...
wait for it...
I was so glad to get home today and see my babies and my andy!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I did

To fix the back porch {issue} I spent an entire Saturday cleaning.
You know when you start to clean just the back porch you end
up cleaning more and more here is why:
I went to put up the baby doll and realized that
the baby stuff needed some more organization
(no wonder babies live on the piano keys).
Then I went to put the fork up and realized
Oh my!
This dish drainer looks appalling!
So, I replaced the ugly, terrible dish drainer with a

 Each person
now has a basket for their shoes.
I put a shelf on the backporch that used to be in my room, the labels are
made out of masking tape marked with a sharpie marker {fancy}.
Does anyone remember the label maker post?  ha!  That thing broke two years ago.
Masking tape and a sharpie worked in a pinch. ;).
Check out the piano! You can actually check it out.
The tchiatchkies on top are soon to be moved to a shelf.
On this same Sat. AM I also cleaned the carpet, washed the curtains and all of the
windows on the back porch...
Martha would be proud, except for the demerits I would get for the masking tape labels,
or not at least having cut the masking tape with fancy edged scissors. :)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WWMD? #1

This is our back porch.  This is the entry way to our house, as no one (well, actually one person,) EVER enters via the front door.
So on the back porch we have the piano, the computer, and the washing area.
We also have all of the bills and all of the junk mail...and let's play {I SPY}
We have a doll baby, a fork, a diorama, a backpack, as basket, some books, oh! and don't forget the {box}, b/c you know, in a house with five people--there is never a lack of random pasteboard boxes that
{need to be kept}.
Might as well be on the back porch, no?  That is what I say!
This spot is our catch all spot.
What Would {martha} say about all of this???  What would she do?
I bet she would take that Diorama and showcase it --she would probably also spell the word diorama correctly--I am almost positive that I have not. :)
She would probably grab up that pile of socks on the back of the PIANO (B/C THAT is where spare socks belong,no?) --She would take those, make a hard sock ball, and throw it at me.
I did eventually address this porch situation--like we have to do every four months or so, I will take pictures so that you can see how I have decided to organize this lovely area of my home.
This post is not as funny as I wanted it to be...
Maybe I will become more inspired as the summer rolls on, b/c there are plenty more posts like this
left...A PLENTY! :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ever heard of....

A fox squirrel?
I saw one this AM.
Unfortunately, it was not alive, it was one that someone had shot and stuffed.
These live in Eastern NC --and probably elsewhere--and I have never seen one
first hand.
They are called, "fox squirrels" ...crazy looking indeed!
Happy Friday! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Waiting for the floor to dry

I am stranded on the back porch.
I mopped the floor, and everyone who {needs me} is on the other side of
the great divide called the
wet, clean kitchen floor.
Unless you mop, you do not know about how
irritating it can be for someone to walk across your newly cleaned,
wet floor.
That is where clean up witch comes in.
She scares them all {in a very funny way}
to stay on the other side of the wet floor's threshold, and then
she sequesters herself (by mopping herself into a corner)
on the other side of the great divide....
What is that you want?????
What is that you need????....
Well, it'll have to wait for the floor to dry--
{neat mommy trick}

Oh!! I almost forgot my WWMD series part one...
It is coming...


Has anyone else noticed that the environmentally friendly phrase of the past has suddenly lost a
It used to be, "Reduce, REUSE, Recycle.
Now everyone just says that they are recycling stuff, when in reality,
they are REUSING it.
When you recycle something {in my mind} you mash it up, break it down,
and then turn it into something else.
Running some water into the plastic bottle, that is re-using--which
is actually probably even better, environmentally speaking than
recycling something.
BUT that this distinction has gone away, gets on my nerves, b/c
now that people have ditched the REUSE word, everyone talks about
{recycling} stuff all the time.
Oh! I think I will recycle this bag from the party as a beach bag!
Oh! let's recycle these pine cones and make wreaths!
Oh! I am going to recycle these sandals, my sister's child grew out of them.
Have y'all heard this too?
If you have ears, that work, you've heard it. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have been outside all morning planting and weeding and raking and cleaning in the yard.
Now for the house...
I have enjoyed every minute of my peace outside {working}.

Now for a relaxing nap on the sofa with the phone off the hook...
Garden updates:
Tomatoes are happy, we have about 12 green ones out there.
Zinnias are happy, for the first time EVER.
I love zinnias and I have never gotten them to grow before.
This year they are so happy. ;)
Peppers are popping out, and the cucumbers
well, they are the bully of the garden, and they
want to climb all over everything else.
My bushes in the front yard are happy now that I have cleaned out all of the junk
that was all around them.
Yippie!  I love happy plants.

Here is what I might do:
Read Animal Vegetable Miracle again.
That could almost be an every summer book for me,
like the Count of Monte Cristo is.

Friday, June 10, 2011

en espanyol

pues de vez en cuando tengo ganas de hacer
un post en spanish.
completamente en espanyol.
ni se porque.
la computadora mia ni me deja teclar asi.
no tengo ni acentos, ni tildes ni nada, pero
tengo ganas.
ganas tendran que ser suficientes.
bueno y como he tomado cervezes suficientes
hoy es la noche que me sale este post.
todo el post se me corrige con las lineas
rojas debajo porque no se reconoce el lenguaje.
oh well...
andy y yo hemos estado en la yarda hablando e carros nuevos.
yo quiero uno que tiene tres filas de asientos, y pues cuesta dinero.
no tenemos dinero.
y nos falta un banyo.
asi que tiene razon que se pagaria tener un banyo antes de
pensar en cambiarse carros.
bueno asi dicen mi papa y andy.
a ellos le sirven nunca tener nada nuevo, es como no quieren nada.
yo siempre estoy queriendo algo.
bueno y un dicho de mi padre es, ni siquiera nunca vas a
vivir mas tiempo que se tiene cosas que se quiere.
andy se acaba de deicr que he entrado mi mundo de
pues no tiene mucho razon este post.
aver os podies averiguar su proposito...
si esta dicha de una manera buena..
tengo ganas...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bittersweet, la parte dos

The last day of Kindergarten.
All of my first grade babies, gone to another school for second and third grade
Mamas and Daddys came to school, and Grandmas too.
Some of them cry.
Some of them bring me presents.
Some of the children are excited.
Some of them cry like teeny babies, sad to leave for the summer.
The teachers, most of us, are all mixed up.
We love our babies!
We miss them over Summer,
and they miss us. :)
Elena was really emotional today.
I could see it in her eyes.
She does not like last days
I am not so sure I do either. ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Eva is in full potty training mode.
She has decided that this is what we are doing...
It is {so wonderful}, and it is also, a
that she is not a teeny baby anymore.
When I shop online at baby gap...I still click on baby girl...
And I still can for just a while longer..she is growing out of that stuff...
It is all SO CUTE!!
Makes me a teensy bit sad...
I have always been so excited about potty training number three, and
no more diapers...
{in theory}.

She is really into it, however, and there is no turning back.
She has had a dry diaper for about five days now, save
for waking up after her nap, and when she had a big
ole number two at my Mama's house today.
She is the one who is so into this!! :)
So cute. ;).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Would you lose yours?

Should the Cong3$$man lose his job?

Would you lose yours?
Many of my bloggy readers would not, perhaps you own your own business..
In that case...would you still have any???
Many of us work in the public sector, and also paid by public funds...
{much like an elected person}
Chop Chop...

Interesting question...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer series

Remember about three years ago when I did the favorite trailer parks series...
Well, this summer's series is going to be WWMD?
What would Martha Do?
I might balance it some with Martha would love this...b/c sometimes I have stuff that
I manage to keep nice..and that would really make the Martha types out there feel happy..
I picked this b/c whenever I do these posts, I crack myself up,and we all need to laugh, right?
A house that is small(ish) with three children and Andy and me...Well, you
just really need to see the humor in it...
So, I have taken pictures today, and I already have so much material for the posts.
When I am at the beach, I will take some there for a post.
I think Wed. will be the day for the posts.
I neglect Wed. a lot.  It is not my favorite, nor is it my least favorite day...
so we will go with it...
Stay tuned..


Since my row with the poison ivy, in which the poison ivy kicked my a$$...
I have discovered many new soaps.
My mother's neighbor saw it--the terrible rash-- and said that what I would definitely need to stock in my cabinet was this:
Oh! the picture wanted to put itself up there...well at least it's here :).  She said that after contact with the poison ivy if one uses this soap to wash, the poison ivy will not get you--

Then after a round of steroids and some anti-itch/anti{crazy} medicine--which ran out--I am still itching LIKE CRAZY.  I mean my skin is just not right.
So at the Ha^^is T$$ter at the beach I bought some of this:

I am usually such a skeptic of any claims of special uses.
This is really dumb of me...
I mean why would anyone have ever come up with different soaps, if they really did not
serve different purposes???
That is one of my {fatal flaws} --the skeptic in me (I guess)
Oh, I also had to buy some av$$no lotion for babies with excema.
After all of this, I now have protection from the toxin in poison ivy --the Octagon Soap above.
AND some relief from my itching..the lotion and soap.

Now on to the other kind of soap I had to buy.
In the drug  store i bought myself my yearly bottle of sun block for faces.
You know...says it won't give you zits.
Well, the brand I picked this year...
EEEK people..I look like a twelve year old with crazy hormones a flowin...
It is awful.  I think I might even take it back...has anyone ever done this?
So in the grocery store the other night I bought this:
I bet I tricked all of y'all!
I bet you thought I was wriled up this Saturday morning...
hee hee...
I am not. ;).

Okay, I am off to wash now...
I sure have enough soap!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

attempt at beach pictures...{updated}

and the computer will not let me do it!
Take that! computer.
I figured out that some of the pictures put themselves into a place called {downloads}
Not all of them, sino, some of them.
Here they are.
V-man {smiling} and eating a sandwich on the beach, and
V-man after I told him {not to smile}, eating his sandwich on the beach.